Playground by Daniel K.

The playground,
Rides are clean and sturdy,
The slides are fun and thrilling.
Swing sets that flies cheerfully,
Seesaw bounces fearfully.
Monkey bars are stable.
Everything here is beautiful.

But my playground,
My playground is…

My playground has rides that are,
Old, unstable and rusty,
Trees dead and ugly,
Haunted by dead souls.
Monkey bars are greasy,
Teeter Totters so dangerous,
Might make your backbone break,
When you are landing.
Everything in here,
Everything in my playground,
Is haunted and deangerous

Crushed by Daniel K

I’m crushed,
Crushed so hard,
I can’t have any crush.

I’m crushed like a piece of gum,
I’m stamped like a piece of gum,
I’m chewed like a piece of gum,
Although I’m torn like a piece of gum,
I’m tough like a piece of gum.

I’m crushed in a wine press,
I’m stamped in a wine press,
I’m chewed like a grape,
Although I’m torn in the wine press,
I produce wine in the wine press.

I’m crushed like rice cake,
I’m stamped like rice cake,
I’m chewed like rice cake,
Although I’m torn like rice cake,
I’m tough like a rice cake.

I’m crushed like a human,
I’m stamped like a human,
I’m wanted like a human,
After being torn like a human,
I toughen like a human.

Ctrl + H by Daniel K.

Ctrl + H

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve moved to Tokyo, Japan,
Said hello to my peers in
Himamori Nursery School,
Since I’ve watched the animation of
Magic School bus,
Before I knew how to say
Said hello to my friend Chihuahua,
Since I’ve went to Disney Land,
Since I’ve left Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
I had a friend from Guatemala,
Said hello to my friends in
Kindergarten of Munhwa,
Since I’ve walked in to the
Munhwa Elementary School,
I’ve stopped watching Magic School bus
Because I forgot English,
Since I had my first Korean class,
Since I had my first Chinese class,
Since I had my first Taekwondo class
Since I went back to Japan.

I’ve been writing this since
A bee stung me near the eye,
I’ve became a bee’s knee,
Since I’ve been through bullying,
Since the time I spoke fluent Japanese,
Since my hair became grease
After basketball practice,
Since I’ve stopped crying,
Since I learnt boxing,
Since I became more athletic,
Since I became the bully,
Since I heard lewd things from my homies,
Since I left the
Saint Mary’s International Boy School
And went to China.

I’ve been writing this since
I’ve tasted the bad air of China,
I climbed the Great Wall of China,
Since I realized bullying can’t protect me,
Since I learnt how to talk to girls,
Since I knew the boys in ISB
Were more humane,
Since I figured I was insane,
Since I found interest in humanities,
Since I realized that
Girls can be crueler than boys,
Since I realized I am cruel,
Since I forgot what my dreams were,
Since I slept nights without dreams,
Since I had dreary, eerie dreams,
Since I became has freaky
As Beverly Cleary,
Since I loved rap songs,
Since I hated GAP shirts,
Since I stood up against bullies,
Since I found out I was strong,
Since I found out bullies ain’t strong,
Since I became Dr. Koo,
Since I joined Futures Academy
Because I wanted to learn from Mr. Sostak
Because I wanted to be with Kyle,
Because I wanted to be with Etsuko, Miles,
Since I became more like a man.

I will be writing this since
The Future,
This writing is

Sadako By Daniel K


Physically getting weaker,

Heart and soul becomes wearier.

Everyday my hopes are dashing,

Solemnly hopes for healing,

Glimmer of hope blown away,

Just like my country, Japan,

Blown from the Nitrogen Bomb.

Fear lurking behind me,

A shadow behind the apple tree.

Cold lump of fear in my stomach,

So stone cold it makes your brain freeze,

Makes your whole body ache,

Disemboweling pain.

Surge of pain,

Surge of dashed hopes,

Washes over me.

Lord, please take me,

I’m already all ready.

My eyes closes,

For the final time,

Like the curtains in the theater closing.

Thousand paper cranes take me to a place,

Where there is no pain.

Pain is over,

So is my life.

No pain again,

No pain no gain equal lies.


This is my cry,

Cries of the thousand cranes.

Meth by Daniel K

“Is this a dream…?” I asked my self, stretching out the soft, white blanket that were covering up my whole body.

“Where am I? A hospital?” I said, guaranteeing myself that the place was a hospital by observing the appearance of the room. An entirely white edifice with a million rooms filled with beds and pharmaceutical tools=A hospital. I searched around the room, finding ‘the thing’ until an enormous vortex opened behind me, from another dimension. I stared at the vortex, with my mouth gaped as a peculiar creature walked out of the vortex.

“Hello, Mr. Culkin.” The creature said, walking towards me. The creature had a body of a man, was wearing a suit and a tie. The creature had a halo floating, glowing on top of his head.

“Who are you, and how did you know my name?” I tried to commence an interrogation.

“I know your name because I was sent from the big guy to take you to the heaven” said the creature in the suit. Then there was an awkward silence. I was dead. I tried to think of why and how but I couldn’t remember anything. I finally opened my mouth after about a quarter of a minute of thinking.

“Am I really dead? Am I going to the underground?” I asked the creature, feeling timorous.

“Yes you are dead indeed. However I don’t know whether you are going to heaven or hell, its the big guy’s choice,” said the creature smiling.

“My name is Azrael, Azrael Grim Reaper, one of the angels of death,” the creature, Azrael continued.

“Can you tell me some big events or things that you remember the most?” Azrael said. When Azrael asked me the question, memories started to come back and I spoke

“I remember the time when I moved to a new house for the first time, being the new kid in the school. I also remember the time when I got my first girlfriend, Scarlett, who was extremely gorgeous. When my parents congratulated me for getting into college, although it wasn’t a college that I can boast about. I remember the time when I bought my first car, driving with my new girlfriend Amber. I also remember…”

“Its funny how you don’t remember why you are dead!” said Azrael, snickering.

“What…?” I said in a clueless voice.

“The thing that you found in the cupboards,” said Azrael, giving me a hint. Then I averted my eyes from Azrael and took a glance at the thing in my hands.

“This…?” I said with my voice trembling like a leaf about to fall off a tree.

“Yes,” said Azrael, “the thing that you spent most of your time on.”

“Meth…” Azrael and I said simultaneously, as I felt myself get sucked into the vortex.

It is Time to Sleep by Daniel K

The bloody, raw flesh,

Commences to change its phase

turning into

White, juicy, and scrumptious meat.

The animal wiggles for dear life.

The desperation to save itself

and future generations,

Forms into spastic strength.

A One Last Almighty Buck

But fails to escape.


On the sizzling gridiron,

it senses the white-hot tongues of flame,

licking its body

slowing down, dripping down.

As the sauce splashes on top,

It senses the burning from the heat, spice, and desire to live.


The step towards death comes closer.

Every time it inhales and exhales,

It feels its gills filling with less life.


“It is time to sleep…”


The mother fish cries

A solemn tune

too exhausted from her struggle to save

her eggs.

Eyes close for an eternal sleep.