Diary of A Nerdy Girl by Gladd and Bessy

I walked down the hallway. Everyone was looking at me. I didn’t know if it was my new glasses or my braces, they were just all looking at me ,I mean it felt so awkward. What is wrong with me? I’m sure they are all thinking I am a complete nerd right now. But I told mom specifically not to get me the lame green glass!! I wanted the pretty blue ones. Last year everyone treated me like a nerd. They even gave a nickname … Here I am starting at a fresh new school and everyone is already looking at me as they had never seen someone wearing glasses before. “Look at her she looks weird,” I heard someone whisper. “Do you think she sleeps with a blanky?” I heard another person say. Listening to all this I knew this school will be trouble.

I got completely lost. On my schedule it said I had homeroom in room 2974, but when I found my way to that room. I was in a 7th grade classroom. It was so embarrassing. The way everyone was looking at me. I was sure they thought I was so stupid. At last a kind teacher gave me the correct path into my class, I was so relieved that someone cared to help. But nothing got any better when I got in to my class. My homeroom teacher didn’t even bother to introduce me to the class. She just sat there on her chair, feet on the desk, reading a people magazine. I am starting to wonder why this school hires people like this. I hope that not all my teachers will be like this.

After a long time of just staring at my teacher, it was finally time for my next class, PE. We had to play a sport called American football, I mean seriously can’t they call it something else? In my family football is what they call soccer I never even knew there was a sport like this! Anyway when I got to the Gym to change (I made sure I had the right room number this time) I realized the girl’s locker room was locked. I looked around me, everyone was wearing their PE clothes except for me. I was looking around when I saw a girl that also didn’t have her PE clothes on. She had exactly the same glasses as me. She had on pink shorts and a blue t-shirt. The moment I looked at her she looked away as if she was nervous. I decided to walk up to her. “Hi,” I say with sweat dripping down my face. She also looked nervous as I was. “Hi,” she said in almost a whisper. She looked down at the floor “Do you know why the locker room is locked?” I ask still nervous. She looks up and says “Does girls closed the door and it’s only the teachers’ cards that can open it.” I turned around to look at which girls she was talking about. But when I looked back she had disappeared. “What the heck,” I muttered. I turned around there she was again. “Wow how did you do that!?” I exclaim. I realize it was the first time I had smiled since I was at school, “Oh I do magic,” she responds.
“Yeah it’s my 4th year learning it so I have gotten the hang of it,”
” What is your name?” I suddenly realized she we don’t know each other’s name, ” Oh my name is Haley and you?”
“Isla nice to meet you Haley.” At that moment I slowly could feel my confidence rising, it was incredible that feeling that I did not have inside me for so long!

Haley and I started talking like we were old friends. I learned so much things about her and her experiences in like 5 minutes. Apparently she has a twin sister whose name is Casey. They are completely different from each other. Casey is a spoiled brat, she gets all she wants, so can Haley but as I said they are completely different, lately Casey has been giving fashion tips to Haley. So she wouldn’t be bullied at school. So that explains why she was dressed like this today. That moment I knew that something was wrong, I turn back and all the girls were gone, I don’t know if the teacher has noticed us or not but we had to quickly change!! Finally, a janitor happened to pass by. We asked him if he could help us open the door and he did. After a while we were changed into our PE clothes. But as soon as we walked out the stuffed changing room the rest of our class came back. All the girls entered the locker room and someone closed the door. Which meant Haley and I had to wait outside until someone opened the door. “I am so sick of this!” I yell “Why are those people so mean to us.”
“I know right, it’s the first day of school. We are supposed to have fun.” Haley says
“First our homeroom teacher completely ignores us,”
“Then those kids lock the door on purpose,”
“Then our PE teacher ignores us,”
” And now those kids lock the door on purpose again.”
I started pounding on the door shouting “LET US IN!” I heard the door unlocking. We stormed in, everybody was looking at us with the expression of what do you think your doing, on there face.me and Haley take a quick glance at each other then look back at the girls. I could feel my cheeks getting red. Hayley and I quietly walked across the room towards the lockers we had put our stuff in. Everyone around us was whispering. I looked at Haley and I knew she was thinking what I was thinking.
-Haley & Isla


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