The Football Frenzy

By. Billy R

I don’t mean to brag but I happen to be Densel Robinsons final award-winning and lucky helmet.My color is blue and my friend Densel Robinson happens to be the best football player in the worlds universe right now.Football is my favourite sport also.He loves me more than anything and since I’ve been stuck on his head he hasn’t lost any matches with his team. The Boston Barells.The Boston barrels have been the best team this season and it’s running over.The last game of the season is not really far away and we have to win this if we want to take the trophy home for the 14th time.The barells love winning and then celebrating.Here in the U.S., the people that find out that someone won the go nuts.The team that will win becomes very famous and we have achieved that, 13 times.We want to go for a fourth but it’s hard the players are getting old and so is Densel. Densel said he will continue at least three years more. If and when he does I might become useless that’s one of the only things I’m afraid of.

I keep thinking about this problem and sometimes I think that no this can’t happen because I’m his lucky helmet, but some other times I think that he will throw me away and buy a new one when I become old.

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Madeleine’s Truth/Lie

Madeleine went down of the aquarium, the water was freezing but she soon adapted to the temperature. There were sharks swimming around her, she was really afraid, but the sharks did not bother her while she was coming down from the shore. She did not have the oxygen tank on her, she was just snorkeling. She saw a lot of kinds of fish, which she had never seen before.


Madeleine ate snails before, the first time she saw it, and it looked like caterpillars that have been smashed in to watery things. Her mother ate some, she told Madeleine that it tastes really good, and it has some things that can make your skin smother. So she ate one, and it tastes really rich and oily, but it was good.


Madeleine loves reading books; she reads a lot of books. One day, her mom told her that she needs to cell or donated some books to the poor families that live in the mountains. She was really sad that she had to give the books away that she enjoyed so much, but if it is going to be for the poor families, she think that it would be fine. She start getting out all the books that she doesn’t read much and there were a hundreds of them, and she still has more books at home. She has read almost thousands of books now!

This Is the End

By Andy W

It is the year 2012, the world is at risk. Our kind are falling under the hands of the so called “alien”.

Our was planet was striked by an meteorite 40 years ago, scientists say that it should have landed in the sea, and I guess there right. For those past 40 years, ships, cruises, fishing boats, summaries, and battleships had gone missing over the same place. Our top explorers have ventured deep within the massive plains of the sea. However none of them ever made it back, not a single one was spared…

And now, we finally know, now we have the answers, now it is too late the take act.

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