About Inkspill

Welcome all ISB MS students:


Created in 2011-2012, Inkspill is where we gather many fabulous art and writing pieces and create something very cool, known as the Middle School literary magazine. It’s a collection of poetry. Faraway fiction. Majestic artwork.

We publish anything you can think of and showcase your talent. Have fun. Loosen up and write or draw something! We are your voice. All middle schoolers are welcome to submit (and remember to make it PG). Even if you don’t, have a look at this blog. Check out the works of these writers and artists. You’ll be amazed. We’re fun people.

Feel free to ask questions and send in submissions to the Editor-in-Chiefs at inkspill@isb.bj.edu.cn.

Editor-in-Chiefs Isa P., Arden W., Claire L. and the rest of our Inkspill staff

P.S. the creative name “Inkspill” was founded by Maya L.

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