When the Sun Sets

By Ashley W.

Artwork by Jeana W. (Grade 9)

She stares at her feet, the flowing skirts of her white dress rising with the movement of her knees as she climbs up the rocky steps. The rocks are surprisingly even, the warm temperature the outcome of the afternoon sun’s rays. She shields her eyes with her hand, squinting into the sunlight of the setting sun. ‘Almost there,’ she thinks. The contrast between the cliff and the sun peeking from behind it is amazing, and for a moment she regrets not bringing her camera. She can’t help letting out a sigh, wondering if she would be able to print the photos later, even if she’d remembered to bring it. Quickening her pace, she soon reaches the top of the cliff. Continue reading “When the Sun Sets”


By Jessica W.

I’d be better off dead.

But I’m a coward, and I can’t do it. I’ve tried countless ways, countless times, but I keep on backing away. Leaping back to safety, clutching at something, dumping the glass down the sink, somehow rescuing myself from something that I do want, badly. I just can’t bring myself to let go of this world, even though I’m hardly attached to it anymore. It seems so unfair that I’m not even allowed this one last wish. Continue reading “Nocturne”

The Golden Peacock

By Katrina C.

In the debonair ballroom, glamorous people were dancing happily in gowns and tuxedoes. The bustling group of people tumultuously enjoyed their night to celebrate the future queen and king’s marriage. As a gift from the high merchants of the king, there laid a miraculously fine golden and bejeweled peacock in the center of the room. It was protected with fine bullet proof glass and a high, shimmering, golden platform for it to glisten. The room was covered in fine golden linings and elegant, eye catching designs hung in the walls. The room was big and could hold even hundreds and hundreds of guests. Continue reading “The Golden Peacock”