Rat and Beetle Dragon Days

by Eagle J.

It is now weekend for Rat and Beetle but they are not resting. They are in the RIMSFEORI (Rodents and Insect School For Extra Ordinary Rodents and Insects.) They are insanely good at magic and have mastered 4,567 of the 6365 spells and can create a casting circle in 2.4 second the school record they are in 7th grade because they have skipped 2 grades. They are the best students in the whole school and this is what they are doing right now!

“Get up Rat!!!!” Beetle screamed on Saturday morning 6:32

“Wazza?!?! Beeetle!!!!!! I was sleeping!” Rat groaned.

“I found the spell to enchant a dragon! To make it small enough FOR US TO RIDE!! Beetle screamed.

“OMG!!!!!” Rat squealed “We’ve been looking for that since 2 rodent and insect years ago!”

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Sunrise, Sunset

By Rebecca C.

The start of a new day
The water is peaceful and tranquil
The smooth layer of sand untouched
The sun rises
Until it is high above my head
The water level increases
Tides pouring over the beach
Each grain of sand still sparkling
From the light coming from the sun
The peaceful day ends
The water becomes calm
But the layer of sand is scarred
Covered with footsteps everywhere
Waiting to be cleaned by the seawater at night

Tempted Because of Admiration

By Katrina C.

So golden yet beautiful,
The best jewelry in town.
And to admire it every day,
Would be the best dream of my life.
It is too spectacular,
Too hand it back to the owner.
But I apologize,
And make it clear,
That, please let me keep it,
So that I won’t steal anymore.


By Sherry T.

There she is, sitting on her doorsteps, trying to hold back her tears. There she is, burying her head in her arms, trying to get him out of her mind. It has been one, two, or three weeks like this – she just can’t remember. All she can do was thinking about him, him, and him. All her world was made out of was him, that stupid boy who left her all alone. All that she can think about is that night – when all he said was goodbye.

And she cried. She used to be the prettiest girl in the school, but that was when she was with him. She had beautiful blonde hair, with gray eyes, and everything was perfect about her. But that was what used to be. Now even she thought she was the ugliest person in the world. Who else can help? She was thinking, counting the stars in the skies, until someone appeared in her sight.

“Hey, beautiful girl. You look miserable, what’s going on?” A perfect and cute boy walked close.

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The Memory of The Cat

by Maya L.

Sitting on the windowsill
His eyes are dark with wonder
Day and night without a sound
What was the cat even thinking?
He watched the girl crying
And talking to her boyfriend on her phone
The cat knew all her secrets
Did the cat remember it all?
The cat who sat inside her room
While she cursed that girl at school
The cat who read her diary entry
About how stupid her boyfriend was
So really
What was in the memory of the cat?
Did he remember her test scores
Even as she desperately tried to hide them?
Did he remember the words spat
And how her voice shook with fury?
You don’t know what a cat remembers.
So don’t judge the memory of the cat.

Not Just A Normal Dining Hall

by Jeremiah L.

7 o’clock, the 42-inch plasma screens TV ticks and the black screen lights up and a live recording of the news on channel 22, CCTV.  The electronic calendar on the wall flips rapidly to the date and announced like a train station speaker, November 28th, 2044. After fifteen minutes of news reporting, multiple screens pops up in front of every chair in front of the TV and showing an electronic menu for elegant and tasty breakfast choices. Five minutes of dead silence as if the loudest noise would be a feather slowly floating down the floor and the voice from the screens synchronized and said, “Mrs. Jackson and Mr. Jackson if you don’t have a choice on what be served for breakfast, and we’ll cook our best for you.” The refrigerator and freezer automatically flung out and multiple skinny but sturdy electronic hands showed up from holes on the hole to grab food out of the refrigerator.

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Would You Still Love Me

by Olivia T.

 Would you love me
If I was a book?
An old fairytale story
That most gave one look?
Would you love me yet
If I was a rose?
Adding to the sunset
With a graceful pose?
Would you love me still
If I was a river?
Flowing down the hill
Like a thin silver sliver?
Would you love me, gurl
If I was a winter?
Snow that’s like pearl
In the cold would you linger?
Would you still love me
Because I would
Forever and no matter what
I would still love you.