Novel Excerpt

The shadows stretched till the end of the infinite hall, the tainted red sky reminding us that another day was about to pass, taking all our pains and worries away.

Only for it all to be doubled the next day.

She was the prey. Behind bars, with thousands of others, facing the same destiny as she did. So, she ran. In an accident with the Hooded Ones, she learned about the Dark War. The greed, temptation, cruelty that they tried to hide.

Her head bursts and throbs when she thinks of her past, before here, before she was captured, but something stops her. She needed to find out. Blood. Lust. Burning and burning in her skull. Why. Why? Why?!

“What do you want.” No alarm, no doubt. She wasn’t even surprised. Well, a little. But who would show that? Not to the sworn enemy of your life!

“Shouldn’t you beg me? To not rip you up? Or suck. You. Dry?” His smile. I want to rip it off.

“Go ahead. Kill me.”


More to follow in next year’s Inkspill


Stella Wu

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