We have finally completed the 2013-2014 Inkspill Magazine! (we thought we were never going to finish it). Anyways here is the digital copy of our final Inkspill Magazine.


(Sorry, Maya. We messed up your cover and then we messed up your apology)

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.21.08 AM

(^ this is the cover Maya designed)

(Also we mis-credited Chloe H. with Elizabeth Z’s piece Once Upon A Time)

(Jamie, Naina, and Winnie died in the process of completing this task)



She spent her days in the library,

Hidden behind her daily choice of fairytales in her normal nook.

She could draw and she could sing.

People always admired the doodles she drew on her notebooks.

She was the tall 5 pm streetlights during summer,

Some would notice that they were on too early in the day,

The rest would’ve seen the lights as part of the sorbet colored sky,

Blended into the warm summer like background colors.

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All The Things I Am


I am from hiding under the gasping mountain of bed sheets, the cramped humid bathroom sink, and the highest shelf of the seemingly endless walk in closet.
I am from apple ear buds listening to Childish Gambino on full blast so the world can’t reach me.
I am from playing ghost in the graveyard, spit, and all hail Chairman Mao until frustration kicks in and cards go flying.


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Never thought I’d sink down this low,

I’m an anchor while everyone else is on the boat.


Never thought I’d be treated this way,

I’m thrown out to sea every single day.


Never thought I’d see the bottom of the ocean,

I’m constantly choking on desolation.


Never thought I’d see such vicious fish in the sea,

I’m scared as hell but I can’t flee.

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