The Dreamy Journey by Emma B



Battling pirates

With a gleaming bronze sword

In my small paw

Pricking them

Off the plank

Driving the old ship

To a wondrous paradise


Suddenly on

A battle plane

Dodging bullets

Soaring above the clouds

Fluffier than my fur

Diving towards Earth

Wondering: Is this the end?

Praying with my small might

That I may be spared


In a muddy jungle

Watching for snakes

And spiders

And such

The cool breeze

Ruffles my fur

Puffing it out

Like a football pom-pom

Then, I’m sinking




Desperately mewing

As the quick sand grabs me

Pulling me lower

As if I was its prey

I take my last breath

As the sand pulls me under

The light fading


Beautiful music

Fills my tiny ears

A pearly marble floor

So slick

I almost slipped

A charming tom kitten

By my side

As if he thought I was really there

With him

Falling backwards

Into an icy cold fountain

Drenching my fur



The sand storm

It raged

Stinging my eyes

Beyond kitten belief

Toppling sideways

Hitting the burning

Yet comfortingly soft


Rattlesnake eyes peer

From under the sand

Emerging to show

It’s beautiful

Yet deadly



Drawing nearer

My life seemed gone

Lashing out

Fangs bearing

Death near


Flowers blooming

Bees buzzing

Birds chirping

Fairies roamed

Making tiny tinkling noises

Music to my fragile ears

Scenting honey and flowers

If beauty had a scent

That would be it

Mother lay

In a grove

Her sweet milk scent

Drifting in the air

Padding closer

Closer to love

To hope

And wonder

On my soft bed

Cuddling with my toy

Back home at last

From my amazing adventure




Rose Meditative by Emma B


High above the Earth
Watching over her land
Mother Nature saw it’s worth
Hidden as a mere rose

With clouds drifting above
She shed a joyful tear
For it was a symbol of love
To the land of which she was most proud

The mother looked upon
A loving couple in the light
Of her lowering sun
For love is a thing she vowed to adore

Forever more.

Alone Under The Bed by Emma B

The blanket frowned,
As another dust bunny crept closer like a tiptoeing tiger
Not making a sound.
Under the bed for nine months.

The blanket was soft and there
So why, she pondered, am I alone?
Remembering the years of care
Being a super-girl cape that fluttered in the air
An invisibility cloak to hide from mom
Warmth to cuddle at night.

A long lost friend, the blanket thought.

The blanket yearned,
not knowing
That she was loved… a lot!
Not just a lost toy.

But for now,
She was gone, the blanket knew



Playground by Daniel K.

The playground,
Rides are clean and sturdy,
The slides are fun and thrilling.
Swing sets that flies cheerfully,
Seesaw bounces fearfully.
Monkey bars are stable.
Everything here is beautiful.

But my playground,
My playground is…

My playground has rides that are,
Old, unstable and rusty,
Trees dead and ugly,
Haunted by dead souls.
Monkey bars are greasy,
Teeter Totters so dangerous,
Might make your backbone break,
When you are landing.
Everything in here,
Everything in my playground,
Is haunted and deangerous

Crushed by Daniel K

I’m crushed,
Crushed so hard,
I can’t have any crush.

I’m crushed like a piece of gum,
I’m stamped like a piece of gum,
I’m chewed like a piece of gum,
Although I’m torn like a piece of gum,
I’m tough like a piece of gum.

I’m crushed in a wine press,
I’m stamped in a wine press,
I’m chewed like a grape,
Although I’m torn in the wine press,
I produce wine in the wine press.

I’m crushed like rice cake,
I’m stamped like rice cake,
I’m chewed like rice cake,
Although I’m torn like rice cake,
I’m tough like a rice cake.

I’m crushed like a human,
I’m stamped like a human,
I’m wanted like a human,
After being torn like a human,
I toughen like a human.

Ctrl + H by Daniel K.

Ctrl + H

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve moved to Tokyo, Japan,
Said hello to my peers in
Himamori Nursery School,
Since I’ve watched the animation of
Magic School bus,
Before I knew how to say
Said hello to my friend Chihuahua,
Since I’ve went to Disney Land,
Since I’ve left Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
I had a friend from Guatemala,
Said hello to my friends in
Kindergarten of Munhwa,
Since I’ve walked in to the
Munhwa Elementary School,
I’ve stopped watching Magic School bus
Because I forgot English,
Since I had my first Korean class,
Since I had my first Chinese class,
Since I had my first Taekwondo class
Since I went back to Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
A bee stung me near the eye,
I’ve became a bee’s knee,
Since I’ve been through bullying,
Since the time I spoke fluent Japanese,
Since my hair became grease
After basketball practice,
Since I’ve stopped crying,
Since I learnt boxing,
Since I became more athletic,
Since I became the bully,
Since I heard lewd things from my homies,
Since I left the
Saint Mary’s International Boy School
And went to China.

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve tasted the bad air of China,
I climbed the Great Wall of China,
Since I realized bullying can’t protect me,
Since I learnt how to talk to girls,
Since I knew the boys in ISB
Were more humane,
Since I figured I was insane,
Since I found interest in humanities,
Since I realized that
Girls can be crueler than boys,
Since I realized I am cruel,
Since I forgot what my dreams were,
Since I slept nights without dreams,
Since I had dreary, eerie dreams,
Since I became has freaky
As Beverly Cleary,
Since I loved rap songs,
Since I hated GAP shirts,
Since I stood up against bullies,
Since I found out I was strong,
Since I found out bullies ain’t strong,
Since I became Dr. Koo,
Since I joined Futures Academy
Because I wanted to learn from Mr. Sostak
Because I wanted to be with Kyle,
Because I wanted to be with Etsuko, Miles,
Since I became more like a man.

I will be writing this since
The Future,
This writing is

Freedom by Etsuko N.

People call me a dancer.
I travel all around the world jumping, spinning, leaping and most of all, I have freedom.
I can feel the salty water between my fins,
sniffing the fresh air as I jump,
listening to my friends whistle while I dance.
As I see the sun setting off, I knew it was time to go home.
I swam back under the water leaping and turning through the hoops,
I noticed that I have more freedom then others.

Poyo by Etsuko N

April 19, 2016

Jumping at the top of her lungs,

She made it.

As her heart beats as fast as a turbo,

She runs towards her target again.


Who was her target?

Was it a mouse?

A bird?

A chicken?

Who was it?

It was a string of yarn,

Lying across the room innocently.


She sprints as fast as she could and


She crashed into a chair.

She started spinning like a ballerina,

All she could see were stars spinning around her head.

Suddenly a red spark caught her eyes.


It was a circular red light

moving across the ground.

She had found her next target.

As she followed the red light around the house, CRASH!

She slammed into a wall.

While she was getting up, her nose caught her attention.


She could smell cat food.

After that entire running, she could finally take a rest.

Her owner handed her a bowl of cat food,

She sniffed it and gobbled it all up.

Now she is full of energy.

Something else caught her attention,

She now has another target.