Holiday in Bintan Island by Audrey D.

Last summer holiday I went to Bintan Island in Indonesia with my family. The island we visited was too small so it didn’t have an airport, so we choose to flied to Singapore first, then used the boat. There is hundred people in the boat, and the seat was all full. No one got seasick, the whole journey was nice. We only traveled in the boat one hour, but we took a lot of time on the customs formalities.

When we got into the hotel, it was dinner time. We went to a restaurant in the hotel. The food was so delicious. I ate the Nasi goreng kampung (fried rice), the Ayam bumbu rujak Yogyakarta (pepper roast chicken), Lumpia Semarang (like spring roll, it had shrimp and bamboo shoots in it), and the drink Es dawet ayu Banjarnegara (made by palm sugar and coconut milk). My sister’s favorite was the Kue lumpur Jakarta (coconut pancake), she was glad it didn’t have gluten in it, because she was allergic to gluten, and I thought that it was too sweet to me. That restaurant was built on a lake. When the night was coming, all the lights at the lakeshore were turned on. Many people were enjoying the landscape. During the daytime, my mum and I played dugout canoe at the lake, it was fun. My mother and I were in the boat and we always collided with other boats.

After we played the dugout canoe, we decided to swim at the swimming pool. The swimming pool had a net, we can play a mini water volleyball game. The water around the water volleyball’s deepness was about 120 centimeters, people can easily stand on the floor under the water. But unfortunately, in the summer holiday there had too many people in this hotel, usually we woke up late when we only stayed at the hotel in the daytime so every time when we came to that place, there’s always some people already playing with that net before we.

At the last day of the trip, we stayed at the breach in the whole morning. The sea breeze is blow gently, the sun was shining and the sea wave was reflecting the sunshine. My dad was tired, he found a hammock in the hotel breach management and borrowed it to sleep on. My sister and I were playing the sand to make a sandcastle. In the noon, we went back to the Singapore by the boat that same with the one that we came to Bintan Island. In the afternoon, we flied back to Beijing by plane from Singapore.

20 Fun Facts for Harry Potter that will Knock You Off Your Broom by Catherine C

1. The very first Harry Potter book was published in 1998, the year the battle of Hogwarts took place.
2. Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger unite the three different Ollivander wand cores.
3. After Harry defeated Voldemort he lost the ability to speak Parseltongue
4.Draco attended Fred Weasley’s funeral
5. The first and last words we ever hear Dobby utter are ‘Harry Potter’
6.Dementors are a metaphor for mental illness
7.Snape was the only one who knew how things would end
8.Draco Malfoy is quarter Vela
9.Professor McGonagall was a quiddich player in her Hogwarts ages
10.Tom Felton had not read any of the Harry Potter book before auditioning for the role of Draco Malfoy
11.Muggles can’t make potions
12. J.K. Rowling says the sorting hat only made 7 mistakes, one of them was placing Severus Snape in Slytherin
13.Greggory Lockhart was in Ravenclaw
14.Severus Snape’s last words were “look at me”, to see Lily’s eyes once more.
15.Peeves were never shown in the movies
16.Both Harry and Dumbledore possessed all 3 of the deathly hallows
17.Harry Potter personally destroyed only one of Voldemort’s horcruxes
18.The snake Harry Potter let free in the 1st book was actually Nagani (One of Voldemort’s horcrux)
19.The actor for Albus Dumbledore died shortly before the release of “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” so they had to find a new Dumbledore.