The New Father from The Fate by Jasmine

“Where were you last night?!” shouted the angry mom, who is cooking in the kitchen.

“I just…” cried the little boy, “I did nothing.”

“You…!” now go back to your room and stay for a while. Said mom, in a horribly voice.

“Yes.” Said Sam-the little boy, garbing his body, slowly back to his room.

Mom never let Sam explain what he did and where he went, she just thinks Sam was wrought. Even pap, can’t say a word when mom is blaming and shouting at Sam.

Sam already knew this will happen. Actually, his mom always mad at him, like he came back school late 10 min, he’s clothes was wet, he brought a friend home to dinner… he even didn’t remember how many times his mom shouted. Sam never has any friend because his classmate was all afraid of Sam’s mom. Sam sat on the bed sadly, remembering what was happened last night…

It was a cold, windy day yesterday. Sam’s going to play with his toys us usual. Just he took out all his toys, a little white bear moved a little. This bear was her favorite in all these toys. Sam was very confusing with this. “What is that?” thought Sam, and he touched the bear… suddenly, a golden light appeared, and suddenly, he felt he was in the air…he flew, flew, flew… high and high in the sky. The house was gone and there were many-seven birds in the air! The birds flew around Sam and grabbed Sam with their teeth and flew north. The norther they went, there were colder. But Sam didn’t feel cold because the birds were warm and smooth. Just these teeth around Sam’s clothes lets him felt bad.

When they flew about some hours, it’s snowing! Then, Sam saw a whole kingdom, underneath him. He felt nerves and scared. The bird stops on the ground and flew away. “don’t droop me down here! Please! I want my mom…!” But the birds didn’t notice him and went smaller and smaller…

Suddenly, two guards with armor appeared. they look strong and very huge. They didn’t garaged Sam this time but said gently: “Welcome, your highness.”

“What a heck is that?” thought Sam, but still saying: “Thank you!”

When Sam was being taken into the palace, he felt amazing and he gasped. “How nice is this!” And when Sam was lead in a big, huge, luxury room, an old man seating on a chair spoke: “Is this a person who I want?” The guards shouted very excited: “This is, this is our prince! You have been searching for ten year’s prince!

“Are you sure?” shouted the old man, turn around his body and stared at Sam, who was very scared, shaking his body. The old man stared at Sam for a while and suddenly cried out: “You are my boy! Really! My son! Welcome back home! I’ve finding you for ten years! Now…!” With the old man’s words, he burst into tears and cried on the chair.

“Your majesty,” said the guards: “ Years passed so quickly! You are tired, highness, have a rest and then meet your perfect son.

“Ok ok.” Said the king, who was still crying: “Thank you guys so much!” Then he turns to Sam: “My dear son, have a rest! And guards, give my son nice clothes and shoes. Look at him!”

“Yes, your majesty!” said the two guards, then turned to Sam, “highness, come over here, please!” Then, they lead Sam in a room, and gave him a very nice cloth.

“Thank you so much!” Said Sam, was still confusing: “I’m not the king’s son, it’s a misunderstanding!”

“What! You mean you are not the king’s son! Then who are you?” Shouted the guards.

“Well, I am Sam, form a town named blue street!”

“What I’m going to say to king, another misunderstanding!”

“What’s happening, maybe I can help.” Said Sam.

Well, it’s a long story. About ten years ago, as you can see, you are one years old, right?” “Yeah, so?” “The king finally had a baby, but he lost it when the prince was 1. And the the is like a madman! Didn’t ate and didn’t drink.” “But where’s the queen?” Asked Sam. “Well, the queen is died since the prince was lost, and the king was more pain.”

“Wo!” So sad! Said Sam: “What a pity!”

“Yeah,” Said the guards: “After this, we try our best to bring the prince back but we can’t do it. Until just then, the birds bought you, looks very like the prince, then… You all know that.”

“Well… Will the prince back?” “Maybe, but the hope is very less because 10 years passed, said the guards: “Poor king!” “But never mind,” add guards: “We will send you back, no worry.”

“But what about the king!” cried Sam: “If I gone again, he may die!”

“Maybe, what who can change it!”

“Fine… I’ll back, thank you guys, it’s like a palace trip.” Said Sam, though his smiling was wry.

“Then bye guys, the birds are coming!” cried Sam: “See you!”

“Bye! Hope can see you again, if we can.” Said the guards, both facing and each other.

That’s what happen last night. Sam is still thinking about the poor king. “I must go for him!” thought Sam firmly,: “I must help the king! But me…” after Sam thought about himself, his decision is shaking: “I still have my mom, he thought. But when he thought about the poor king again, the more he thought, the he wants to help the king.

“Hi again!”

“What are you doing at, little boy?”

“I want to go back to the king!” cried the boy: I just want to save the king!

“Ok, but this is not kidding!” Shouted the birds.

The birds took Sam back to the castle and they met the king standing on the door side. “I knew you will back!” exclaimed the king: “I missed you so much! Boy!”

“Hi, my… “father”?”

“Will, so proud you can call me father again! Isn’t it, guards?”

“Yeah, yeah…” whispered the guards.


Many years passed by, and Sam grows up to a handsome young man. He is very rich and nice now. But he missed his mom.

One day, Sam sitting on the porch to look outside the window. The birds were all singing and flying on the trees and sky. “I missed mom so much.” Said Sam: “I wish I can see her again in my life. Whenever what…”

Just when he is thinking about, two huge birds flying toward him. Is that the birds who took him here? Thought Sam. And it is! They flew in the air as fast as they can. “What’s wrought?” thought Sam. As just as he can realize it, the birds shouting at him: “Why are you still standing here like a stone? Quick come up and go!”

“Where? I don’t go anywhere expect if I can see my mom.”

“Of course! We just going to see your mom!” cried the birds: “If you don’t go now, there will be no time!”

“Ok ok! What’s the world happening here?” thought Sam and he climbed up to the bird’s back. The birds suddenly flew to the air and flew away.

“Here we are!” quick get down in that house!”

Sam went toward in the house. No one was there. Only a few lights and furniture. What? Where’s my mom?” thought Sam more and more nerves. You finally came! Cried a woman, who walking down form the stairs.

“Who are you?” asked Sam, questioning.
“I’m your mom, your real mom! Don’t remembered me, your fellow?

“Well… short of.” Replied Sam, a bit of sorry for her.

“You…” said the woman, very sad and full of tears: “I wish I don’t have this son!”

“What…? But, I’m really Sam! You can’t do this, mom, though I didn’t saw you for many years!”

“Yeah… time passed…” mom sit on the chair, and humming to herself.

Sam don’t know how to do. Should he back now? But the king will… unless he gives up mom… How is he goanna do? Sam stopped thinking, and grabbed mom’s hand: “Come with me!”

“What? Are you crazy or ill, where to go?”

“Go to a place we can both happy and peaceful.” Said Sam, strongly. I must to!

“Wait! Slower! Shouted mom, when she is on the birds back: “Be clam boys! Slower! You know I can’t…” “Help…! Help…”

The old mom was a bit of ill of this. So when the birds arrived, Sam put her down and went inside to the king.

“Father,” said Sam: “You don’t know that I have an old friend lives at America? I took her here because she missed me barley to death! I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you…”

“It’s okay, my son. You are always awesome with your business.”

“Well, thanks! Should I take my friend to the room now?” Asked Sam, carefully, hope will not have any of fault. Will… Sam can’t think. He must shut his mom’s mouth and can’t tell the king otherwise the king will ill and goanna die again! Must pay attention…” thought Sam, calmly, like a person who was very wise.

“Mom, sorry to brought you here. But may you rest for a while first?”

“Of course, my son. Thought you hurts me, but I love you forever whenever what.”

“Great mom, but after that… We will have dinner!” said Sam.

“Sure, but can you tell me which place this is?”

“Well mom, you don’t have to know first, but… please have a rest and I’ll tell you later when it’s time. Please…”

“Ok…” replied mom, but not so happy the hear this, then lie down on the huge, soft bed and fall asleep very fast.


One year passed. Nothing has happened. Mom didn’t ask where is this place and didn’t bother anything. The king had saw mom before but Sam said it was her friend. Mom trust Sam and didn’t questioning anything to the king. And the king, didn’t said much to mom, either.

“What a nice day!” shouted mom, one nice warm day: “It must be the best place to fly a kite! Wondering my son was young, he loves to fly kite most…”

“Excuse me, mam,” said king: “Who is your son, can I ask?”
“Oh sure! He is Sam!” said mom.

After mom said this, Sam knew the thing is getting worse!

“Oh dear, I have a son, either, and his name is Sam too, so…” asked king, nervously.

“Oh well, it’s him! I’m sure!” and mom point to Sam, Sam try to hid away, but it was no use, the king already saw him.

“Oh oh! He is… your son, my…” then the king fall down to the ground and felt himself not confinable and sad. “Where’s my son……”

“Stop! Shouted Sam and ran to the king and his mom. He don’t know what to do! Will he blame his mom? Will the king be mad at him? Will the king kill us? Will the guards be punished if the king let us go…?” Sam have no idea at all.

“Sam, come over and let me take a look.” Said the king, weekly.

“Well, sure…” Said Sam, hopelessly and nerves.

“You lie to me? How come you dare, you are such a nice boy before, and I can’t understand…”

“Yeah, time passed quickly.” Replied Sam, carefully: “So what will I goanna do? Is stay here until you die or go away?”

“You can go away or stay, either. There’s many choices for you to go, boy.”

“Will, I’m going to stay with you with my mom!” Shouted Sam: “I won’t go!”
“Very well, well, you can stay and my money is yours. But your mom, she…”

“My father died a few years ago, and when I was here.”

“Okay, then I will marry your mom and we can be a family and you can be my step son!” exclaimed the king happily. Sam has never saw the king so happy before.

“Sure, but I need my mom’s decision…”

“Son, I will marry the king if he wants.” Said mom, slyly: “I already want to.”

“Yes!” delighted Sam: “We can be a family from now on!”

“That’s what I want so many years… wiped the king, his tears: “The marriage is as soon as possible!”

“Yes sir!” shouted the guards.

“Ha ha ha… everyone laughed and smiled.

The end!

Default’s Diaries by Renee and Annarosa

Alex’s diary          
Oct 17, 2016 
Oh great I’m stuck with Steve again, notch needs to fix this glitch I always get teleported to another place. But anyways I am working on how to build a mob proof house, but Steve is so stupid that he thought I was just standing there. But anyways I have came up with an idea, we should build it on ice because mobs don’t walk well on ice. And then we can have the opportunity to kill them before they kill us. And now Steve is just talking about pigs again… 
Steve’s Diary 
October 17, 2016 
Let’s see… Abandoned by parents, and stuck with my sister Alex, for life. Great day. Alex, of course, is doing nothing while I mine stone and get food and generally do EVERYTHING. Great help you are, Alex. I mean getting us these diaries was the greatest idea you’ve ever had, but we need other things first. I’m starving, I need food. Some pigs? Hellooooo? 
Alex’s Diary 
Oct 18,2016 
Ha I found sheeps before Steve, which makes me a better Minecraft default skin than Steve! And by the way Steve thought he saw a glitch, and it was a spawner and he left it can’t believe him. And guess what I got the bad chest I only got coca beans and wheat. At least I got lapis. And Steve got enchanted books (unbreaking) and a saddle unfair :C 
Steve’s Diary 
October 18, 2016 
The only useful thing Alex has done so far was killing a couple of sheep. That’s it. I found a spider spawner in a desert and all she has done was kill those sheep. That’s it. And I got an enchanted book (unbreaking) and a saddle. Both of which I am going to keep for myself. She’s going to have to work for the stuff.  
Alex’s diary 
Oct 19,2016 
I am so much better of a default skin than Steve, I found us wolves! And thanks to me, I gave him a wolf to tame so he wouldn’t be lonely and get sad. But anyway I dyed my wolf lapis and named her blueberry. 
Steve’s Diary 
October 19, 2016 
So we’ve got wolves. Before we have a house or even one iron tools. That’s our priorities! Really, I’m glad that Alex found those wolves and we tamed them. We don’t have enough wool for a bed, but our wolves can help us survive the night. We need more food and beds. My dog is dyed with an ink sac and I’ve named her Storm. I have to go get started on our house on the ice now. 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 20,2016 
Yes I have designed a mob proof house and, Steve build it. Which was no use. Because I could totally build it myself, but anyways I gathered seeds and made a wheat farm. 
Steve’s Diary 
October 20, 2016 
I’m done with the basic outline of our house. On ice. So guess who’s stuck with the job of building the roof and changing the ice on the floor into wood? I’ve built the entire house, and I’m sure Alex the neat freak will be off muttering “2 stacks of wood… 5 stacks cobble…” While organizing our chests into millions of other chests. We only need 2. She’ll be off doing that under the excuse of “I’m building a farm!” While it just is a few pieces of hoed dirt near water with seeds. I’m off to find some pigs. 
Alex’s Diary 
Oct 21,2016 
So today I made a farm, and guess what ’Steve did. NOTHING BASICALLY NOTHING!! HE JUST WANDERED OF WITH PIGS!!! AND BROUGHT ONE HOME!!! But I killed it. Anyways back to the topic. I kindly sorted the chests into 10 different ones. 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 21, 2016 
So I see that Alex upgraded her farm. FIVE pieces of hoed dirt. THREE more than before! Great job, Alex! Or was it 4 more pieces of dirt…? I was never good at math. WHO CARES? Minecraft only has stacks. Alex is just hanging around, playing with our dogs. There’s nothing wrong with that, but she has to get to work too. We have to go mining sometime… We NEED iron tools. SCREW THESE STONE TOOLS. 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 22, 2016 
Ugh we are going to go mining just great and during the progress Steve is going to buff about how good Is and lucky he is at mining… But anyways. Also I have some bad news I died… But luckily we had keep inventory, so I didn’t lose the iron I secretly mined… 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 22, 2016 
We are finally going mining today. I HATE mining, but we need some decent armor and nice things. More on our parents today. We were this one happy family living in this world, when an army of Creepers came to our house. Our parents fled and abandoned us but got killed in the process. They never respwaned. So here we are, everything lost to the stupid Creepers. It’s like starting from scratch again.  
Alex’s diary 
Oct 23,2016 
Gosh Steve was like,” I cant believe you!”. “You died halfway through mining trip…… what the heck!!!”. Ugh what an Idoit. Also I have a major thing I am going to be working on, which is DRUM ROLL PLEASE… Actually I don’t have one yet… But I will think of something great and big. Such as expanding our house. 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 23, 2016 
Here I am, in the middle of a cave, lost. Alex managed to kill herself after falling down a ravine. Thank god Keep Inventory was on. Now I have to jump into a pool of lava to spawn back to meet Alex. WHY? At least we got some iron… No diamonds though… Nor any Pigs… 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 24,2016 
I have been very kind and made a storage room, and I labeled it all. So we can organize it better. And I gave it more signs so it is easier to use. And because I am so awesome I have decided to make a cake to celebrate!!! 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 24, 2016 
We need diamonds. Our house is coming along pretty well, and we’ve expanded it so we have a work space and each have our own rooms. My wolf Storm, of course, lives in my room. We have a storage room with… DRUMROLL PLEASE… 20 CHESTS!!! All with coordinated item frames and signs.  
Alex’s diary 
Oct 25,2016 
So today I got Minecraft skype, and I didn’t talk to Steve the whole day. But skyped him, which was hard because I had to walk the same time. Also we started a animal farm, and I did everything AND GUESS WHAT STEVE DID! HE JUST WANDERED OF WITH PIGS!! I cant believe him gosh. Anyways I managed to attract some sheep’s, from the farm I built.  
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 25, 2016 
We got Minecraft Skype today. Alex didn’t even talk to me, even if I am right next to her. She built a farm. Yes, she did. Just some random animals fenced in. And during the process, guess what else she did?  She accidentally left Blueberry standing and hit a sheep. Needless to say, it didn’t survive to see another day. 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 26,2016 
So good news, I have got an iron sword from the mining trip. And when I melted the secret iron I got, I had more than a stack!!! I couldn’t believe it, I am so good. Anyways today I really want to talk about something, something that I have always wanted to know… Where is our parents? Are they even alive? Why didn’t they respawn? So many questions, and Steve is still playing with pigs… 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 26, 2016 
Alex has been really quiet these few days… I wonder what’s going on. Some supplies are missing from the storage room, but I can’t seem to figure out what they have to do with the probably secret project she’s working on. Weird things have also been happening in this world. The random teleporting is getting really weird and often. It shows people joining the game for milliseconds before leaving. Alex has her chat turned off, so she doesn’t know. 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 27,2016 
So here is the plan, I am going to notch’s place and ask him if he can locate which world or place is my parents. Will it work? I mean they could have died during the escape progress…. But they should have respawned shouldn’t they? I thought everyone respawns, or maybe they did it’s just that they were trying to find us. But went to a different direction that we went… darn I wish Notch can give me this super cool thing, that can locate our parents. 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 27, 2016 
Alex is acting really weird. First she’s quiet, now she’s actually nice to me! She is acting like she will never see me again. Blueberry is getting more training than usual, and she just blocks herself in her room with a sign that says : DO NOT DISTURB. I’m really confused. I hope she’s okay.  
Alex’s diary 
Oct 28,2016 
So Steve Is going to be busy for a while because he is working on stuff, at least that’s what he said. So during this time I am going to find notch’s place and ask him about if he can give me a thing to locate my parents. 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 28, 2016 
I’m really worried now. I mean, Alex is a real big pain, but she’s never like this. Something is definitely wrong. I wish there was a potion of truth I can make to make her tell me. To cheer her up, I went in search of a horse as a present. Yes, I am giving up that saddle I found a long time ago. Hopefully she’ll be okay after that.  
Alex’s diary 
Oct 29,2016 
Today I am going leave afternoon, and I have prepared things already. So I have my backpack, 2 stacks of food, iron sword, iron amour. And I think that’s about it. And I took Blueberry with me, because she can protect me. And keep me accompany, oh shoot Steve is almost coming back I need to quickly write down this note and leave. “Come on girl, lets go!” 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 30, 2016 
Strange things are happening. It took me FOREVER to find a horse in the middle of a huge plains. Our farm animals are either despawning, or doubling in amount. This is not normal. Nothing is. When I finally got home with our new, beautiful white horse named Prismarine, all that I was greeted by was a note on a sign from Alex. It said “Hey Steve. I’m not going to be home for a long time. I don’t know how long. I’m looking for Notch, as he has a house in every single Minecraft world. He will be able to tell us who and where our parents are. Don’t bother coming for me. I’m okay. I have Blueberry.” The words: I have Blueberry makes me feel like I am replaced by a wolf. I have to find her. Within minutes, I have enough supplies to last 2 players, 2 wolves and 1 horse for a long time. Mounting Prismarine, I yell “LET’S GO! C’MON STORM!” 
Alex’s dairy 
Oct 30,2016 
Day 1 
Gosh I just checked my map and Notch’s place is quite far away. I have already traveled a day already.I don’t think Steve is following me, I have found a really good place to settle down for tonight….Gosh this is really tiring, my knees are sore and my back hurts. Ugh and I have to kill animals along the way to keep Blueberry full… 
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 30, 2016 
Day 1 
I am settled down for the night. Prismarine is tied up, Storm is fed and safe. For some reason, Alex’s name tag is not showing on the map. The map is default set to show Notch’s house. The only thing I can do now is go the shortest way and either meet Alex there or catch her halfway. The thing is, if Alex’s heart is set on something, she’s unstoppable. I have a few cakes ready to negotiate, but to be honest, I want the answers as well as Alex does. Where are our Parents? Why didn’t they spawn back? There’s still a long way of the journey to go, so I’d better sleep now. 
P.S. This is 5 minutes later. Alex isn’t sleeping, so I can’t either. I have to wait. I’ve tried contacting her with the chats and skype, but she wasn’t replying. She probably left those at home. I hope she’s all right. 
Alex’s diary 
Oct 31,2016 
Day 2 
It would normally be Halloween this time but, as you know I am not home I just hope Steve is taking care of the house. I think Steve is out looking for me now. Because I thought I saw name tags behind me as I went. And I saw Steve’s name tag, so I had to sprint fast away and sneak so Steve cant see my name tag.  
Steve’s Diary 
Oct 31, 2016 
Day 2 
We are going into November already. Normally at this time of year, I’m looking forward to Halloween. Ouch. Writing in this diary while on a horse is a bad idea. Trees hurt. A lot. But it really comforted me when Alex slept last night. I know she is safe, at least. I am pretty sure we are taking a different route from her, and we are probably ahead. Travelling on horse is definitely faster. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 1,2016 
Day 3 
Gosh Steve is very fast, how did he catch up? I mean unless he took a horse, impossible. Because I Cleared them out before I left. And that’s how I got my leather amour… I have covered most of the ground and I thought of something, to stop Steve from getting close, I am going to set a trap, so when every time Steve steps forward it will teleport him back. Then that will take time for him to figure it out, because as far as I know…..he isn’t so smart….  
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 1, 2016 
Day 3 
There is still a lot of ground to cover. As far as I know, Alex is fine because she sleeps as soon as the sun sets. When I get within 50 blocks of Notch’s house, I will camp out around there so I can keep an eye to see when Alex arrives. So far, there has been no troubles along the way. But I doubt this will last. Something is bound to happen. I just jinxed myself, didn’t I? 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 2 
Day 4 
So I have traveled a long way, according to Blueberry’s canine senses we are millions of blocks away from home. I have passed dozens of villages, and the villagers all mentioned that. There is Notch’s bad days. And I’m a little worried, man I wish I found more wolves to stay with me. 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 2, 2016 
Day 4 
Things are getting stranger as I get closer to Notch’s house. For a few times I thought I saw a name tag in the woods, but it was all an illusion. I have passed by several villages and got some carrots and potatoes for when we get back home. If we get back home. I’ve heard from several villagers that Notch can be bad. There are his good days, where he creates animals and new things. On his bad days, thunderstorms and animals die. Players don’t respawn. But if they do, they are in a completely different place. Some are lucky enough to be thousands of blocks away from spawn, but some are in complete different worlds. That must have been what happened to our parents. Honestly, players think all villagers do is do ridiculous trades and gossip, but if you’re nice, they can be a great source of information. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 4, 2016 
Day 5 
We’re still traveling. I’m so tired. Blueberry almost died. She fell halfway down a ravine before teleporting back up again. I gave her all the steak I had. Man, I wish I had a horse. And more wolves and ocelots. And super powers to get me answers and Notch. 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 3, 2016 
Day 5 
Everything is settling into a routine. Wake up, pack everything except the bed, feed Storm, stand her up. Mount Prismarine, take out map and ride. Until near sunset. Then I leash Prismarine up, feed Storm, put down a new bed and sleep. There are no mobs in sight, nothing has attacked us. I don’t know what’s going on. Nothing makes sense now. I need some more cake… 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 4,2016 
Day 6 
It’s almost been a week, I am so close to Notch’s house, I can smell his farts from here. And let’s just hope that, he didn’t hear me, or he is going to kill me. Before I get to his place, and I know this isn’t the right time for this question but. Is Steve so dumb that he still stuck at that trap I set up… I mean he calls snowball…brains… 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 4, 2016 
Day 6 
It’s almost a week already. I am nearing Notch’s house, but not close enough. I don’t know if this is some kind of glitch or a trap that Notch has set up around his base, but Prismarine and I have been taking damage randomly. I would take damage. Or Prismarine. Nothing big, of course. Just half a heart or 2. But this is really bad for and Prismarine. I have to constantly feed her. Whoever – Whatever is attacking us attacks by one. Not a huge group, just one mob attack at a time. They don’t make any sound, either. I hope Alex is fending off herself okay. She’s a great archer, I’ve got to give that to her. But with sword combat, she’s okay when she can see the mobs, but if they are invisible and wolves don’t attack them, she doesn’t stand a chance. She can eat them though. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 5,2016 
Day 7 
Ahhhhh so many mobs, ouch I got an arrow to the knee. Luckily Blueberry defended me or I would have died… Oh shoot I am leaving blood trails as I go, let’s just hope Steve doesn’t find them… I’m pretty sure he’s half blind… And deaf… 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 5, 2016 
Day 7 
I’m not making any progress. Every time I get to a certain point, I just get pushed back a few hundred blocks. Weird. It’s like there’s an invisible force or wall or something. This is weird. Probably a work of Notch. He probably doesn’t like visitors. Imagine all those messages he’d get “I’m getting teleported everywhere!” “When is the new update coming?” Or “I WANT MORE CAKE.” Or something. He’d just rage quit. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 6,2016 
Day 8 
Yes, I finally found a mesa which me and Steve both love, and which is a good thing. Because it’s hard to spot blood stains, in the mesa. And I am moving so much slower than I thought I would, after the arrow to the knee. 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 6, 2016 
Day 8 
I give up. I turned the other way, travelled a bit more and finally got to get near Notch’s house. Surprisingly, it’s in the Mesa. One of the only things Alex and I have in common is loving the mesa.I set up a small underground base to stay until Alex arrives. Prismarine is harder to hide. Her white coat is almost impossible to hide in the red and yellow clay. I need to get as much of this material as I can as I wait for her. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 7 
Day 9 
Oh shoot I am moving so slowly, everyday I am only moving 100 blocks away from where I camped. And I think my knee is infected. I’m worried that Steve will catch up and I am switching routes every 20 blocks, so Steve can’t find me. Because Steve will screw this up when I talk to Notch. And there is many more reasons I don’t want Steve to be here… Maybe that is the problem… 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 7, 2016 
Day 9 
Alex and Blueberry must be close. Storm can tell. And as I was out exploring, I found a trail of blood. Alex’s. She’s around somewhere, and I’m keeping an eye out. Also, I found HooDoos! Of course, I took a screenshot there. Alex owes me some cake. We’ve betted on who would find HooDoos first. Years and years ago. 
Alex diary 
Nov 8, 2016 
Day 10 
Oh Great. Guess who I see here. Ugh. Steve. I was hiding and resting on the top of a HooDoo but I don’t now how he got us up and down here. Maybe the ladders didn’t despawn and he picked them up. I was so shocked that I punched him down. “I ONLY HAVE HALF A HEART! WAY TO GREET YOUR BROTHER.” He yells. “I told you not come, can’t you read?” I yelled at the top of my lungs!!! As I came down awkwardly the ladder I didn’t meet his eyes. And for the rest of the day we didn’t talk. 
Steve Diary 
Nov 9, 2016 
Day 10 
I found Alex. She was “hiding” on the top of a HooDoo and punched me off when I got up there. I was so mad. She still owes me the cakes for finding HooDoos first. We didn’t talk and she never met my eyes. She didn’t complain about anything, but followed me around willingly. I don’t know what to do. 
Alex’s diary 
Nov 9,2016 
Day 11 
So we made our way to Notch’s place, and Steve asked me a question. “hey Alex did you get stuck, around a area so long. And it felt as if you got pushed back 100 blocks?” And i was like……. Complete silence. And Steve was like ” I swear I am going to kill you if you set up that trap!!” as he yelled. And we continued our day in silence. 
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 10, 2016 
Day 11 
I want to kill Alex. I swear. She set up that stupid trap to keep me away. That was the 100 block thing. I am going to get her back. And I have the perfect idea… Or maybe I can murder her in her sleep. Or I can steal her stuff. Pretend to hold Blueberry hostage when she is actually living in luxury. I’ll think about it. There’s always TNT, Flint and Steel and a good old bucket of lava. 
Alex’s  Diary 
Nov 11,2016 
Day 12 
We found notch’s place and his mansion was so huge, it was like 100 times 100 blocks big!!! And so as stepped in, I heard beautiful music, and there was steak with BBQ sauce!!!(and the classic fart) And as we walked towards notch’s throne room he was looking at me angrily…. “I think he is mad at me for writing down that I could smell his farts from million of blocks away” I whispered to Steve as we marched towards Notch. “Hey notch…”I said .”Nope the one who said my farts smell, the young male that didn’t say anything about the smell speaks first.” And Steve whispered to me” I smelled a smell that not available for my nose.” Then all of a sudden Steve and I exploded . “WHERE THE HECK ARE OUR PARENTS? WHY DIDN’T THEY REPAWN? WHAT DID YOU DO?” As I joined in “YEAH, EXACTLY. ALSO, ISN’T THERE SOME POTION TO MAKE YOU STOP FARTING OR SOMETHING? Dude, you’ve got to make that an update.” We blurted out. Notch’s face reddened. He stood up to his full height. Honestly, he isn’t very tall. “The height of a baby zombie probably.” As Steve whispered to me. Notch must’ve heard Steve. Uh oh. His body lengthened. His face grew into a grotesque thing that reminded me vaguely of , oh no. HEROBRINE!! 
“HEROBRINE!! WHERE IS NOTCH!!!” I yelled as I drew my bow, “where is he, ya punk” Steve yelled. UH oh I have a bad feeling that this word “PUNK” will anger Herobrine more! “Ah shoot” I shouted in my mind. And I don’t know how, but Steve must had a lava bucket inventory. Probably he accidently grabbed it when he was looking for me….anyways. And something so weird happened, he did the most stupidest thing on seed 271972567. HE RAN! And a portal appeared, it had a bed rock frame and it had a lime inside. “COWARD” I yelled as he escaped into that unknown world. Steve wanted to chase him like an IDIOIT, but luckily he had some self-control to find and free Notch first. Steve stated muttering to himself, and I started wandering around fake Notch’s throne. I found a sign that says: Push this button to get to Notch. And on the bottom it said “P.S. No one will ever find this.” I was like, Oh my gosh, he’s such an idiot. And that attracted Steve’s attention. He was like, “What did you find?” And I was like “I don’t know, but I think I just found where Notch is.” I pressed the button. Me and Steve both fell onto a very soft ground. I looked down. It was Notch. I immediately threw a bucket of water on him and he woke up. Only for a brief second and said “Creative mode. Get tools. Destroy Herobrine.” And he fell asleep, snoring. Suddenly we were in Creative mode. “You know we have to do this.” Steve said to me “I know, I know. I’m bringing Blueberry.” “Who’s Blueberry again?”Steve asked stupidly.  “MY DOG, YOU IDIOT….” This is going to be a long trip.   
Steve’s Diary 
Nov 11, 2016 
Day 12 
We went straight to Notch’s mansion at the crack of dawn. It was so big. Like a million blocks or something. I heard my favorite Minecraft music disk, Cat. The mansion was built into the side of a cliff, with clay ceilings and floor and walls that completely blends in. The top of it was sticking out of the floor of the mesa. There was an amazing BBQ out front. There was also a weird smell that I couldn’t quite name.That guy is so full of himself, with paintings of  himself everywhere. As we barged into his throne room, (yes, he has one) Alex’s amazing start was “Hey Notch…” Nope the one who said my farts smell, the young male that didn’t say anything about the smell speaks first.” I exploded. “WHERE THE HECK ARE OUR PARENTS? WHY DIDN’T THEY REPAWN? WHAT DID YOU DO?” Alex joined in “YEAH, EXACTLY. ALSO, ISN’T THERE SOME POTION TO MAKE YOU STOP FARTING OR SOMETHING? Dude, you’ve got to make that an update.” You can always count on my sister to say something like that at this kind of time. Notch’s face reddened. He stood up to his full height. Honestly, he isn’t very tall. “The height of a baby zombie probably.” I whisper to Alex. He must’ve heard me. Uh oh. His body lengthened. His face grew into a grotesque thing that reminded me vaguely of … Herobrine.  
Alex drew her bow. I went to the most practical way; walk right up and punch him on the face. An arrow flew over and embedded it into his head. “HEROBRINE! WHERE’S NOTCH?” Alex asked. I hit him with my sword. I could tell this did no damage. “SCREW THESE IRON TOOLS TOO!”  I noticed a lava bucket on my hotbar. Needless to say, I lava bucketed him. “How do you have fire protection?” I probably just angered him. Note to self: NEVER anger Herobrine. Herobrine did the most unexpected thing; he ran. “YOU COWARD.” Alex screamed after him. I chased him. Suddenly, a portal opened up in the ground before us. He jumped in and disappeared. This portal was unlike any that I’ve seen before. It had a bedrock frame, with swirly lime-colored inside. I wanted to jump right in, but I know we need to find a free Notch first. Wherever he is. I caught up to Alex. We dropped down a hole and – Oops! Landed on Notch. Yes, on Notch. “Herobrine is a total idiot” Alex muttered. Suddenly we were in creative mode. I jumped off. He lay on a haybale. “Creative mode some tools. Go to the real world with portal. Defeat Herobrine…” He gasped, then fell asleep. Alex prodded him. He isn’t going to wake up anytime soon. “You know we have to do this.” I say to Alex.”I know, I know. I’m bringing Blueberry.” “Who’s Blueberry again?” “MY DOG, YOU IDIOT….” I had a million questions in my head. What is the world? What’s Herobrine up to? This is going to be an adventure for another day.  

Diary of A Nerdy Girl by Gladd and Bessy

I walked down the hallway. Everyone was looking at me. I didn’t know if it was my new glasses or my braces, they were just all looking at me ,I mean it felt so awkward. What is wrong with me? I’m sure they are all thinking I am a complete nerd right now. But I told mom specifically not to get me the lame green glass!! I wanted the pretty blue ones. Last year everyone treated me like a nerd. They even gave a nickname … Here I am starting at a fresh new school and everyone is already looking at me as they had never seen someone wearing glasses before. “Look at her she looks weird,” I heard someone whisper. “Do you think she sleeps with a blanky?” I heard another person say. Listening to all this I knew this school will be trouble.

I got completely lost. On my schedule it said I had homeroom in room 2974, but when I found my way to that room. I was in a 7th grade classroom. It was so embarrassing. The way everyone was looking at me. I was sure they thought I was so stupid. At last a kind teacher gave me the correct path into my class, I was so relieved that someone cared to help. But nothing got any better when I got in to my class. My homeroom teacher didn’t even bother to introduce me to the class. She just sat there on her chair, feet on the desk, reading a people magazine. I am starting to wonder why this school hires people like this. I hope that not all my teachers will be like this.

After a long time of just staring at my teacher, it was finally time for my next class, PE. We had to play a sport called American football, I mean seriously can’t they call it something else? In my family football is what they call soccer I never even knew there was a sport like this! Anyway when I got to the Gym to change (I made sure I had the right room number this time) I realized the girl’s locker room was locked. I looked around me, everyone was wearing their PE clothes except for me. I was looking around when I saw a girl that also didn’t have her PE clothes on. She had exactly the same glasses as me. She had on pink shorts and a blue t-shirt. The moment I looked at her she looked away as if she was nervous. I decided to walk up to her. “Hi,” I say with sweat dripping down my face. She also looked nervous as I was. “Hi,” she said in almost a whisper. She looked down at the floor “Do you know why the locker room is locked?” I ask still nervous. She looks up and says “Does girls closed the door and it’s only the teachers’ cards that can open it.” I turned around to look at which girls she was talking about. But when I looked back she had disappeared. “What the heck,” I muttered. I turned around there she was again. “Wow how did you do that!?” I exclaim. I realize it was the first time I had smiled since I was at school, “Oh I do magic,” she responds.
“Yeah it’s my 4th year learning it so I have gotten the hang of it,”
” What is your name?” I suddenly realized she we don’t know each other’s name, ” Oh my name is Haley and you?”
“Isla nice to meet you Haley.” At that moment I slowly could feel my confidence rising, it was incredible that feeling that I did not have inside me for so long!

Haley and I started talking like we were old friends. I learned so much things about her and her experiences in like 5 minutes. Apparently she has a twin sister whose name is Casey. They are completely different from each other. Casey is a spoiled brat, she gets all she wants, so can Haley but as I said they are completely different, lately Casey has been giving fashion tips to Haley. So she wouldn’t be bullied at school. So that explains why she was dressed like this today. That moment I knew that something was wrong, I turn back and all the girls were gone, I don’t know if the teacher has noticed us or not but we had to quickly change!! Finally, a janitor happened to pass by. We asked him if he could help us open the door and he did. After a while we were changed into our PE clothes. But as soon as we walked out the stuffed changing room the rest of our class came back. All the girls entered the locker room and someone closed the door. Which meant Haley and I had to wait outside until someone opened the door. “I am so sick of this!” I yell “Why are those people so mean to us.”
“I know right, it’s the first day of school. We are supposed to have fun.” Haley says
“First our homeroom teacher completely ignores us,”
“Then those kids lock the door on purpose,”
“Then our PE teacher ignores us,”
” And now those kids lock the door on purpose again.”
I started pounding on the door shouting “LET US IN!” I heard the door unlocking. We stormed in, everybody was looking at us with the expression of what do you think your doing, on there and Haley take a quick glance at each other then look back at the girls. I could feel my cheeks getting red. Hayley and I quietly walked across the room towards the lockers we had put our stuff in. Everyone around us was whispering. I looked at Haley and I knew she was thinking what I was thinking.
-Haley & Isla


A Whole New World by Olivia X

Kayla Jones opened her eyes and squinted in the bright sunlight. 
“Someone please adjust the contrast?”, she muttered. “Oh yeah! Where the heck are we, Kaitlyn? KAITLYN?!”
“I’m alive! Don’t worry! Hopefully I’m alive…I dunno…”, groaned Kaitlyn.
“Oh good, you’re alive. Take a look at this place!”, said Kayla.
The sisters both stood up and dusted themselves up. The place really was amazing though. The trees were the brightest yet not completely eye blinding green. The grass was the same color, but it was the sky that really took Kayla and Kaitlyn’s breaths away. It was the most beautiful sky ever. Sapphire, electric blue, with the warm sun shining down, warming the sisters, the grass and the trees.

“This really is a beautiful place,” whispered Kayla.
“Yes, really pretty,” echoed Kaitlyn.
“Hello! How may I help you girls? You don’t really look like you’re from around here,” said a cheerful and freckled woman with chocolate hair and kind golden brown eyes.
“Oh yes. We aren’t. What’s your name, by the way? I’m called Kayla and my older sister here is called Kaitlyn. And what is this place called?”, inquired Kayla, pointing to herself and then her sister.
“Very nice names! I’m called Mary Burgton, head maid of the royal family, the Stonehedges, and this cute little village is called Storyland,” she explained cheerfully.
“Wow, Storyland is a really good name for a place like this! I mean, it looks totally like it should be something in a story! Wait, that’s it! This place looks exactly like the village in the story! And oh my gosh!”, gasped Kayla. 
The castle looked even better in real life than on a page. The marble glistened in the sunlight, reflecting off the jewels in the gold tips of the castles. The sky was the most perfect background, and it looked amazing against the green grass of the mountain. 

“Yes, it really is beautiful, isn’t it? And lucky I was visiting the village to do shopping and found you two, right? I’ll take you guys to the castle; would that be okay? Because honestly we never had visitors from another world before,” said Mary.
“Uh…how do you know that?”, asked Kaitlyn. 
“Oh, I just do,” Mary replied with a wink.
“Are you sure the royal family will just let us, complete strangers from another world, enter their castle?”, wondered Kayla.
“Oh, I’m sure they will understand,” said Mary airily.

They headed up the mountain to the castle, which wasn’t actually as far away as it looked. When they reached the gates, both girls’ breaths were literally taken away. The great golden gates had beautiful details carve on it, from flowers to birds and just swirls. It was really amazing. The marble looked so shiny, it could be mistaken for pure light. Kayla couldn’t resist herself and ran her hand along the gate, feeling the minuscule yet beautiful carving just under her fingers.
“These two girls are called Kayla and Kaitlyn…”, said Mary, looking at the girls for their last names.
“Jones. Kayla and Kaitlyn Jones,” Kayla replied.
“You heard her! Kayla Jones and Kaitlyn Jones,” Mary said again. “They appear to be from the Otherworld. I will take them to Their Majesty.”
The guard’s eyes widened and he reluctantly and slowly pulled open the huge doors, which surprisingly made a glorious sound like silk when you run your fingers over it.

“Now remember, girls, even though I know you have very good manners, be on your best behavior with the King and Queen. And the two Princes. King Andre and Queen Victoriana. Prince Peter is around 12 years old, about your age, I think, Kayla. And Prince Arthur is 15, about your age, Kaitlyn. You girls will like them, I think,” Mary said with a wink. Kayla raised her eyebrows and Kaitlyn blushed.
The inside of the palace was even more regal than the outside. A soft red velvet carpet covered every inch of the floor, and the parts that were exposed were made of marble with gold flecks inside. The walls were hung with portraits and statues of the royal family. If you looked in the dictionary and looked up charming, King Andre’s picture would be next to it. His auburn hair was just the perfect length for a king and his blue eyes were captivating. Queen Victoriana was prettier than any actress or model in the girls’ world. Her hair, also auburn, was styled up into a bun fit for a queen. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of ocean green, with specks of gold deep inside that added beauty. Both Princes were the spitting image of their father, although Peter had his mother’s eyes and Arthur had his father’s. The painter obviously had as much talent as a cheetah had at running. Nobody in Otherworld could even do any kind of art even close to that. 

Kayla noticed her sister staring at Prince Arthur on all of the portraits, and grinned. Maybe at least she would enjoy this place. Although she herself would also love it, just not for the same reason as her sister. Kayla loved Storyland for its views, and Kaitlyn loved it for that too, and someone else. 
Finally, after walking for an eternity, they arrived at the doors of the royal family’s room. The chestnut door was polished until it shined like the sun, and was also carved with elaborate designs like the main front gate. Mary took a deep breath and knocked on the door three times with the gold knocker shaped like the head of a lion.
“Enter,” said a deep voice. King Andre.