Taming the Monster of the Park by Andy N

Fifty meters in the air, strapped to a huge circular machine, looking down, I started to wonder if this was a good idea. Too late. MUCH too late.

Let’s rewind a bit. It all started on the afternoon of a sunny day, the kind that’s so hot, it evaporates your sweat. I seriously felt like I needed a cold drink. I was riding a cable car in an amusement park named Ocean Park. I was at a breathtaking height, and you could observe all the rides in the entire park. I was with my mom, my brother, and my dad. My mom used to love rides, the lion tamer of rides, but now she doesn’t really like to ride. My dad still likes to ride, unlike my mom, but he hates rides that spin around, he says they make him feel like snails and dancing on his brain. My brother is as enthusiastic to riding rides, but he is afraid of rides that go really fast, the kind that makes you feel like someone is squeezing your stomach. We were all squashed on a tiny cable car, thinking nothing interesting was going to happen…

Suddenly, an ear-piercing scream rang out loud and clear, tunneling it’s way into my ear and doing jumping jacks in my skull. I snapped around, eyes darting to the direction of the scream. Man, did my ears hurt. A tall, peaceful-looking pole stood higher than everything else. Then it seemed like a whole part of the pole fell off, and hurtled towards the ground like a person stranded in the desert for a week at a McDonald’s. It looked absolutely terrifying. Not peaceful, I decided. I wondered who in their right mind would ever ride that mechanical monstrosity. I looked at the big orange words imprinted onto a board on the top of the ride. The Abyss, hmm? The ride actually looked as if it were challenging me to ride it. You want it that way? Well, two can play at this game. I decided I was going to tame this monster, even though the rational part of my mind was screaming “NOOOOOOOOOO!” But I ignored that little voice, for the better or for the worse…

“Hey, can I check out The Abyss?” I asked my dad. I looked at him expectantly.

“Why not?” my dad asked. “As long as it’s not a ride that spins. You know that I hate those.”

“Yeah! Thanks!” I ran to the entrance of the Abyss and measured myself. Yes! I could carry out my master plan! I stood outside the entrance of The Abyss and peered down the opening. I shuddered. There sure was a good reason they named it “Abyss”. The dark entrance resembled a monster’s gaping mouth. I walked straight in, along with my dad and my little brother. We walked through the steel teeth, into the stomach, and waited in the… intestine? Uggh, gross. It sure was like that. It was dark, not to mention smelly.

The line seemed to go on forever, even though the neon sign said it was only five minutes. My brother darted between us, nervously pacing around. Then he took his first good look at what the ride actually does to someone.

“I don’t wanna ride it! It looks way too scary. Can you ride it first and tell me if it’s a little bit scary, or really really scary, ok?”

“Dude! Really, it’s ok. Come on!”

“Do I have to? It’s really scary!”

He ran out of the line, but after a moment came back. Then a scream uncanny to the one we heard on the cable car blasted into the air. My brother looked at the Abyss, and cried

“No way! Only if you go first!”

And without further ado, he darted out of the line and sprinted out the exit.

“Hey, Alex! Come back! Alex!”

I sighed as my little brother ran out of sight. The flow of people started to move, and I kept going. The director measured me, and then let me in.  I nervously ran to one of the red, plastic seats and sat down. I pulled down my safety harness and buckled the seat belt. There was a loud “WOOOOP” as the director pressed the button, and The Abyss started to rise. There was no turning back now. I could’ve turned back like Alex, but now, it was too late. MUCH too late.

We picked up momentum as we soared upwards, and I stuck my fingers in my ears as we crashed on the metal plate on the top. If I didn’t plug my ears, I think I would’ve gone deaf. I felt a bit scared, knowing that I was going to fall from such a high height. I stared out on Ocean Park, looking at every little detail. Why didn’t we fall yet? Are they just teasing us? Did the ride malfunction? I thought. Even the chirping sparrows seemed to tweet with anticipation. I stared out to the sea, looking at how majestically-

WHOOOOOOOOOSH! We started zooming down so quick; I thought my eyeballs were going to pop out of their sockets. Apparently my body wanted to leave my heart and my stomach at the top to do more sightseeing. Eyes popping, brain spinning, we zoomed down like a Wild West cowboy’s bullet. Then, just as abruptly, the ride stopped, the rose back to the top. I quickly reunited with my organs, and we dropped back down again. The ride halted, then slowly moved back to the ground.

As we got off The Abyss, lots of thoughts clouded my head. Mostly, though, was I DID IT!!!! The ride was, if anything, scarier than I imagined. But, I had conquered my goal I had since I first came to Ocean Park. I had ridden The Abyss!! My brother was looking expectantly at me.

“Was it scary?” he asked.

“Ohh, yeah. You can not imagine what it’s like.”

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