Poyo by Etsuko N

April 19, 2016

Jumping at the top of her lungs,

She made it.

As her heart beats as fast as a turbo,

She runs towards her target again.


Who was her target?

Was it a mouse?

A bird?

A chicken?

Who was it?

It was a string of yarn,

Lying across the room innocently.


She sprints as fast as she could and


She crashed into a chair.

She started spinning like a ballerina,

All she could see were stars spinning around her head.

Suddenly a red spark caught her eyes.


It was a circular red light

moving across the ground.

She had found her next target.

As she followed the red light around the house, CRASH!

She slammed into a wall.

While she was getting up, her nose caught her attention.


She could smell cat food.

After that entire running, she could finally take a rest.

Her owner handed her a bowl of cat food,

She sniffed it and gobbled it all up.

Now she is full of energy.

Something else caught her attention,

She now has another target.

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