A Whole New World by Olivia X

Kayla Jones opened her eyes and squinted in the bright sunlight. 
“Someone please adjust the contrast?”, she muttered. “Oh yeah! Where the heck are we, Kaitlyn? KAITLYN?!”
“I’m alive! Don’t worry! Hopefully I’m alive…I dunno…”, groaned Kaitlyn.
“Oh good, you’re alive. Take a look at this place!”, said Kayla.
The sisters both stood up and dusted themselves up. The place really was amazing though. The trees were the brightest yet not completely eye blinding green. The grass was the same color, but it was the sky that really took Kayla and Kaitlyn’s breaths away. It was the most beautiful sky ever. Sapphire, electric blue, with the warm sun shining down, warming the sisters, the grass and the trees.

“This really is a beautiful place,” whispered Kayla.
“Yes, really pretty,” echoed Kaitlyn.
“Hello! How may I help you girls? You don’t really look like you’re from around here,” said a cheerful and freckled woman with chocolate hair and kind golden brown eyes.
“Oh yes. We aren’t. What’s your name, by the way? I’m called Kayla and my older sister here is called Kaitlyn. And what is this place called?”, inquired Kayla, pointing to herself and then her sister.
“Very nice names! I’m called Mary Burgton, head maid of the royal family, the Stonehedges, and this cute little village is called Storyland,” she explained cheerfully.
“Wow, Storyland is a really good name for a place like this! I mean, it looks totally like it should be something in a story! Wait, that’s it! This place looks exactly like the village in the story! And oh my gosh!”, gasped Kayla. 
The castle looked even better in real life than on a page. The marble glistened in the sunlight, reflecting off the jewels in the gold tips of the castles. The sky was the most perfect background, and it looked amazing against the green grass of the mountain. 

“Yes, it really is beautiful, isn’t it? And lucky I was visiting the village to do shopping and found you two, right? I’ll take you guys to the castle; would that be okay? Because honestly we never had visitors from another world before,” said Mary.
“Uh…how do you know that?”, asked Kaitlyn. 
“Oh, I just do,” Mary replied with a wink.
“Are you sure the royal family will just let us, complete strangers from another world, enter their castle?”, wondered Kayla.
“Oh, I’m sure they will understand,” said Mary airily.

They headed up the mountain to the castle, which wasn’t actually as far away as it looked. When they reached the gates, both girls’ breaths were literally taken away. The great golden gates had beautiful details carve on it, from flowers to birds and just swirls. It was really amazing. The marble looked so shiny, it could be mistaken for pure light. Kayla couldn’t resist herself and ran her hand along the gate, feeling the minuscule yet beautiful carving just under her fingers.
“These two girls are called Kayla and Kaitlyn…”, said Mary, looking at the girls for their last names.
“Jones. Kayla and Kaitlyn Jones,” Kayla replied.
“You heard her! Kayla Jones and Kaitlyn Jones,” Mary said again. “They appear to be from the Otherworld. I will take them to Their Majesty.”
The guard’s eyes widened and he reluctantly and slowly pulled open the huge doors, which surprisingly made a glorious sound like silk when you run your fingers over it.

“Now remember, girls, even though I know you have very good manners, be on your best behavior with the King and Queen. And the two Princes. King Andre and Queen Victoriana. Prince Peter is around 12 years old, about your age, I think, Kayla. And Prince Arthur is 15, about your age, Kaitlyn. You girls will like them, I think,” Mary said with a wink. Kayla raised her eyebrows and Kaitlyn blushed.
The inside of the palace was even more regal than the outside. A soft red velvet carpet covered every inch of the floor, and the parts that were exposed were made of marble with gold flecks inside. The walls were hung with portraits and statues of the royal family. If you looked in the dictionary and looked up charming, King Andre’s picture would be next to it. His auburn hair was just the perfect length for a king and his blue eyes were captivating. Queen Victoriana was prettier than any actress or model in the girls’ world. Her hair, also auburn, was styled up into a bun fit for a queen. Her eyes were the most beautiful shade of ocean green, with specks of gold deep inside that added beauty. Both Princes were the spitting image of their father, although Peter had his mother’s eyes and Arthur had his father’s. The painter obviously had as much talent as a cheetah had at running. Nobody in Otherworld could even do any kind of art even close to that. 

Kayla noticed her sister staring at Prince Arthur on all of the portraits, and grinned. Maybe at least she would enjoy this place. Although she herself would also love it, just not for the same reason as her sister. Kayla loved Storyland for its views, and Kaitlyn loved it for that too, and someone else. 
Finally, after walking for an eternity, they arrived at the doors of the royal family’s room. The chestnut door was polished until it shined like the sun, and was also carved with elaborate designs like the main front gate. Mary took a deep breath and knocked on the door three times with the gold knocker shaped like the head of a lion.
“Enter,” said a deep voice. King Andre.

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