What Happened in the Heaven

Three gentlemen died during an accident. They both walked into heaven and met the God.


The God said: “You can do whatever you want, just make sure don’t step on a duck.”


“What happens if we do?”


“There will be punishments.” The God replied.


Three gentlemen walked into heaven. There were ducks everywhere on the road. The first gentleman stepped on a duck in 5 minutes.


“This is the punishment you will get,” The God brought an ugly woman over, “You two are chained together for the rest of your lives.”


Time passed away, the second gentleman stepped on a duck after 4 months. The God soon grabbed another ugly woman over: “You guys are chained forever together now.”


The last gentleman didn’t step on a duck for a whole year. Later on, the God brought a beautiful girl over: “I wish you guys good luck. Be together for the rest of your lives!”


The gentleman was so surprised, he exclaimed: “What did I do to deserve this?”


The beautiful girl replied: “I don’t know what you did, sir, but I stepped on a duck.”