Freedom by Etsuko N.

People call me a dancer.
I travel all around the world jumping, spinning, leaping and most of all, I have freedom.
I can feel the salty water between my fins,
sniffing the fresh air as I jump,
listening to my friends whistle while I dance.
As I see the sun setting off, I knew it was time to go home.
I swam back under the water leaping and turning through the hoops,
I noticed that I have more freedom then others.

Poyo by Etsuko N

April 19, 2016

Jumping at the top of her lungs,

She made it.

As her heart beats as fast as a turbo,

She runs towards her target again.


Who was her target?

Was it a mouse?

A bird?

A chicken?

Who was it?

It was a string of yarn,

Lying across the room innocently.


She sprints as fast as she could and


She crashed into a chair.

She started spinning like a ballerina,

All she could see were stars spinning around her head.

Suddenly a red spark caught her eyes.


It was a circular red light

moving across the ground.

She had found her next target.

As she followed the red light around the house, CRASH!

She slammed into a wall.

While she was getting up, her nose caught her attention.


She could smell cat food.

After that entire running, she could finally take a rest.

Her owner handed her a bowl of cat food,

She sniffed it and gobbled it all up.

Now she is full of energy.

Something else caught her attention,

She now has another target.

Story Pitch, Real Story by Etsuko N

I have this incredible idea for a short story. By reading “The Dairy of Ma Yan” and the notes from the interview of Miss Jenny Zhang. I was able to interview Miss Jenny, I found out that Miss Jenny’s story was kind of like Ma Yan story. For example they both live in a village. So let’s imagine this for the short story:


Miss Jenny is 29, she’s from Shandong and her family is still in Shandong. She came to Beijing in 2008 so that she can learn how to be a teacher, she went to Beijing Normal University. After university a boy needed a tutor and she found out that he studies in The International School of Beijing. That was her first time knowing that there was a school called ISB. When she got home she researched about ISB and she found out that ISB is different then the local schools that she taught. Then she decided to teach education of teleology in ISB. When it was her first day at ISB she didn’t have much friends and she couldn’t communicate well with the students and teachers because English is not her first language. She started practicing, practicing and practicing English, 3 months later she improved on her English


I think the theme is you should never give up and if you keep on trying you will achieve your goal. This story is a real and Miss Jenny is one of the staffs in ISB. I’m sure that English was everyone’s first languages was English, but imagine English wasn’t your first language and you have to learn because of your job. How would you feel?


Do you have any questions or can I give you a copy of my story next week?



Because of Family by Etsuko N

I’m practicing ballet everyday.

I’m going to a ballet competition.

“You have to believe in yourself.”

This is the moment I’ve been waiting for.


On my first day of practicing, my tall, kind teacher, Miss Chen, told me that the competition would be on July 28th, 2012 before she started to teach me the dance that I would need to perform for the judges. At first it was pretty hard, but after more practicing I had gotten a lot better.

“I know it’s hard and I know that you’re nervous but if you keep on trying I know that you will succeed,” said Miss Chen, comforting me.

“Thank you Miss Chen. I will do my best!” I replied, a little comforted.

After a few weeks of practicing I needed to go to different places in Hong Kong to work with different teachers and students. I practiced at home, at the studio, and sometimes I even practiced in my head in a shopping mall. I would hear the music playing in my head and imagine that I was wearing a tutu while I was dancing.


It was the day of the competition, and I was so nervous and excited. My caring family was there to support me, and they made me believe in myself. They also gave me courage, for example by always being there for me.

“Are you nervous?” asked the other competitor.

“A little.” I replied. “You?”

“I’m so nervous!” she replied.


Finally it was my turn. This was the moment that I’ve been waiting for. The music started playing and as my feet started to move, I started to feel much more powerful, feeling like I could do anything. Even though I couldn’t see where my family was sitting, I knew that they would be sitting somewhere watching me dancing and feeling really proud of me. I finished my post, then curtsied and ran off the stage.


At last it was over and I couldn’t wait to see my score. While we were waiting to see my results, I was starving, so we had dinner. We consumed spaghetti Bolognese, beef stack and vegetables. The tantalizing smells coming from the other tables made my mouth water, and when the food arrived, I ate very quickly but politely and I ate a lot, too! After dinner we left the restaurant to see my results. I was so scared that I thought that I would heave up my beef stack. I might get a bad score, but I had to believe in myself, just like my ballet teacher had said. Eventually, I saw my score. I score was 87 the highest was 100. It was better than I expected, but I wanted to do better next time.

The next ballet class I showed Miss Chen my results and she was very pleased. I was also really proud of myself and I knew that I couldn’t have done it without her, my family and my own dedication.



Where I’m From by Etsuko N

I am from dancing ballet,
from 4 hours and 20 minutes a week.
I am from stretching my leg muscles, painful at first but leading to
happiness when I dance.

I am from playing golf with my dad,
from standing in the right position
and trying again every time I fail.
I am from doing everything step by step,
“Do it step by step or else your ball will not go far.”

I am from watermelon,
and from its energy.
I am from the sweetness
the watery crunch
in a juicy bite.

I am from Flora Zeta,
from the first Asian Chinese ballerina
to enter The Royal Ballet School.
I am from winning the Adeline Geńee Awards,
and from being one of her students.

I am from Arianna Grande and her acting,
from the TV show Nickelodeon.
From being one of the character in Sam and Kat,
and Victorious.

I am from who I am the person I’ve always been.
Dancing ballet, playing golf, watermelon, Flora Zeta and Arianna Grande.
My influences
My passions