The Seasons

by Aidan Wong

Flowers bloom and the grass glows green,
Birds chirp and insects fly, rejoicing for the spring,
The emerald meadow is a sight to be seen,
A song of nature the crickets and animals’ hearts sing!

An orange circle clings to the sky’s center,
The moon is nowhere to be seen,
Eternal day fills the long summer,
The trees, plants, and animals all wonder where the moon has been.

Autumn arrives in a rain of scarlet,
The great land shines orange and yellow,
Skies and clouds blush, admiring the beautiful sunset,
Trees and leaves make their post-show bow…

The chilly air blows through the white terrain,
Animals curl up in their cozy homes to avoid the cold,
Snowflakes drift through the winter skies in cover of rain,
Here and there a lone tree sticks out of the white carpet, ever so bold.

A spring to relax,
A summer to enjoy,
An autumn to marvel at,
A winter to chill out,
All these seasons,
All these sights,
All these seasons to preserve and treasure.

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