The Seasons

by Aidan Wong


Flowers bloom and the grass glows green,

Birds chirp and insects fly, rejoicing for the spring,

The emerald meadow is a sight to be seen,

A song of nature the crickets and animals’ hearts sing!


An orange circle clings to the sky’s center,

The moon is nowhere to be seen,

Eternal day fills the long summer,

The trees, plants, and animals all wonder where the moon has been.


Autumn arrives in a rain of scarlet,

The great land shines orange and yellow,

Skies and clouds blush, admiring the beautiful sunset,

Trees and leaves make their post-show bow…


The chilly air blows through the white terrain,

Animals curl up in their cozy homes to avoid the cold,

Snowflakes drift through the winter skies in cover of rain,

Here and there a lone tree sticks out of the white carpet, ever so bold.


A spring to relax,

A summer to enjoy,

An autumn to marvel at,

A winter to chill out,

All these seasons,

All these sights,

All these seasons to preserve and treasure.




Smoke clouded the sky…..

Smoke clouded the sky. The Matawi screamed and shouted at their family to leave them and run. No one did. Each family held hands and prayed to the gods to save them and one by one, each family was devoured by the molten lava. Their skin erupted into flames and their bones into ash. Ali was crying. As little as she was she understood the meaning of death. Blip ran towards the running hot lava, hoping that everyone would somehow survive. Mama hugged Ali close to her and closed her eyes and stood still as the river of lava rushed forward to meet her. Papa was already gone. He was one of the fifty that adventured onto the volcano to check if everything was normal. He was one of the first that died. My entire family had embraced death. All except for me. Me, the only Matawi that didn’t believe in afterlife and gods. Everyone around me burst into flames. It was a cruel, evil ending of our people even though it will be probably painless. I looked around me. I was the last Matawi standing. I looked around me once again. Nothing was recognizable except for the volcano far away. I looked at the sea surrounding the island that was home. Many Matawi tried to swim but the sea gods did not favor us for we worshipped the gods of death and afterlife. Lava surrounded me at all sides. I closed my eyes and images of home, family and friends flashed before my eyes. I opened them again only to find nothing but darkness.


More of this amazing drama to come in Fall 2018 Inkspill…..


Sherry Chen


Earth’s Battle (poem)

Earth’s Battle


Death is sleeping in oceans of vies,

The trash littered seas a reminder of our nearing deaths,

Marine life strangled by death’s sneaky spies,

Souls ripped away before our eyes.


Death is housed beneath contaminated air,

Cars pumping poison into the skies,

Ravaging our bodies without a single care,

They slowly drag us into the living nightmare.


Katherine Zeng

Novel Excerpt

The shadows stretched till the end of the infinite hall, the tainted red sky reminding us that another day was about to pass, taking all our pains and worries away.

Only for it all to be doubled the next day.

She was the prey. Behind bars, with thousands of others, facing the same destiny as she did. So, she ran. In an accident with the Hooded Ones, she learned about the Dark War. The greed, temptation, cruelty that they tried to hide.

Her head bursts and throbs when she thinks of her past, before here, before she was captured, but something stops her. She needed to find out. Blood. Lust. Burning and burning in her skull. Why. Why? Why?!

“What do you want.” No alarm, no doubt. She wasn’t even surprised. Well, a little. But who would show that? Not to the sworn enemy of your life!

“Shouldn’t you beg me? To not rip you up? Or suck. You. Dry?” His smile. I want to rip it off.

“Go ahead. Kill me.”


More to follow in next year’s Inkspill


Stella Wu

What I saw probably would scar me for the rest of my life….

The day that the new girl came to school was the day that shocked everybody. The last words of Edward were “Juliet Grace will destroy the school”. He didn’t have a couple of seconds to finish his sentence before the principal dragged him out. Turns out that he was the brains. How did he predict the future? That was a mystery to be solved……..

Stay tuned for more of this amazing drama in next year’s INKSPILL!

Bessy Belay