The New Father from The Fate by Jasmine

“Where were you last night?!” shouted the angry mom, who is cooking in the kitchen.

“I just…” cried the little boy, “I did nothing.”

“You…!” now go back to your room and stay for a while. Said mom, in a horribly voice.

“Yes.” Said Sam-the little boy, garbing his body, slowly back to his room.

Mom never let Sam explain what he did and where he went, she just thinks Sam was wrought. Even pap, can’t say a word when mom is blaming and shouting at Sam.

Sam already knew this will happen. Actually, his mom always mad at him, like he came back school late 10 min, he’s clothes was wet, he brought a friend home to dinner… he even didn’t remember how many times his mom shouted. Sam never has any friend because his classmate was all afraid of Sam’s mom. Sam sat on the bed sadly, remembering what was happened last night…

It was a cold, windy day yesterday. Sam’s going to play with his toys us usual. Just he took out all his toys, a little white bear moved a little. This bear was her favorite in all these toys. Sam was very confusing with this. “What is that?” thought Sam, and he touched the bear… suddenly, a golden light appeared, and suddenly, he felt he was in the air…he flew, flew, flew… high and high in the sky. The house was gone and there were many-seven birds in the air! The birds flew around Sam and grabbed Sam with their teeth and flew north. The norther they went, there were colder. But Sam didn’t feel cold because the birds were warm and smooth. Just these teeth around Sam’s clothes lets him felt bad.

When they flew about some hours, it’s snowing! Then, Sam saw a whole kingdom, underneath him. He felt nerves and scared. The bird stops on the ground and flew away. “don’t droop me down here! Please! I want my mom…!” But the birds didn’t notice him and went smaller and smaller…

Suddenly, two guards with armor appeared. they look strong and very huge. They didn’t garaged Sam this time but said gently: “Welcome, your highness.”

“What a heck is that?” thought Sam, but still saying: “Thank you!”

When Sam was being taken into the palace, he felt amazing and he gasped. “How nice is this!” And when Sam was lead in a big, huge, luxury room, an old man seating on a chair spoke: “Is this a person who I want?” The guards shouted very excited: “This is, this is our prince! You have been searching for ten year’s prince!

“Are you sure?” shouted the old man, turn around his body and stared at Sam, who was very scared, shaking his body. The old man stared at Sam for a while and suddenly cried out: “You are my boy! Really! My son! Welcome back home! I’ve finding you for ten years! Now…!” With the old man’s words, he burst into tears and cried on the chair.

“Your majesty,” said the guards: “ Years passed so quickly! You are tired, highness, have a rest and then meet your perfect son.

“Ok ok.” Said the king, who was still crying: “Thank you guys so much!” Then he turns to Sam: “My dear son, have a rest! And guards, give my son nice clothes and shoes. Look at him!”

“Yes, your majesty!” said the two guards, then turned to Sam, “highness, come over here, please!” Then, they lead Sam in a room, and gave him a very nice cloth.

“Thank you so much!” Said Sam, was still confusing: “I’m not the king’s son, it’s a misunderstanding!”

“What! You mean you are not the king’s son! Then who are you?” Shouted the guards.

“Well, I am Sam, form a town named blue street!”

“What I’m going to say to king, another misunderstanding!”

“What’s happening, maybe I can help.” Said Sam.

Well, it’s a long story. About ten years ago, as you can see, you are one years old, right?” “Yeah, so?” “The king finally had a baby, but he lost it when the prince was 1. And the the is like a madman! Didn’t ate and didn’t drink.” “But where’s the queen?” Asked Sam. “Well, the queen is died since the prince was lost, and the king was more pain.”

“Wo!” So sad! Said Sam: “What a pity!”

“Yeah,” Said the guards: “After this, we try our best to bring the prince back but we can’t do it. Until just then, the birds bought you, looks very like the prince, then… You all know that.”

“Well… Will the prince back?” “Maybe, but the hope is very less because 10 years passed, said the guards: “Poor king!” “But never mind,” add guards: “We will send you back, no worry.”

“But what about the king!” cried Sam: “If I gone again, he may die!”

“Maybe, what who can change it!”

“Fine… I’ll back, thank you guys, it’s like a palace trip.” Said Sam, though his smiling was wry.

“Then bye guys, the birds are coming!” cried Sam: “See you!”

“Bye! Hope can see you again, if we can.” Said the guards, both facing and each other.

That’s what happen last night. Sam is still thinking about the poor king. “I must go for him!” thought Sam firmly,: “I must help the king! But me…” after Sam thought about himself, his decision is shaking: “I still have my mom, he thought. But when he thought about the poor king again, the more he thought, the he wants to help the king.

“Hi again!”

“What are you doing at, little boy?”

“I want to go back to the king!” cried the boy: I just want to save the king!

“Ok, but this is not kidding!” Shouted the birds.

The birds took Sam back to the castle and they met the king standing on the door side. “I knew you will back!” exclaimed the king: “I missed you so much! Boy!”

“Hi, my… “father”?”

“Will, so proud you can call me father again! Isn’t it, guards?”

“Yeah, yeah…” whispered the guards.


Many years passed by, and Sam grows up to a handsome young man. He is very rich and nice now. But he missed his mom.

One day, Sam sitting on the porch to look outside the window. The birds were all singing and flying on the trees and sky. “I missed mom so much.” Said Sam: “I wish I can see her again in my life. Whenever what…”

Just when he is thinking about, two huge birds flying toward him. Is that the birds who took him here? Thought Sam. And it is! They flew in the air as fast as they can. “What’s wrought?” thought Sam. As just as he can realize it, the birds shouting at him: “Why are you still standing here like a stone? Quick come up and go!”

“Where? I don’t go anywhere expect if I can see my mom.”

“Of course! We just going to see your mom!” cried the birds: “If you don’t go now, there will be no time!”

“Ok ok! What’s the world happening here?” thought Sam and he climbed up to the bird’s back. The birds suddenly flew to the air and flew away.

“Here we are!” quick get down in that house!”

Sam went toward in the house. No one was there. Only a few lights and furniture. What? Where’s my mom?” thought Sam more and more nerves. You finally came! Cried a woman, who walking down form the stairs.

“Who are you?” asked Sam, questioning.
“I’m your mom, your real mom! Don’t remembered me, your fellow?

“Well… short of.” Replied Sam, a bit of sorry for her.

“You…” said the woman, very sad and full of tears: “I wish I don’t have this son!”

“What…? But, I’m really Sam! You can’t do this, mom, though I didn’t saw you for many years!”

“Yeah… time passed…” mom sit on the chair, and humming to herself.

Sam don’t know how to do. Should he back now? But the king will… unless he gives up mom… How is he goanna do? Sam stopped thinking, and grabbed mom’s hand: “Come with me!”

“What? Are you crazy or ill, where to go?”

“Go to a place we can both happy and peaceful.” Said Sam, strongly. I must to!

“Wait! Slower! Shouted mom, when she is on the birds back: “Be clam boys! Slower! You know I can’t…” “Help…! Help…”

The old mom was a bit of ill of this. So when the birds arrived, Sam put her down and went inside to the king.

“Father,” said Sam: “You don’t know that I have an old friend lives at America? I took her here because she missed me barley to death! I’m sorry that I didn’t tell you…”

“It’s okay, my son. You are always awesome with your business.”

“Well, thanks! Should I take my friend to the room now?” Asked Sam, carefully, hope will not have any of fault. Will… Sam can’t think. He must shut his mom’s mouth and can’t tell the king otherwise the king will ill and goanna die again! Must pay attention…” thought Sam, calmly, like a person who was very wise.

“Mom, sorry to brought you here. But may you rest for a while first?”

“Of course, my son. Thought you hurts me, but I love you forever whenever what.”

“Great mom, but after that… We will have dinner!” said Sam.

“Sure, but can you tell me which place this is?”

“Well mom, you don’t have to know first, but… please have a rest and I’ll tell you later when it’s time. Please…”

“Ok…” replied mom, but not so happy the hear this, then lie down on the huge, soft bed and fall asleep very fast.


One year passed. Nothing has happened. Mom didn’t ask where is this place and didn’t bother anything. The king had saw mom before but Sam said it was her friend. Mom trust Sam and didn’t questioning anything to the king. And the king, didn’t said much to mom, either.

“What a nice day!” shouted mom, one nice warm day: “It must be the best place to fly a kite! Wondering my son was young, he loves to fly kite most…”

“Excuse me, mam,” said king: “Who is your son, can I ask?”
“Oh sure! He is Sam!” said mom.

After mom said this, Sam knew the thing is getting worse!

“Oh dear, I have a son, either, and his name is Sam too, so…” asked king, nervously.

“Oh well, it’s him! I’m sure!” and mom point to Sam, Sam try to hid away, but it was no use, the king already saw him.

“Oh oh! He is… your son, my…” then the king fall down to the ground and felt himself not confinable and sad. “Where’s my son……”

“Stop! Shouted Sam and ran to the king and his mom. He don’t know what to do! Will he blame his mom? Will the king be mad at him? Will the king kill us? Will the guards be punished if the king let us go…?” Sam have no idea at all.

“Sam, come over and let me take a look.” Said the king, weekly.

“Well, sure…” Said Sam, hopelessly and nerves.

“You lie to me? How come you dare, you are such a nice boy before, and I can’t understand…”

“Yeah, time passed quickly.” Replied Sam, carefully: “So what will I goanna do? Is stay here until you die or go away?”

“You can go away or stay, either. There’s many choices for you to go, boy.”

“Will, I’m going to stay with you with my mom!” Shouted Sam: “I won’t go!”
“Very well, well, you can stay and my money is yours. But your mom, she…”

“My father died a few years ago, and when I was here.”

“Okay, then I will marry your mom and we can be a family and you can be my step son!” exclaimed the king happily. Sam has never saw the king so happy before.

“Sure, but I need my mom’s decision…”

“Son, I will marry the king if he wants.” Said mom, slyly: “I already want to.”

“Yes!” delighted Sam: “We can be a family from now on!”

“That’s what I want so many years… wiped the king, his tears: “The marriage is as soon as possible!”

“Yes sir!” shouted the guards.

“Ha ha ha… everyone laughed and smiled.

The end!

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