This story is basically “Three Little Pigs” written backwards by Jonathan Luo

The End


This story is basically “Three Little Pigs” written

 backwards. See if you can comprehend everything!


And Obese lived happy, every after. The wolf was about to run away as fast as he could, but before he knew it, Obese reached for his tail, and ate him up. However, to his surprise, out came a giant, fat pig, even bigger than the wolf was himself.  Then, for the third time, the wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Obese replied, “Nobody home,” as he was climbing onto the bed. The wolf knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” He was about to go to sleep after the 50000-calorie dessert after his 100000-calorie dinner, when he heard the wolf’s footsteps near his house. Meanwhile, Obese was making a home out of wheat grass, his least favorite food, because he couldn’t help eating every other material. However, the wolf was still hungry, so he went searching for more food.


And the wolf ate up Chubby with two gulps, since one was not enough to swallow him whole. The wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Chubby replied, “Nobody home,” and continued to eat his 20000-calorie dinner.  Soon, when the wolf came by Chubby’s house, he knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” Meanwhile, Chubby was making his house made of straws. After a nap, the wolf became hungry again, so he started to look for some more food.


And the wolf ate up Fat with one gulp. The wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Fat replied, “Nobody home,” and continued to eat his 10000-calorie lunch. When he saw that a pig was inside, he knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” One day, a hungry wolf came. The first pig made a house made of straw.


So out went Fat with three tons of food, Chubby with six tons of food, and Obese with twelve tons of food. One day, when the three pigs were old enough, the mom decided that the pigs should move out of the house. And the last was named Obese. Another was named Chubby. One pig was named Fat. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.









Me by Callie Yu

I am from the tingling alarm clock,

And the annoying chit-chatting noise.


I am from laughing ‘til I can’t breath,

And from tears rolling down my cheeks.


I am from not waking up in the morning,

And not sleeping at night.


I am from yelling at my brother,

And my brother yelling at me.


I am from playing with my best friend,

And shouting at my enemies.


I am from going to sleepovers,

And regretting to have a play date.


I am from jumping into the water puddles,

And from walking in the pollution fog.


But the most important thing is,

I am from myself!

Ode to Chipotle by Jonathan L

Ode to Chipotle

The delicious Mexican food,

That is probably not even Mexican

But who cares?

It’s delicious!


Ode to Chipotle

The delicious burritos,

The crispy tacos,

The amazing bowls,

And healthy salads


Ode to Chipotle

And the black beans

That makes me fart

And tastes so good

Especially in salads


Ode to Chipotle

Where I can never

Finish a burrito,

Because it’s just too much

For me to handle


Ode to Chipotle

And the delicious meats

Both beef and chicken,

Which is why

I request extra meat every time.


Ode to Chipotle

The crispy chips

Dipped in guacamole

Making a great snack

Paired with burritos


Ode to Chipotle

The endless lines

Outside of the building

But who cares?

It’s still worth it.


Moving to Beijing by Jonathan L


In case you don’t know, this year is my first year in Beijing, and first time living in China since I was a baby. This means that the Chinese lifestyle is new to me. This story is a story about how I adapted to China.



      I slowly closed the door behind me, and looked up to my house for the last time. Then I slowly walked to the car, and climbed in. Today was moving day. Everything that had previously been in the house was now either shoved into one of the twelve luggage bags, or was sold. I took all of my valuables with me, my most valuable swimming medals, my piano trophy, and small wallet my best friend had gave me the night before.

“Buckle your seat belts,” the chauffeur said. My mind flashed back to yesterday. I was at the Independence Day fair, at the community center. My friends and I were watching the fireworks, and eating hot dogs and hamburgers. I knew that would be the last time I would see them, and all of them gave me a card, saying “Good luck in China.” My best friend gave me the small wallet. I remembered saying farewell to all of my friends.

The car started to move, and although outside was just a midnight darkness and I had no sleep, I was not tired at all. As the car pulled away from the driveway, I looked outside, observing every detail of the neighborhood, so it would be harder to forget it. As we passed my best friend’s house, I felt tears about to stream down my face, but I held them back. Before I knew it, we were out of the neighborhood, and on the highway.

The plane ride was dull and boring, and after what felt like million years, we finally arrived. Since there were too many planes at the airport, we had to stop in the middle of the airplane takeoff place and ride a bus to the airport. When I looked out the window, I saw what I had expected: a dirty wasteland, with so mush smog that you couldn’t see a foot in front of you. Now that I was in Beijing, I knew to be strong, and not think about my old hometown. This was the fresh start to a new life.


I carried my luggage out of the plane, and the first thing I felt was the sudden stroke of heat from the Beijing air. After that was my first breathe in Beijing, which was followed by a cough. By the time everyone was out of the plane, the bus was crowded to the point were not even a grain of sand could fit. Unfortunately for me, I was next to a fat lady with bad breath. The bus was hot, humid, and disgusting. Finally, after a ten-minute ride, we arrived at the airport door. I had expected air conditioning in the airport, but I was only welcomed with another stroke of heat.

I felt drops of sweat leaking down my face, and smelled all of the cigarettes people were smoking. After more tedious walking and stopping, we were finally out of the airport. We quickly called a taxi, and hopped in for the ride to our new apartment. Again, I stared outside, and saw all of the beggars on the streets, all the cigarettes lying on the ground, all the traffic, it was terrible. To put it accurately, it was atrocious. After a while, my mom broke the silence and said, “To the left, will be your school you will be attending. It’s called ISB. It’s for foreign students just like you.” I looked up, and saw a massive building, which gates surrounding it. I thought to myself, At least I will be going to a good school.

Finally, after what seemed like forever, we came to our home. We carried all the luggage, and needed to elevator trips to get everything to the third floor. My mom opened the door, and inside was a small room, and nothing else. “Don’t worry, we have another apartment,” my mom said. Even so, the total area was equivalent to my old house’s kitchen. I put all of my luggage into the storage room, and slumped down on the couch.

“Does air conditioning exist in China?” I asked my mom. She looked at me, and knew I was having a bad attitude over moving. So she decided to switch the topic.

“How has China been so far?” my mom asked me. “Tell the truth.”


Since she said “Tell the truth”, I figured that she was expecting a bad answer. So that’s what I gave her. The truth.

“This place is a dumpster. Literally, there are people treating the streets like bathrooms, and everyone smokes. Why did we have to move to China in the first place? Why didn’t Dad just find a job in the U.S.? Why did you have to do this? How will I make new friends? I hate everyone here, and I doubt that will change!” I replied, in an angry voice.

“Calm down,” my mom said. “Part of the reason we moved here was to give you an experience. You know, these experiences are valuable. Not everyone has the opportunity to go to Chi-”

“So?” I shouted. “Out of all the places we could have moved to, we moved to China. Why couldn’t we have just stayed in America? This place is as corrupt as Iraq, but more pollution. Also, before I get to experience anything in this stupid place, I will get lung cancer and die!” I interrupted.

“Calm down, Jonathan. You don’t get my point. You are not the only kid who has moved from another country to China. Besides, you are Chinese. What’s the point of being Chinese if you have never lived there?”

“So? Am I here only because I’m Chinese? Is that the only point?”

Finally, after a thirty-minute conversation, I finally calmed down.

“Look,” my mom said. “I know that adapting to this lifestyle will be difficult, but you will have to do it either way. Come on. Let’s go outside and look around.

I followed her out of the apartment and into the smog. I coughed and sputtered, because back in Marlboro, I had never breathed through this bad air. We wandered around the downtown, and to my surprise, the subway stations were not half-destroyed, like I had expected. I thought to myself, A city with a good subway station doesn’t mean that the city itself is good. Then I remembered to not think so negatively about Beijing. During the trip, we went to Tiananmen, the CCTV tower, and several museums. By the time we got home, I had a pretty good idea of what I was going to tell my friend on Google. Then I remembered, that in China, Google is not allowed. I groaned, and tried to guess my friend’s Yahoo email, if he had one. It was fruitless, and I started getting angry again, when my dad said, “Google is not permitted in China, but on my computer you can use it.”

So I hopped onto his computer and went on Google. I sent a message to my friends, “Hey, everyone. All is well in China, and although the pollution is bad, the place is very exciting and interesting. There are all kinds of things that can’t be found in Marlboro. It’s just sad that you need VPN to access Google, so email me your Yahoo accounts or your Skype.” I clicked the Send button and almost immediately, I got a reply. It was one of my friends: “What’s up Jonathan? Is China really dirty? Is it really polluted? Does everyone smoke?” I was about to reply, when my dad said, “I need to use the computer now. Can you get off it?” So I go off the computer and stared out the window. I thought to myself,

Life is full of new experiences. China is a place very different from Marlboro. Take this opportunity to explore new things, learn new cultures, and see the world differently. This is the start of a brand-new life, possibly a more exciting one, so dare to risk everything, make new friends, and take the path no one as taken before. A great adventure starts here.


Where I’m From by Etsuko N

I am from dancing ballet,
from 4 hours and 20 minutes a week.
I am from stretching my leg muscles, painful at first but leading to
happiness when I dance.

I am from playing golf with my dad,
from standing in the right position
and trying again every time I fail.
I am from doing everything step by step,
“Do it step by step or else your ball will not go far.”

I am from watermelon,
and from its energy.
I am from the sweetness
the watery crunch
in a juicy bite.

I am from Flora Zeta,
from the first Asian Chinese ballerina
to enter The Royal Ballet School.
I am from winning the Adeline Geńee Awards,
and from being one of her students.

I am from Arianna Grande and her acting,
from the TV show Nickelodeon.
From being one of the character in Sam and Kat,
and Victorious.

I am from who I am the person I’ve always been.
Dancing ballet, playing golf, watermelon, Flora Zeta and Arianna Grande.
My influences
My passions

Why Not? by Jonathan L

Why Not?”


“Albert, don’t do it!”


“Why not?”


“Just DON’T DO IT!”


“Why not?”


“You will kill yourself, again!”


“No I won’t.”


I groaned. He was going to attempt to pull an “awesome” stunt again. Last time, it was riding a bicycle with the hands on the pedals and the feet on the seat. He ended up with a multitude of injuries, most notably the fractured skull. The incident before that was when he swallowed 100 liters of francium chloride, which nearly blew up his body. Now, I thought, he will be lifting weights on an exercise ball?!


“Come on, Albert. You have already had two near death experiences. Now, you will risk your life again??” I plead.


“But why not? Trust me, I won’t die, hopefully.”


“I doing this for your own good!”


“Come on! Okay, I’m going.” And he took off on his bike and sped up the road and to the ISB dome. At least his feet were actually on the pedals, and not on the seat.


I was determined to prevent him from losing his life, so I hopped onto my own bike, and like a jaguar was chasing me down, pedaled as fast as my legs would allow me. However, he was still way ahead of me, and I was not going to catch up to him on time.


Soon, I could see the two, giant white domes on the back of the ISB area. Albert had already left his bike in the middle of the parking lot, and was sprinting inside. By the time I go there, I knew it was too late. Nevertheless, I speeded into the building, out the back door, into the dome entrance, and up to the upper workout room. I was expecting, an exercise ball, a 100-kilogram dumbbell, and a half-dead body lying on the floor


I was panting, as if I had been underwater for an hour, as I raced to the workout room. To my surprise, Albert was not lying on the ground like I expected. Instead, he was watching someone else do a stunt. There was a basketball net in the corner of the room, an exercise ball, a 100-kilogram weight, but five men wearing caps that said, “Dude Perfect” on it.


I thought to myself, Wow! Why is Dude Perfect here?


Just then, I saw the cameraman coming into the room, and when he said “go”, Tyler, from Dude Perfect, stood on the exercise ball with the dumbbell in one hand and a basketball on the other. Suddenly, in a blink of an eye, the exercise ball went rocketing into the air, and Tyler went falling to the floor. However, the basketball flew, as if it was remote controlled, perfectly arced in the air, landing perfectly into the basket. As for the dumbbell…


This time, however, only Albert was the one celebrating. All the other members came rushing and gathering around Tyler.


“That’s why not,” I grumbled at the still celebrating Albert. After another ten seconds, he finally turned his face to me, seeing my face, and abruptly stopped celebrating. Suddenly, I heard the ambulance, and people started barging into the room to get Tyler to the hospital.


The next day, I went on the Dude Perfect YouTube channel. There was a new video named, “ATTENTION ALL VIEWERS” When I clicked on it, there was Tyler in a wheelchair, with bandages all over his body. As he recalled all the details in yesterday’s incident, I saw the stunt, and also saw Albert and me on the side. I thought, At least Tyler’s alive.


I suddenly heard the doorbell ring. I rushed to the door and opened it. It was Albert. He was wearing a hat with hissing snakes coming from the top of it.

“I need a partner for this one,” he said excitedly. Then he jerked me out of the house and sprinted towards ISB.


Looks like he still didn’t learn his lesson, I thought.