By Elizabeth Z

Clueless Depressing,

Regret Pain.

Broken Shadowed,


Only a reminder of Darkness

The Dark Night

Artwork by Branimir Jaredic


By Stephanie Marie Pace

Walking down the steep hill, I looked away from the empty, dark, dark side.

I have always hated the darkness. There was no light other than my weak flashlight and Anna’s strong one.

“The movie sucked!” We said, trying to distract ourselves.

“Yeah I know! It sucked!” Stephanie G. agreed.

“Don’t forget the special plans!” Anna said. Continue reading “The Dark Night”


By Chelsea Liu

Artwork by Trinette W. (Grade 8)
Darkness falls
The starry cloak
Veils the world
In mist
The day is a dream
And I slumber with
My eyes
Sinking into shadows
I live in the night
And the night lives inside
My mind
I haunt the alleys
Whispers in
A silent street
Tiptoe down my spine
A soft confession
Scared of the light
And afraid
To let go
Of the darkness within