The Dreamy Journey by Emma B



Battling pirates

With a gleaming bronze sword

In my small paw

Pricking them

Off the plank

Driving the old ship

To a wondrous paradise


Suddenly on

A battle plane

Dodging bullets

Soaring above the clouds

Fluffier than my fur

Diving towards Earth

Wondering: Is this the end?

Praying with my small might

That I may be spared


In a muddy jungle

Watching for snakes

And spiders

And such

The cool breeze

Ruffles my fur

Puffing it out

Like a football pom-pom

Then, I’m sinking




Desperately mewing

As the quick sand grabs me

Pulling me lower

As if I was its prey

I take my last breath

As the sand pulls me under

The light fading


Beautiful music

Fills my tiny ears

A pearly marble floor

So slick

I almost slipped

A charming tom kitten

By my side

As if he thought I was really there

With him

Falling backwards

Into an icy cold fountain

Drenching my fur



The sand storm

It raged

Stinging my eyes

Beyond kitten belief

Toppling sideways

Hitting the burning

Yet comfortingly soft


Rattlesnake eyes peer

From under the sand

Emerging to show

It’s beautiful

Yet deadly



Drawing nearer

My life seemed gone

Lashing out

Fangs bearing

Death near


Flowers blooming

Bees buzzing

Birds chirping

Fairies roamed

Making tiny tinkling noises

Music to my fragile ears

Scenting honey and flowers

If beauty had a scent

That would be it

Mother lay

In a grove

Her sweet milk scent

Drifting in the air

Padding closer

Closer to love

To hope

And wonder

On my soft bed

Cuddling with my toy

Back home at last

From my amazing adventure




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