BOOM!! Everyone is Dead by Gladd M

“Way up!” I woke up with a gasp. It was my sister Rai. “Rai, you will finish by giving me a heart attack if you continue,” I tell my sister. I look at her, she is wearing a white dress with neon pink rhombuses all over it with matching shoes. Her hair is as always as curly as noodles,, but all I have was straight dark hair and bangs. sometimes I feel like she is better than me even if I am 11 and she is only 5. “I am sowy,” she says
“It’s okay, now wait for me I need to get dressed for school.” I take a quick shower and put on a t-shirt and jean. Today is a very important day it was one of those days when we take down houses. Because Japan is at war with America, we need to take down some houses so they don’t destruct many things if they drop a bomb in our city or something. They haven’t dropped any bombs on our city yet, but we can’t take risks. Some people say that maybe it is because they think Hiroshima is too beautiful to be destroyed. I grab my emergency kit and and my backpack. As I ran out the house my mother yelled “Amaimono, you didn’t eat breakfast yet”
“But I don’t want to I need to get to school early to take down a house, mama” I yelled back.
“There is Miso for breakfast,”
“I would like some, but I need to go now”
“Bye!!” I sputtered as I grabbed my lunch and off I ran with Rai.

“Goobye” Rai wailed. She always cries when I drop her off at school. I really do not get that girl. “ Bye” I say back. As soon as she gets into her school I race to school, on my way I see a military airplane. Fear shoots through me is this really it I think is this the day we all die? I open my emergency bag and put on my emergency coat. It protects me from ashes and fire. When I am safely in it i run toward the nearest “sheruta” A waterfall of tears fell down my face. As I cry I think about my favorite song by Ella Fitzgerald called “Summertime” I wanted to end my days singing a happy song. I sang the chorus.

Summertime and the livin’ is easy
Fish are jumpin’ and the cotton is high
Oh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’
So hush little baby, don’t you cry

One of these mornings
You’re gonna rise up singing
And you’ll spread your wings
And you’ll take to the sky
But ’til that morning
There ain’t nothin’ can harm you
With Daddy and Mammy standin’ by

After a while I realized that the military plane was just passing over. Fewf I really thought this was the end. Everybody around me were looking up at the sky just in case it will come back. I looked up too but there was nothing. I continued my run to school.

“Okay class today as you all know is a very special day.” Says Ms. Sazuki. I have a smile on my face I am so excited this the first time I will be taking down a house. I have been waiting for this moment for months. “So I hope you all have your lunches because it’s time to go” she continues. As soon as she finished her sentence the class was in line ready to go. I could see my teacher was stunned, because our class has never been so obedient. “ I guess we should do this more often,” She uttered. The class smiled at her.
As we were walking down the hallways, I noticed that all the pictures and posters that were hung up in the hallways weren’t there anymore.. A horrible thought came to my head What if we are going to be taking down our own school? No of course not with all the people in the school we couldn’t possibly taking down the school. After what felt like an hour of walking we got to the house we were supposed to destruct. “Okay class I am going to divide yøu into 2 groups” Rin and I directly looked at each other. I know she is wishing the same thing as I am. Please let us be together I think. “Rin, Tora, Toshi, Tami, Hiroshi, Sasaki, and…” Please let it be me. “Ruri”
“Yeaya!!” I shout and join Rin’s group.
“ Rin’s Group is going to be in charge of getting the furniture out of the house” And off we go. At 8:30 Rin and I take the first couch out of the house.
And then it happened suddenly the radio blurted out “ATTENTION EVERYBODY THERE IS A B-29 CIRCLING THE CITY. I REPEAT A B-29 IS CIRCLING THE CITY!!!!!!” Everybody suddenly looked up and, sure enough, there WAS a plane circling the city. I completely freaked out while putting my jacket back on I didn’t know what to do so I ran. I ran to my sister’s school she was running out of the school with her friends. I didn’t risk to stop so i just grabbed her thrust her on my back and continued running. “What are yo doi Yuyi!” I heard Rai say.
“I am running away from the danger and you are coming with me.” I looked at my watch It was 8;45 and it’s at that moment that I feel a gush of hot gas. And I realized then that they had dropped a bomb I covered Rai’s eyes as I looked back to see where the bomb has dopped. OH NO!!!!! I think THIS CAN’T BE POSSIBLE. THE BOMB DROPPED ON THE HOSPITAL. At the same moment Rai removed my hand from her eyes. I let her look because I was too stunned to keep her from looking. My parents were in that hospital visiting my dying grandma. A drop of tear ran down my face I quickly wiped it away it will have been the first time my sister will have seen me cry and I don’t want this to be the first time. “Wayan’t momma an dodda ware?” Rai asked
“Yes” I said firmly It’s at that moment that I realized that the city was completely destructed. What had once been a beautiful city became Ruins. “I so hut year” Rai said. It WAS hot out here. Actually it was burning. I start running again but in the opposite way into the river.,

“This feels so good” I say as we get into the water. I then realized many other people were in the water. Some of them had horrible looking scars. My sister started crying “It so unair,” she said. At the sound of those words I remembered my parents and the hospital. Tears came to my eyes again. “ Are yo cryi” My sister said. Oh no she saw me crying. But I didn’t care anymore. I just want my parents to be here with us.

After a while I decided to go to Ninoshima were my cousins are maybe they could help me. It was a long walk but we finally arrived at the port. I had enough of my allowance for the both of us to get a boat to Ninoshima. We didn’t talk for the whole path I guess we both were too sad to talk. Then I realised I didn’t know where exactly my cousins were. Whatever I will just call my aunt. I got out my cell and dialed my aunt’s phone number in. But nobody answered the phone. Weird I thought normally she answers the phone as soon as she hears it ringing. Then It came to me OOOh I thought I remember she moved to the United States two month ago. So What am I going to do when I get there?

When we get to Ninoshima I tell my sister “Okay I don’t know where we are supposed to go now because Aunt Manu moved away.” My sister went pale and looked at me with pale eyes. Her face was slack and her mouth was slightly open. Her voice was barely audible when she spoke to me. “What are we gonna do now.” Those were the last words she said before she stumbled to the floor. I looked at her. Her face was expressionless. “Rai?” I said “Rai? Stop joking with me” she stayed still. I started to panic. “RAI?……Rai?” That’s when I realized what had happened. My sister was dead. “RRRRRAAAAIIII!!!!!!” I cried. The other people on the boat came to me.
“Calm down” someone said. It was a woman’s voice. It was so soft it almost made me stop crying. Almost. “I can’t,” I said with tears rolling down my cheeks. “She was the only part of my family I had left” I looked up and saw the woman. She was definitely not japanese. She looked like she was American. But what was an american doing in Japan? We were in the middle of the war with America.
“Let’s get off the boat, doctors are going to come take care of your little sister.” She said. I followed her off the boat. We entered a car. I didn’t even know where we were going but I stayed silent. Something about that woman made me comfortable. It’s when she looked at me that I blurted everything out. Everything that happened.

When we finally got off the car A huge house stood in front of us. There was a man and a girl waiting on the steps. As soon as we got off the car the man and the girl came running to the woman. I guessed it was her family. After they all hugged they looked at me. “Who is that little girl Margaret?” the man asked.“
Oh there was a tragedy.” Margaret answered. “As you must have heard there was a terrible accident in her city and her parents died. And she was on the same boat as me then her sister died on that boat. So I thought that we could help her.” OH MY GOSH are they going to adopt me? I was not ready for that at all. If they asked me I will definitely say no. The man looked at me “I know this is a bit too soon but we will like to…”
“Yes”I squealed “Yes you can adopt me I also know this is a bit too soon but I am depressed I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. I lost everything, you heard me? Everything I had and now I will gain them back with a new family.” I burst into tears right then.
“Oh my gosh what’s wrong one moment you were all happy and now you are in tears again,” Margaret asked in a worried voice.
“I just miss my family so much!!” I cried. The girl held my hand
“Come” She said “Let’s get inside so you can calm down. As we were walking towards the house I looked up at the sky. Somehow I knew my parents and my sister’s spirits were looking back at me. I smiled and looked down. Then looked back up and said “Anata wa itsumo watashi no kazoku ni narimasu. Watashi wa, anata o aishiteimasu” You will always be my family, I love you.”

Author’s Note
Boom Everyone is Dead is a realistic fiction story. Ruri, Rai, their parents and her new family weren’t real people. This story is based on the tragic attack of hiroshima in 1945 at exactly 8:45 in the morning. The B-29 that had dropped “little boy” (the name of the atomic bomb) was called the Enola Gay. It was driven by Colonel tibbets. Apparently “Little Boy” was the first ever made atomic bomb. It killed more than 8,000 people when it exploded. But even after the explosion there was radiation that stayed in the air. It got people sick and die. It continued for many year. All of this was because japan bombed pearl harbor in hawaii.

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