The True Story of Little Red Riding Hood by Celena S

I know the little red riding hood is so overdue, but everyone is wrong, everyone. Well, of course, besides me and birdie. I’ve been dying to let out the truth but I never get the chance. The hunter is always around, being famous because he was the one who ‘saved’ little red riding hood and her grandma, and he was really ‘brave’, and blah blah bla. But before I tell you the story, let me introduce myself, I am the son of the big ‘bad’ wolf, by now you probably already know why I was crushed to hear the fake story spreading around. You might ask me, how do you know this? Well, when my dad left, he told me to stay in the house. I was really curious back then, I still obeyed, but ask my friend Birdie to go get a look and tell me what is happening. Also Birdie is friends with me, because I saved her once, when my dad was going to ear her. This is the true story (if Birdie didn’t lie), now be ready to be shocked.


Red riding hood is the prettiest girl in town, Jack, the hunter’s son really liked her. BTW by Jack, I mean the Jack and Jill, Jack, not the Jack and the beanstalk Jack. His story was fake too, but I’m not gonna talk about that right now. Jack liked rolling down hills, and in the mud. As you might as well can see, Jack isn’t a really fitting boy for Red. Red’s mom saw that immediately, and she didn’t want her to marry him, She told Red that Jack tumbled down a hill, because of clumsiness (he is clumsy, but that’s not why he fell), and having mental problems because he broke his brain when he tumbled down. Red, being a good girl, believed in her. When Jack asked her to have a playdate, she simply texted him saying she was ill. Jack didn’t give up, he tried many times, but Red was really busy and didn’t have time to text him a different message so she simply kept texting him saying she was ill. Jack was dumb, but after a long time, he knew something was up. Soon the truth about Red not liking him at all, and kind of have a relationship of the opposite spilled out. Jack was heartbroken and soon died, because he didn’t ate or slept. If you ask me, Jack was too sensitive, but his dad didn’t think so. His anger rose and he accused Red’s family for murdering his son. No one wanted to believe him, because everyone liked Red. So the accusing wasn’t big enough to get into Red’s ears. Red hasn’t heard from Jack for a long time and decided that he just gave up and forgotten everything. Her mom though, knew that Jack has died, she thought that one day the hunter will come and get his revenge. So she tricked Red about going to her grandma’s house, knowing she’ll be safe there. She told her to be careful. Red, not knowing anything, believed her again, and went right away. My dad already knew this was going to happen, our family and Red’s has always been secretly friends, but Red and her grandma knew nothing about this. My dad has already watched their house for 3 nights, so when Red left, he knew Red’s mom has given him the signal to go with her, so he went with her. He asked her where she was going, and decided that it’ll be best for him to get to her destination before she does, just incase the hunter was there, ready to jump out and attack suddenly.

Shortly before Red’s arrival, my dad arrived and sensed that the hunter was near. He barged in Red’s grandma’s house, and wanted to explain things for her, but she screamed so loud, that my dad was afraid the hunter will hear, so he swallowed her. Of course, when Red came, she did the same, but asking questions one by one first, just to make sure he wasn’t her grandma. Soon she was swallowed too. Right after she did, the hunter came, sadly, he has already heard the screams. My dad pretended to be asleep, thinking the hunter would just leave a normal sleeping wolf alone. The hunter knew the wolf swallowed Red and her grandma, well, since his stomach was like super big. The hunter would’ve just let Red and her grandma die in there, but he wanted them to die badly, worse them just starve in a wolf’s stomach, so he cut open my dad’s stomach and drowned him. But when it was his turn to kill Red and her grandma, decided it’ll be the best for him to just be quiet and be a hero, telling everyone how bad the wolf is.


Now you’ve heard the TRUE story, please spread it around and make the hunter guilty and ashamed.

Inner Monologue of a Thief by Agnes S

It was dark out. The stars in the sky had been clouded over, and the street lamps had all been dimmed to barely visible. Even the lights in the buildings had all been turned off, slowly, one by one. There was no sound, except the small whistling of the wind. And then a soft pattering of feet on pavement. It would echo for hardly a second before it disappeared, carried away by the wind. No one woke up, no one turned on the lights, and the pattering continued.

And then the pattering stopped, and a door in one of the apartment buildings swung open soundlessly, and closed just as quietly. The street and its residents were silent once more. The apartment door that had been opened belonged to the 9th building on the road, an almost peculiar choice. There was nothing that set this building apart from the other 9 that stretched across the street; it certainly didn’t bear the prestige that the 1st did.

Inside the building, a person in a mask tiptoed past the lobby, hiding a laugh as she passed the sleeping guard. The guard let out a long snore, stopping the person in her tracks. A minute passed, and the guard rolled over to his side. Not even daring to let out a breath of relief, the person quickly evaded the lobby and found the elevators.

The inside of the elevator was stuffy, and smoke from cigarettes that had been dropped and crushed on the floor still lingered in the air. A few flyers, ripped off by particularly boisterous children, also littered the floor. The person held a hand over her mouth and nose, using the other to fan away the smoke.

Which floor was it again? The person scanned the buttons, searching her memory for a specific number. It was 24, wasn’t it? With a half hearted shrug, she pressed the number, giving a small wince as the elevator let out a small ding. Hopefully it wasn’t audible to the guard.

The elevator jolted upwards, sending the person reeling into the wall. She managed to hold her balance, but she gripped the handle a little tighter. The elevator stopped, and the elevator let out another ding. With a scowl under the mask, she crept into the hallway. Two sides, each with 5 apartments.

It was 2403, she remembered, and with a new surge of pride, she tiptoed over to the apartment. She reached under the mask, pulling out a bobby pin. She slid the pin into the lock, twisting to the right until she heard the click.

The door slid open easily enough, and she was able to slide into the apartment gracefully.

The apartment was extremely neat and organized, almost dangerously so, anything out of place would surely get noticed by its tenants. She turned her nose up in disgust, as she watched the diamond chandelier and glass tables glisten. An unneeded luxury, she resented the fact that the residents could buy such a thing and yet have such apathy towards those that could hardly purchase food.

She shook her head, shaking the thoughts away. She wasn’t here to judge their distinct lifestyle; she was here on a mission.

She could tell it was the office by the overly boring frame. Whilst all the other doors were framed with white and gold, this room was a very plain brown. She knew these people; they did not do anything unless they had an extremely good reason.

The office door wasn’t locked, an unfortunate mistake on their part. She couldn’t hide her smirk as she breezed into the room. All of the training and heists had led up to this, the one theft that would finally change the world. Or at least the neighborhood.

The desk, however, was locked. It was easily picked, and she was pleased to see all the files already categorized for her. What was it the boss had asked for again? Some file to incriminate these people with fraud. Or just money. She mused to herself; she could just take the money and run. Away from her boss, away from thievery. Perhaps she’d take the money and pretend she had gained a job.

She batted such silly thoughts away, though, knowing how ludicrous she sounded. She’d surely get caught, and even if she didn’t… She didn’t want to think of what could happen. Maybe she’d be fine. Maybe she’d use up all the money and have to go back to thievery. And then the percentile chance of getting caught would go back up again.

Even now, with the boss protecting her, it was still a risk. Every step was a risk. And yet she still continued. Nothing short of a mixture between desperation and stupidity pushed her closer and closer to jail. But a tiny flicker of hope that she could swerve away at the last minute and save her life.

A faint memory batted at her conscience, reminding her how much she owed her boss. A tiny, fidgety girl who had been dubbed not good for much by almost everyone. Racing across streets, leaving a trail of havoc behind her. And, of course, impatient adults. The tiny girl was racing away from her home, a tiny backpack bouncing on her back. Little did they know she was racing away forever.

And then screams. Screams of a family who had found a mangy little rat-like creature stealing an assortment of food from their apartment. Then the cold jail cell, where she had been placed for a week with minimal food before her boss had came. Claiming to be her father, actually, he had posted bail for her.

Memories were irrelevant to her mission. Her eyes caught sight of the file she was searching for, and she snatched it up. The sun was already rising, and she was losing time. Her eyes scanned the room, before she caught sight of the window. It was her only chance at freedom, and she had to take it.

A cold wind caught her face when she lifted the window, and she braced herself for impact as she leapt down. Luckily, her ankle didn’t seem to catch most of the blow, and she raced off into the sunrise.