Tempers Will Flare by Bekah B

“NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!” I screamed. “I DON’T WANT TO GO WITHOUT THE DRESS! I’M NOT LEAVING WITHOUT IT!” I had always been a demanding kid. It was the beginning of summer vacation. We had been at California for a day and I already treated it like home. Even though I was born there, I had never really lived there at all. Stop. Let me rewind. I went a bit ahead. As a little kid, I had always been a huge fan of princesses. So I was your typical three-year-old Joe/Bekah. So when my parents announced that we would visit Disneyland, I gasped, which was followed quickly with squeal so loud that I think I broke the neighbor’s window, along with a few glass figurines.

Then I inquired, “When do we leave?”


My mom replied, “In a week! Isn’t it exciting?”

My expression had changed drastically. I turned around and trudged upstairs. My mom cut me off at the middle of the stairs and added slyly, “If you’re a good girl then I’ll get you a present…” SQUEEEEEEEEE! My stomping turned into a sprint and I was in my room in two seconds flat.


The week I had to wait was so long. I counted the days, and hours, and minutes, then the seconds. Then finally the time I had to wait which seemed like an eternity was over!

I was on my way to the shuttle when I stopped dead and asked my mom, “When will we come home?”


Then my mom said, “In a week we’ll be back.” I inquired, “Are you SURE?” “Yes I am 100%sure.”My mom added.  So I hopped on the bus, and then we departed. My goal at the time would be to become the most beloved princess of all. I wanted a gown, a real metal tiara, not the cheap, crappy plastic ones you get at the dollar store. I wanted to live in a castle, anything-fancy I WANTED! One of the best times of that day was when I met my favorite princess, Ariel. I dumbly asked her, “How did you breathe under water all those years if you don’t have gills?” Now that I think about it, she probably felt quite uncomfortable afterwards. Which is why she rushed us along. After that encounter and a day of walking and riding rides, it was time for me to pick a present. I was so excited! I mean, imagine walking into a store that has all of your favorite things inside it. Really! It’s like the store was made for you. At least that’s what I thought.


I was walking around the store of my dreams when I turned and saw the most beautiful thing ever, to my right. It was the ultimate deluxe princess Ariel wedding costume complete with a real metal tiara and actual shoes. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I stood there speechless for a whole two minutes. It was like I wanted it as, “Part of my wooooooooooorld!” I barely knew that that little wedding dress cost a hundred dollars. Back then I thought that 100 dollars was cheap. I bounded to my mom and told her about my soul mate.


When I dragged her into the shop, she questioned out of breath, “Do you even…know…the cost?” What did she mean? COME ON WOMAN SPEAK ENGLISH! I thought. I tilted my head to the side and did the eyebrow thing to ask my mom what the heck are you saying! ”

I don’t know what ‘costs’ means.”


She explained, “It’s how much you have to pay for something.”

“Oooooooooooooh. Just come I’ll show you,” I replied.

We finally got to the corner and I showed my mom the dress. No, not the dress that everyone says is yellow and white or black and blue Internet sensation. The Ariel wedding dress. Anyway, I showed my mom the dress and asked her if we could buy it. Actually I pleaded for it. My mom checked the price tag. Judging by her expressions it looked like it was a lot of dough. I just imagined her brain going cha-ching. She said, “Uh honey that’s a lot of money for a dress.” And this is where the tantrum started.

“Honey that costs way, way, way too much. Find something else you want,” My mother said sternly.


“BUT… I want it. And I’m not leaving without it,” I demanded.

“It costs a hundred dollars. That costs as much as seven dolls. It’s expensive and we’re leaving!” my mom added getting angry. She started pulling my hand.


“I WANT IT SO YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT TO ME. YOU SAID I COULD PICK ANYTHING I WANTED SO YEAH.” I thought I had won the battle but the war hadn’t even begun.


Then my mom added, “You are a tired child. I shouldn’t have gone surfing a month before I gave birth to you. I think you have seaweed in your brain.” I burst into tears as my mother told me to choose something else.

“I WANT THE DRESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!” By this point I was rolling around the floor screaming and crying.

“Oh my goodness. You are hungry and tired of all that walking. Let’s pick some other present,” my mom insisted reassuringly.

“I’M NOT TIRED! AND I WANT THE DRESS!” I screamed stubbornly.

“My dear, if you continue with this attitude then you wont get any present at all.”


Suddenly the manager of the store came storming down the hall and said, “Whose child is this? Who let her in?” he cried. As a kid, I just laughed at his confused face for a millisecond.

“Sir I am responsible. She is my child and she wanted to get her a gift to remember this…experience. I am sorry,” said my mother.


Through this elaborate conversation my mom had with the manager, I had cried even more. She had tried her soothing voice to calm people down, which always works. Even though I screamed and kicked and knocked down a shelf or two, I walked out of that cursed store with a present. I still want the dress. I thought. At least the toy I got was free. Apparently I got the toy for stopping the cry of shattered glass. I got an Ariel Barbie doll that came in a pink dress and fiery red hair. She was as beautiful as a…well as any Barbie doll really. But lets say I walked out of the store with a fake grin plastered across my face. It wasn’t that I disliked my present; it’s just that the dress set was available for a limited time only. (Not that the words, “available”, “for”, and “limited” meant anything to me then.)

But overall, to kids out there, never have a tantrum in a store. Or anywhere in public. Just don’t whine to get anything. (It never works! Except, for me it did. :)) It won’t get you anywhere in life but growing up to be a complete snob.




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