Jet Blade by Kevin J

I was three meters up in the air above the water. Then I was so happy I forgot about everything. Suddenly I heard a whack then my belly started to hurt.

One day I was in Maldives walking on the soft beach in my hotel. I went past the water sport center and saw a board with the boosters on the bottom. I wondered, what is that amazing machine? So I starred at it for a long time. Then a tough tall man came.


The man asked me “Do you want to try?” of course, I wanted to try.


I answered, “Okay!”


Soon he got me helmet and life jacket. Then I saw a pipe as long python. It connected to the board. I stuck my foot in the shoes. The long pipe was connected to a Jet Ski. When I hear the engines of the Jet Ski start, I had a little smile on my face.


I found out the man was my coach. He told me were going to the deeper part of the sea so when I fall I don’t hit the ground.


When boosters stared blasting water, I put my hands out like I was in the front of a boat and went to the deeper part. Going to deeper part of the sea was exiting, sea water splashed all over my face, and I drank some water. It was so fast, I needed to hold on my pants so doesn’t fall off. When I reached to the deep part I was scared.


The coach stared telling me instructions on how to ride. I was thinking about other things. Will sharks and rays come for me because I seen large sharks and rays in the underwater restraint? I couldn’t stop thinking about that. Later when I was completely bored because all he telling me is instruction. All I heard was always keep your leg strait and but your legs out. I heard that about fifteen times.


When he suddenly said “Time to start.” Had I been listening carefully enough?


When I stared I thought that it would be very hard, because I can’t even balance on a skateboard so how could I balance on this. My first try wasen’t bad, I though this isn’t so hard. He kept on saying, “When water gets up to your waist put your hands out.” Then when I could get to one meter high in the air and fall down. He told me, “Try to find balance in your foot. I found my balance, I was three meters up in the air on top of water. Then I as so happy I forgot about everything,


“Ahhh!” I screamed.


Suddenly, I heard a whack then my belly started to hurt. While my belly was in pain I had no idea what was happening so I open my eyes and I was under water. My eyes burned as I tried to swim up. It was impossible because I was tangled by the pipe. The booster was still blasting water so got an idea I turned my foot around and I freed myself.


Later I went near the beach so I did some skills to show off to the people on the beach. Every was looking at me like I was so kind of pro. Then went back on the beach.


My coach asked me “Will you want to play again?”


I thought that its good to try new thing so I said “No, I want to try something new. I want to try the Jet Ski”


I had an incredible, fun adventure on the sea. From now on I will always try new things.


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