2014 – 2015 Staff


Arden W. – Chocolate. Stuffed Animals. Yoga.

Claire L. – VIP. One of a Kind. Doodle.

Isa P. – Disney. Jelsa. Baggles (bah-ggels).


Agnes S. –

Albert H. – Band of Brothers. BB guns. Murica.

Alex B. Reading. Cookies. Soccer.

Alex S. – Lord of The Ring. Ice Hockey. Murica.

Alyssa A. – Writer. Reader. Singer.

Andrew W. –

Anita D. – Reading. Anti-Directioner. Television.

Anthony W. – Volleyball. Skiing. Hockey.

Catherine L. – Supernatural. Ideas. Sketch.

Chloe A. – Harry Potter. Sketching. Reading.

Elizabeth Z. – Lazy. Eating. Weird.

Evan S. – Hello Kitty Glasses. Bass Guitar, Drawing.

Gary H. –

Hannah B. – Reading. Books. Ross Gellar.

Hannah J. – Orca. A Little Princess. Caramel.

Hyo Jin K. – Swimming. Drawing. Brownies.

James W. – Shadow. Broken. Silence.

Jared M. – Drawing. Legos. Tacos.

Jenny S. – Singing. Tennis. Drawing.

Jing Jing Y. – One Direction. Badminton. Books.

Joanne T. – Sleepy. Lucky. Sweet-Tooth.

Jonathan Z. – Reading. Golf. French Fries.

Kp M. –

Madeleine Y. – Reader. Gaming. Food.

Maryanne H. – Harry Potter. Book of Time. Badminton.

Nathan Z. – Bookworm. Starcraft. Eating.

Nicholas H. – Swimming. Running. Television.

Nicholas Z. – Dumb. Pease. Sad.

Rachel K. – Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter. Korea.

Sally K. – Fashion. Friends. Music.

Shawn T. – Table Tennis. Pizza. Gaming.

Soye J. – Friends. Food. Books.


Mr. Herzberg – Arden. Claire. Isa.



2013 – 2014 staff 


Henny H. – 小胜利. tumblr. Travel.

Jamie J. – Reading. Earphones. Outrageously Large, Warm, Comfortable Sweatshirts.

Naina K. – Lord of the Rings. Books. Learning.

Winnie S. – Murder. All Time Low. Air.


Aiko M. – Broccoli. Internet. Art.

Alan K. – Doctor Who. Fall Out Boy. Sherlock.

Alex L. – Eat. Sleep. Procrastinate.

Anna L. – Milky Way. Poptropica. MC D’s fries.

Brightney P. – Anime. Doodling. Alley Cat.

Cece Q. – Manga. Anime. Imagination.

Chloe H. – Vampire Dairies. Harry Potter.

Emma X. – Doctor Who. Fall Out Boy. Sherlock.

Emerson W. – Fiction Writing. Anime Drawing. Basketball.

Ethan M. – Cats. Steam. Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Evan S. – Minecraft. Graphic Novel Creation. Hiking.

Gabby A. – Harry Potter. Hunger Games. Doodling.

Hyoree K. – Vampire Dairies. Being Korean.

James W. – Edge. Chronicles. Diary of the Wimpy Kid.

Jessica F. – Doctor Who. Adventure Time. Supernatural.

Kanbra A. – Manga. Amnesia. Fairytales.

Linnea A. – Supernatural. Animals. Tumblr.

Mike B. – Being Korean.

Ryan S. – Tanks. War. Death.


Mr. Herzberg

2012 – 2013 staff 
Trinette W. – Cats. Pranks. Harry Potter.
Story Managers
Katty C. – Silliness. Complicatedness. Sugar-highs. 
Vivian Z. – Friends. Dogs. Philosophy.
Michelle Z. – One Piece. Books. Death. 
Abbi J. –
Ashley W. – 
Brandon Z. – Games. Sports. Books.
Calia Z. – Books. Purple. Fantasy.
Emma X. –
Henry T. – Warrior cats. Games. TV.
Jamie J. – Daydreams. Fantasy. Puppies.
Jessie W. – Dreams. Ocean. Sky.
Jing Jing Y. –
Kathy L. – Books. Death. Blood.
Keith L.
Kevin Z. – Games. Books. TV.
Max Z. – Happiness. Pets. Books. 
Nicole B. –
Raee S. – 
Sayde P. – Soccer. Divergent. Family.
Stephanie D. –
Vivian S. – Vampires. Blood. Death.
Mr. Herzberg
Mr. Carter



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