Taming the Monster of the Park by Andy N

Fifty meters in the air, strapped to a huge circular machine, looking down, I started to wonder if this was a good idea. Too late. MUCH too late.

Let’s rewind a bit. It all started on the afternoon of a sunny day, the kind that’s so hot, it evaporates your sweat. I seriously felt like I needed a cold drink. I was riding a cable car in an amusement park named Ocean Park. I was at a breathtaking height, and you could observe all the rides in the entire park. I was with my mom, my brother, and my dad. My mom used to love rides, the lion tamer of rides, but now she doesn’t really like to ride. My dad still likes to ride, unlike my mom, but he hates rides that spin around, he says they make him feel like snails and dancing on his brain. My brother is as enthusiastic to riding rides, but he is afraid of rides that go really fast, the kind that makes you feel like someone is squeezing your stomach. We were all squashed on a tiny cable car, thinking nothing interesting was going to happen…

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream rang out loud and clear, tunneling it’s way into my ear and doing jumping jacks in my skull. I snapped around, eyes darting to the direction of the scream. Man, did my ears hurt. A tall, peaceful-looking pole stood higher than everything else. Then it seemed like a whole part of the pole fell off, and hurtled towards the ground like a person stranded in the desert for a week at a McDonald’s. It looked absolutely terrifying. Not peaceful, I decided. I wondered who in their right mind would ever ride that mechanical monstrosity. I looked at the big orange words imprinted onto a board on the top of the ride. The Abyss, hmm? The ride actually looked as if it were challenging me to ride it. You want it that way? Well, two can play at this game. I decided I was going to tame this monster, even though the rational part of my mind was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO!” But I ignored that little voice, for the better or for the worse…

“Hey, can I check out The Abyss?” I asked my dad. I looked at him expectantly.

“Why not?” my dad asked. “As long as it’s not a ride that spins. You know that I hate those.”

“Yeah! Thanks!” I ran to the entrance of the Abyss and measured myself. Yes! I could carry out my master plan! I stood outside the entrance of The Abyss and peered down the opening. I shuddered. There sure was a good reason they named it “Abyss”. The dark entrance resembled a monster’s gaping mouth. I walked straight in, along with my dad and my little brother. We walked through the steel teeth, into the stomach, and waited in the… intestine? Uggh, gross. It sure was like that. It was dark, not to mention smelly.

The line seemed to go on forever, even though the neon sign said it was only five minutes. My brother darted between us, nervously pacing around. Then he took his first good look at what the ride actually does to someone.

“I don’t wanna ride it! It looks way too scary. Can you ride it first and tell me if it’s a little bit scary, or really really scary, ok?”

“Dude! Really, it’s ok. Come on!”

“Do I have to? It’s really scary!”

He ran out of the line, but after a moment came back. Then a scream uncanny to the one we heard on the cable car blasted into the air. My brother looked at the Abyss, and cried

“No way! Only if you go first!”

And without further ado, he darted out of the line and sprinted out the exit.

“Hey, Alex! Come back! Alex!”

I sighed as my little brother ran out of sight. The flow of people started to move, and I kept going. The director measured me, and then let me in.  I nervously ran to one of the red, plastic seats and sat down. I pulled down my safety harness and buckled the seat belt. There was a loud “WOOOOP” as the director pressed the button, and The Abyss started to rise. There was no turning back now. I could’ve turned back like Alex, but now, it was too late. MUCH too late.

We picked up momentum as we soared upwards, and I stuck my fingers in my ears as we crashed on the metal plate on the top. If I didn’t plug my ears, I think I would’ve gone deaf. I felt a bit scared, knowing that I was going to fall from such a high height. I stared out on Ocean Park, looking at every little detail. Why didn’t we fall yet? Are they just teasing us? Did the ride malfunction? I thought. Even the chirping sparrows seemed to tweet with anticipation. I stared out to the sea, looking at how majestically-

WHOOOOOOOOOSH! We started zooming down so quick; I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets. Apparently my body wanted to leave my heart and my stomach at the top to do more sightseeing. Eyes popping, brain spinning, we zoomed down like a Wild West cowboy’s bullet. Then, just as abruptly, the ride stopped, the rose back to the top. I quickly reunited with my organs, and we dropped back down again. The ride halted, then slowly moved back to the ground.

As we got off The Abyss, lots of thoughts clouded my head. Mostly, though, was I DID IT!!!! The ride was, if anything, scarier than I imagined. But, I had conquered my goal I had since I first came to Ocean Park. I had ridden The Abyss!! My brother was looking expectantly at me.

“Was it scary?” he asked.

“Ohh, yeah. You can not imagine what it’s like.”

Tempers Will Flare by Bekah B

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” I screamed. “I DON’T WANT TO GO WITHOUT THE DRESS! I’M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT IT!” I had always been a demanding kid. It was the beginning of summer vacation. We had been at California for a day and I already treated it like home. Even though I was born there, I had never really lived there at all. Stop. Let me rewind. I went a bit ahead. As a little kid, I had always been a huge fan of princesses. So I was your typical three-year-old Joe/Bekah. So when my parents announced that we would visit Disneyland, I gasped, which was followed quickly with squeal so loud that I think I broke the neighbor’s window, along with a few glass figurines.

Then I inquired, “When do we leave?”


My mom replied, “In a week! Isn’t it exciting?”

My expression had changed drastically. I turned around and trudged upstairs. My mom cut me off at the middle of the stairs and added slyly, “If you’re a good girl then I’ll get you a present…” SQUEEEEEEEEE! My stomping turned into a sprint and I was in my room in two seconds flat.


The week I had to wait was so long. I counted the days, and hours, and minutes, then the seconds. Then finally the time I had to wait which seemed like an eternity was over!

I was on my way to the shuttle when I stopped dead and asked my mom, “When will we come home?”


Then my mom said, “In a week we’ll be back.” I inquired, “Are you SURE?” “Yes I am 100%sure.”My mom added.  So I hopped on the bus, and then we departed. My goal at the time would be to become the most beloved princess of all. I wanted a gown, a real metal tiara, not the cheap, crappy plastic ones you get at the dollar store. I wanted to live in a castle, anything-fancy I WANTED! One of the best times of that day was when I met my favorite princess, Ariel. I dumbly asked her, “How did you breathe under water all those years if you don’t have gills?” Now that I think about it, she probably felt quite uncomfortable afterwards. Which is why she rushed us along. After that encounter and a day of walking and riding rides, it was time for me to pick a present. I was so excited! I mean, imagine walking into a store that has all of your favorite things inside it. Really! It’s like the store was made for you. At least that’s what I thought.


I was walking around the store of my dreams when I turned and saw the most beautiful thing ever, to my right. It was the ultimate deluxe princess Ariel wedding costume complete with a real metal tiara and actual shoes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stood there speechless for a whole two minutes. It was like I wanted it as, “Part of my wooooooooooorld!” I barely knew that that little wedding dress cost a hundred dollars. Back then I thought that 100 dollars was cheap. I bounded to my mom and told her about my soul mate.


When I dragged her into the shop, she questioned out of breath, “Do you even…know…the cost?” What did she mean? COME ON WOMAN SPEAK ENGLISH! I thought. I tilted my head to the side and did the eyebrow thing to ask my mom what the heck are you saying! ”

I don’t know what ‘costs’ means.”


She explained, “It’s how much you have to pay for something.”

“Oooooooooooooh. Just come I’ll show you,” I replied.

We finally got to the corner and I showed my mom the dress. No, not the dress that everyone says is yellow and white or black and blue Internet sensation. The Ariel wedding dress. Anyway, I showed my mom the dress and asked her if we could buy it. Actually I pleaded for it. My mom checked the price tag. Judging by her expressions it looked like it was a lot of dough. I just imagined her brain going cha-ching. She said, “Uh honey that’s a lot of money for a dress.” And this is where the tantrum started.

“Honey that costs way, way, way too much. Find something else you want,” My mother said sternly.


“BUT… I want it. And I’m not leaving without it,” I demanded.

“It costs a hundred dollars. That costs as much as seven dolls. It’s expensive and we’re leaving!” my mom added getting angry. She started pulling my hand.


“I WANT IT SO YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME. YOU SAID I COULD PICK ANYTHING I WANTED SO YEAH.” I thought I had won the battle but the war hadn’t even begun.


Then my mom added, “You are a tired child. I shouldn’t have gone surfing a month before I gave birth to you. I think you have seaweed in your brain.” I burst into tears as my mother told me to choose something else.

“I WANT THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” By this point I was rolling around the floor screaming and crying.

“Oh my goodness. You are hungry and tired of all that walking. Let’s pick some other present,” my mom insisted reassuringly.

“I’M NOT TIRED! AND I WANT THE DRESS!” I screamed stubbornly.

“My dear, if you continue with this attitude then you wont get any present at all.”


Suddenly the manager of the store came storming down the hall and said, “Whose child is this? Who let her in?” he cried. As a kid, I just laughed at his confused face for a millisecond.

“Sir I am responsible. She is my child and she wanted to get her a gift to remember this…experience. I am sorry,” said my mother.


Through this elaborate conversation my mom had with the manager, I had cried even more. She had tried her soothing voice to calm people down, which always works. Even though I screamed and kicked and knocked down a shelf or two, I walked out of that cursed store with a present. I still want the dress. I thought. At least the toy I got was free. Apparently I got the toy for stopping the cry of shattered glass. I got an Ariel Barbie doll that came in a pink dress and fiery red hair. She was as beautiful as a…well as any Barbie doll really. But lets say I walked out of the store with a fake grin plastered across my face. It wasn’t that I disliked my present; it’s just that the dress set was available for a limited time only. (Not that the words, “available”, “for”, and “limited” meant anything to me then.)

But overall, to kids out there, never have a tantrum in a store. Or anywhere in public. Just don’t whine to get anything. (It never works! Except, for me it did. :)) It won’t get you anywhere in life but growing up to be a complete snob.




Real Best Friend by Minjoo K

Human best friends can make you mad. They can be mean. They might ditch you, too. Sometimes I wonder, who is my real best friend? It doesn’t mean I don’t have any best friends or that my best friends are unkind. You open your eyes, take a shower and arrive at school. I meet my friends. I am waiting for my best friend, she never shows up. I’m mad and we fight.  But I don’t want to fight.

But today I knew who was my real best friend. Not Kelly, not Chloe, not my mum, either.

I was going to get some water. I didn’t mean to drop the glass cup. I didn’t mean to be rude to my mum, either, but when my mother scolded me in front of all my cousins, with a long series of words that were specifically created for my mortal embarrassment, at that instant, the evil side of me took over. Instead of just listening to her, I blurted out, “Why should I?”  The second it came out of my mouth, I knew I made a BIG mistake.

Uh-oh. I’d obviously pushed through all my mum’s buttons. She was totally fuming.

“That’s not how you behave, Minjoo,” my mum said quietly in a dangerous voice as she tried to calm herself from this extremely enraged state. “Pick this up.”

“I don’t want to,” I said automatically. I couldn’t help it. Words came out without me thinking. I knew I was wrong, but the evil in me at that moment possessed me.

Useless and empty words poured out of my mum’s mouth for a good long 30 seconds. I felt like my ears were clogged up, as if I was in water, world around me muted. I was just standing there, and my eyes wandering.

“Go in to your room and think about what you did wrong. I think I gave you few warnings, and I was nice to you. But you didn’t use them wisely. You need to stay at your room, unless you say sorry to your aunt, your brothers, and me. Go in to your room NOW!!!” she yelled out her anger in the last word of her sentence.

As she let out her final assault, my eyes started to blur with tears. I dashed to safety of my room… I knew I was rude. But also I was embarrassed. I was so frustrated that I pounded my pillow. My authority to control my tears had disappeared a minute ago. I hated how I couldn’t be in control of my emotions. I wanted to look tough in front of her but I failed. I was just mad at myself that I was rude and behaved like a 3-year old baby in front of every one. I sobbed like a child, soaking my pillow with my tears. I just wanted to hide myself.

While I was sinking in embarrassment, suddenly I heard someone coming.

“It’s probably my mum coming and pouring some more verbal assaults.” I said it out loud in an impolite way for my mum to hear.

I didn’t want my mum to realize I was crying just because of her. I didn’t want anyone to come in my room and cheer me up or something. I just wanted to have more independent time to calm myself.

“Don’t even try to come in!!!” I yelled. I thought I did, but I think I was too tired and emotionally broken to yell.

And the door creaked opened. I looked around angrily, but I couldn’t see anyone. But then, Ggoma, my favourite furry friend, jumped on the bed and waddled towards me with those tiny legs of his. It was like he knew I was sad, he started sniffing my face and licked off my tears. It tickled me so much that made me giggle so hard, I totally forgot about what just happened. A smile grew on my face.

I looked at this charming thing. I couldn’t help but smile, I cuddled him. He always knows when I need him and how to make me happy. I looked into his eyes for full ten seconds as I put my heart on him saying, “You really are my best friend, Ggoma.”









It is Time to Sleep by Daniel K

The bloody, raw flesh,

Commences to change its phase

turning into

White, juicy, and scrumptious meat.

The animal wiggles for dear life.

The desperation to save itself

and future generations,

Forms into spastic strength.

A One Last Almighty Buck

But fails to escape.


On the sizzling gridiron,

it senses the white-hot tongues of flame,

licking its body

slowing down, dripping down.

As the sauce splashes on top,

It senses the burning from the heat, spice, and desire to live.


The step towards death comes closer.

Every time it inhales and exhales,

It feels its gills filling with less life.


“It is time to sleep…”


The mother fish cries

A solemn tune

too exhausted from her struggle to save

her eggs.

Eyes close for an eternal sleep.


Jet Blade by Kevin J

I was three meters up in the air above the water. Then I was so happy I forgot about everything. Suddenly I heard a whack then my belly started to hurt.

One day I was in Maldives walking on the soft beach in my hotel. I went past the water sport center and saw a board with the boosters on the bottom. I wondered, what is that amazing machine? So I starred at it for a long time. Then a tough tall man came.


The man asked me “Do you want to try?” of course, I wanted to try.


I answered, “Okay!”


Soon he got me helmet and life jacket. Then I saw a pipe as long python. It connected to the board. I stuck my foot in the shoes. The long pipe was connected to a Jet Ski. When I hear the engines of the Jet Ski start, I had a little smile on my face.


I found out the man was my coach. He told me were going to the deeper part of the sea so when I fall I don’t hit the ground.


When boosters stared blasting water, I put my hands out like I was in the front of a boat and went to the deeper part. Going to deeper part of the sea was exiting, sea water splashed all over my face, and I drank some water. It was so fast, I needed to hold on my pants so doesn’t fall off. When I reached to the deep part I was scared.


The coach stared telling me instructions on how to ride. I was thinking about other things. Will sharks and rays come for me because I seen large sharks and rays in the underwater restraint? I couldn’t stop thinking about that. Later when I was completely bored because all he telling me is instruction. All I heard was always keep your leg strait and but your legs out. I heard that about fifteen times.


When he suddenly said “Time to start.” Had I been listening carefully enough?


When I stared I thought that it would be very hard, because I can’t even balance on a skateboard so how could I balance on this. My first try wasen’t bad, I though this isn’t so hard. He kept on saying, “When water gets up to your waist put your hands out.” Then when I could get to one meter high in the air and fall down. He told me, “Try to find balance in your foot. I found my balance, I was three meters up in the air on top of water. Then I as so happy I forgot about everything,


“Ahhh!” I screamed.


Suddenly, I heard a whack then my belly started to hurt. While my belly was in pain I had no idea what was happening so I open my eyes and I was under water. My eyes burned as I tried to swim up. It was impossible because I was tangled by the pipe. The booster was still blasting water so got an idea I turned my foot around and I freed myself.


Later I went near the beach so I did some skills to show off to the people on the beach. Every was looking at me like I was so kind of pro. Then went back on the beach.


My coach asked me “Will you want to play again?”


I thought that its good to try new thing so I said “No, I want to try something new. I want to try the Jet Ski”


I had an incredible, fun adventure on the sea. From now on I will always try new things.


Forty-Five Seconds by Shawn Q

Bzz… I heard the machine turn on. I was waiting for this moment. The moment that took the one law that I obeyed my entire life, it took it away from me. The law of gravity.

Okay… Maybe I should go back a few frames. My father and I were at iFly Singapore, the home of the largest vertical wind tunnel in the world. A wind tunnel creates artificial wind in a certain direction for different purposes. In our case, to fly. We had to wait in line for some time. Every minute felt like years as I was imagining the experience in my head.

Oh boy! Finally I can finally fly!

My dad and I planed this for almost one whole year now! I just couldn’t wait.

Let’s just say, the wait was longer than expected. We first had to go through training on solid ground before we could enter the tunnel. An instructor trained us by the name of Jason Lim. He made sure that we understood everything before we went in.

Admittedly at the time I didn’t really appreciate his guidance, all that went through my mind was come on!

Get it over with already! I thought as he went over safety, I came here to fly, be free!

But looking back, I realized how dangerous it would be if I hadn’t gone through the training. Soon after, we got our suits. I had to wear a red jumpsuit, a helmet, earplugs, and goggles.  I heard the machine turn on through my earplugs. I was first.

I stared wide-eyed at the tunnel, and then I swallowed hard.

Why did I think that this is a good idea again?

My father looked at me, he sensed my nervousness.

“It’s alright, don’t worry,” he said in a calming voice.

“But… What if…” I stuttered.

“Go, and don’t look back,” he said.

I grinned goofily.

My dad sure knows how to make me smile; this was actually a quote from Terminator Genesis, a movie that we watched recently.

            I’m running out of time.

Instructor Lim beckoned me to come forward, even though he was yelling at the top of his lungs, all I heard was a distant whisper.

“Come on! You got this!” He yelled.

I reluctantly spread my arms.

What came next wasn’t a shout, or a scream, but an unexpected command.


Now or never.

I took the plunge.


Twenty-four hours before I was stuck indoors doing math homework, now I was defying the laws of gravity, flying indoors.  I felt an invisible force pushing me upwards, I couldn’t see it, but I could feel it, from the flap of my hair, from the whistle of the wind, and the foreign force against my limbs and torso.

When you picture freefalling, you would probably picture it as easy. But if you were to actually try, you would say otherwise. Even hovering takes a tremendous amount of effort.


As I attempted to hover in place, I felt a strain in my arms, and burn in my back from the pushing force. I tried to reposition my arms. Bad mistake. I shoot to the ceiling. Even though I’m wearing goggles, the wind still manages to sneak it’s way into my goggles.

Oh gosh… Not now!

I felt my eyes tearing up. My heart pounded against my chest in anticipation of my imminent fall.  Against all odds, I still manage to stay in place!

Until a few seconds later, when my arms gave way.


I fell the equivalent of two floors, until the wind caught me again. Almost as if it was toying with me and letting me know that I was in the palm of its hand, but I didn’t mind.

“Egg yolks okay?” I saw the instructor mouth.

Wait… What? Why would he…?

He mouthed it again, “Are you okay?”

I nodded

If you’ve done the same thing as I have, you would know what I mean. You know how good it feels, to be free from the tight grasp of gravity. You know what it’s like to be a bird, soaring above.

You know what it feels like to be free.


It took me just forty-five seconds to experience freedom.

Unexpected Twists By: Sunny R

The sun was beating down relentlessly from a cloudless, bright blue sky, and I was trudging along on the dirty black asphalt, face red, feet tired. My little brother, Hajin, skipped tirelessly ahead as the sun reflected off his glossy, ruler straight hair, a bouncing ball of energy that never ran out of caffeine. I was mentally groaning at myself for attempting this infinite hike across the compound, just to go to my brother’s friend’s house. I tried to pick up my pace, and yet, my legs seemed like lead, refusing to move any faster. I didn’t know how Hajin could move through the suffocating heat, while I was struggling with each step.
After what seemed like hours and hours of walking, my brother and I finally reached Mr. Mike’s front door, and I breathed a sigh of anticipation for the air-conditioned interior of his house. Just as I was about to ring the flat, plastic doorbell, I noticed something black on the windowsill. I peered closer, and sitting there was a black cat, a white star-shaped mark on its chest, and looking so royal that I immediately thought of Queen Elizabeth as a cat. It was sitting tall and proud, with her chin lifted, and she was gazing at me with jade eyes that held such authority that I felt like she was a human. Holy cow! Is this Mr. Mike’s cat?
My eyes grew huge, and I could imagine them dilating, as I stared, open-mouthed at the majestic cat. Suddenly, the door next to me opened, and Mr. Mike came out along with a cold blast of air in dark blue jeans, Mickey Mouse t-shirt, gray brown hair, and with a slight smile on his face.
“She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” he said quietly.
I was about to reply, when my hyper little brother ruined the moment by shouting, “Where’s Kyle?” as he bounced on the balls of his feet. Mr. Mike, laughing, said, “Come on in! Kyle is inside.” But I didn’t want to leave the queen. Without taking my eyes from the cat, I said, “It’s fine Mr. Mike, I’ll come in later. But, can I ask you something?”
“Sure thing, Sunny!” he replied.
“Is this your cat?”
“Why, no!” he replied and a flutter of hope rose in my chest.
“Then…. can I maybe… take her home?” I asked cautiously.
“Of course!” he said warmly, and went inside the house with Hajin.
My face flushed with joy, and I slowly walked up to the majestic cat. I started stroking her back, scratching her ears, and so forth. After about ten minutes, I tried carefully to lift the cat. To my surprise, and pleasure, she didn’t struggle. I held her tight to my body, and walked back home, heat and sweat forgotten.
As soon as I walked into the coolness of my house, I realized how thirsty I was, and got a bowl and filled it with cool water, then set it on the floor for the cat. I drank some water as well, and took the cat, and the bowl of water to the garage, where I immediately started searching for an appropriate place for the cat to rest in. finally, I spotted something useful. My little sister’s baby carrier!
I looked at it critically for a second, and then deemed it worthy of my cat to rest in. That word gave me a little thrill. My cat! Not anybody else’s, but mine. I crouched, and picked up the cat and slowly lowered it into the baby carrier. It curled up looking comfortable, and I felt giddy with happiness. I thought that it would be tired, so I lowered the dark lid that was attached to the carrier. Then, imagining what it would be like to come home and have my cat greet me, winding around my legs, purring as I stroke it’s silky fur, I sat there in my garage, next to the carrier, for several minutes. But, in my fantasies, I hadn’t considered my mom. I jolted awake, and realized that my mom hated cats, and that she was allergic to them. Suddenly, as if my mom had read my mind, she came into the garage, and saw me sitting there, a guilty look on my face.
“Sunny! What are you doing here?” my surprised mom exclaimed.
“Err…you see mom…” I stuttered, but my mom cut me off.
“No time, Sunny. I need the carrier. As I stared in horror, she lifted the carrier, un-peeled the hood… and screamed. Her hands fell from the carrier, and my cat plunged to the ground. I yelped too, worried about my cat’s safety. My cat leaped out of the carrier and ran in a corner. She cowered there, frightened, no doubt.
“NO BUTS!!!”
“All right, all right!” I muttered, and with a growing lump in my throat, I slowly calmed my cat, stalling for time, and with her in my arms, I walked to the front door. I sent one last pleading look back at my mom, who was watching me like a hawk, arms crossed, but her face remained hard. I accepted defeat, and I opened the door, tears springing to my eyes. I set her down carefully, and she disappeared into the bushes beside my house, my sense of devastation growing as I watched her beautiful, sleek black pelt disappear completely from my sight. I thought back to that moment today, the moment when I had found the cat. I had thought that it was a miracle, but I hadn’t known it would end so disastrously. If there was one thing that I had learned from this experience, was that life is full of unexpected twists.

July 34, 2104 by Jonathan L

Dear Diary (Ultra Apple E-note Plus v. 3905.71.65.38),


Hey Diary! It’s Bob!


Today was a typical day.


After a system update while I was in my sleep, I woke up to the typical morning grogginess, but after putting on my iSuit Plus v. 49243.65.24.19, I pressed my “Energize Button” and after a little electric shock, I was ready for the day. First, I watched the morning news on iNews. The headlines included adding another day to each month due to the fact that the Earth’s rotation had slowed down, and an introduction to the new update of the Apple iSuit. When I was done, I quickly activated my portal, and instantly teleported to school.


After a split second, I was at the 234987th floor of the school building. While waiting for the school to start, I opened up iTelepathy, and said to my friend, “How’s it going?” While my friend was replying, there was an alert that disrupted him. The iSchedule said, “It’s classtime. Please go to class immediately.” So I activated my iSegway, and went to my classroom cell.


In the classroom, as usual, there was a displayed screen in midair. It was the setting of a classroom, although everything was only an electronic display. I opened my iLearn, and started with the tutorials. Soon enough, I got bored, and was about to doze to sleep, when an electric shock woke me up. Then, the imaginary teacher went to me, and whipped me. Although I knew that the teacher actually wasn’t there, but I still felt the sting.


Finally, school was over, and I teleported back. This was where I noticed the effect of the update. Instead of the teleportation process taking 1.43218347612839 seconds, it only took 1.43218347612838 seconds. I telepathed to my friend, “This update is good.” Then I opened my iSports and opened up a live coverage of a soccer game, or robotics soccer. The team that I favored won, but the end score was very close: the team Apple Model 32874 got a final score of 2.43109496, while Samsung Model 25530 got a final score of 2.43109495. I celebrated, and posted on iSocialize: “Hooray for the Apple Model 32874’s!!! Fifth consecutive win!” Suddenly, there was another alert. In my brain, there was a voice that said, “Samsung attack! Samsung attack! Please put your iSuit on invisible mode.” I groaned. This meant that I needed to hide my iSuit from Samsung hackers. So I did so, and continued with my business. However, this meant that I couldn’t use the Apple’s iNet, and I couldn’t go on the Internet.


After it was safe to turn off invisible mode, I started to do my homework. I went back onto iLearn, where I did all my homework and academic-related things. Finally, after an hour of homework, I was ready to play. So I telepathed to my friend, “You wanna go play Minecraft?” After a split second, he replied, “Sure!” So I opened my iBox app (xBox and Microsoft was bought by Apple a long time ago) and opened “Minecraft”. And suddenly, I was in another world. Just a few weeks ago, Apple updated Minecraft to become an interactive world, with first person views, as if everything was real, just “Minecraft-ified”.  Today, I was finally able to truly experience this amazing update. I moved forward, actually walking forward in real life. However, I didn’t actually go anywhere in the real world, because of this technology I don’t understand. Finally, I saw my friend in the other side of the world, and we agreed to go on a server and play cops and robbers. Today, I was not very lucky, and dead almost immediately after spawning in my jail cell. However, my friend was able to get first every time. I telepathed to him, “Lucky!” Before he could reply, my iSchedule said, “It is nine o’clock. Go to sleep.” And so I did, and before I took off my iSuit, I had to talk to you. So here I am, about to go to bed. Good night diary!