This story is basically “Three Little Pigs” written backwards by Jonathan Luo

The End


This story is basically “Three Little Pigs” written

 backwards. See if you can comprehend everything!


And Obese lived happy, every after. The wolf was about to run away as fast as he could, but before he knew it, Obese reached for his tail, and ate him up. However, to his surprise, out came a giant, fat pig, even bigger than the wolf was himself.  Then, for the third time, the wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Obese replied, “Nobody home,” as he was climbing onto the bed. The wolf knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” He was about to go to sleep after the 50000-calorie dessert after his 100000-calorie dinner, when he heard the wolf’s footsteps near his house. Meanwhile, Obese was making a home out of wheat grass, his least favorite food, because he couldn’t help eating every other material. However, the wolf was still hungry, so he went searching for more food.


And the wolf ate up Chubby with two gulps, since one was not enough to swallow him whole. The wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Chubby replied, “Nobody home,” and continued to eat his 20000-calorie dinner.  Soon, when the wolf came by Chubby’s house, he knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” Meanwhile, Chubby was making his house made of straws. After a nap, the wolf became hungry again, so he started to look for some more food.


And the wolf ate up Fat with one gulp. The wolf got infuriated, and started huffing, and puffing, and blew the house down. Fat replied, “Nobody home,” and continued to eat his 10000-calorie lunch. When he saw that a pig was inside, he knocked on the door and said, “Anybody home?” One day, a hungry wolf came. The first pig made a house made of straw.


So out went Fat with three tons of food, Chubby with six tons of food, and Obese with twelve tons of food. One day, when the three pigs were old enough, the mom decided that the pigs should move out of the house. And the last was named Obese. Another was named Chubby. One pig was named Fat. Once upon a time, there were three little pigs.









My Diary

By Jenny S

February 15th 2015

Dear Diary,

I have a band, called The Sirens. I am the leader; Jenny Song and my band mates are Mai-Ling Darbyshire and Jennifer Coster. Anyway, today we were practicing for our performance at the Sydney Opera House when my phone rang.

“Get it!” Mai-Ling shouted. I rolled my eyes and looked at the screen, and my mouth was a practical O-shape. Apparently it was my ex-boyfriend, Owen Bubeck. I answered my phone.

“Yo Jen, Sup?” Owen was all like. You know he hasn’t called me Jen for 6 years. In case you were wondering, I’m about 16 years old now.

“Fine Owen. Why did you call me? I thought we broke up.”

“Yeah but I’m coming to the Sydney Opera House to see your performance”

“Oh OK.” I hung up and turned around.

“Who was it?” Jennifer asked.

“Apparently Owen my ex says he’s coming to see our performance.” I did a neck-roll in disgust. Mai-Ling looked at me smugly.

“Oooooh, this will be a chance for you to sing ‘Sorry Owen’ to him.” She grabbed my guitar and shoved it at me. I strummed it and sang.

Just close your eyes, the moon is rising now. You’ll be all right, I won’t hurt you now. Come on daylight, you and I’ll be safe and sound.” I sang. Mai-Ling and Jennifer were giggling as I sang.



February 20th 2015

Dear Diary.

We didn’t have much time for band practice but I called Charles, my boyfriend now.

“Hey babe, what’s the matter?” Charles asked.

“My ex-boyfriend called me. He’s coming to my show.”

“Jen, it’s probably just a dare from his friends. You can never trust an ex”

“Yeah. But you’ll be there, right?”

“Of course. Love ya babe. See ya” Charles hung up and I lay down on my bed looking at Legolas poster on my wall.

“Charles and Owen are both coming right?” I asked Legolas who of course, said nothing. I blew Legsie a kiss and left for the dinner table.



February 22nd 2015

Band practice today, but we didn’t do much. I was just thinking about my conversation with Charles.

“Jen! SING!” Mai-Ling shouted in my ear.

“Can we talk for a minute?” I asked. They immediately sat down. “I talked with Charles 2 days ago. He thinks Owen pranked me.”

“Well, I can’t fully trust Charles since you just got together this year. But I can for Owen. He was your boyfriend and our friends 6 years ago remember?” Jennifer was all like.

“He was… Then he hated me. So I really doubt it that he’s gonna come.” I said scratching my head.

“We’ll keep an eye on him, and maybe Charles. OK” Mai-Ling made me feel better. “For now, SING!” She turned on the music on so loud I could barely hear myself.



February 23rd 2015

Dear Diary,

Bad news. Mai-Ling heard that Charles had a football final just before our concert. Which means a rough chance of him coming to the concert. Jennifer heard that Owen didn’t really care about me; he will only show up for Mai-Ling and Jennifer. So now I’m crying beside Legolas. Maybe if I bring my poster I’ll have someone being there at the concert for me. Uh oh, dinner time now.



February 24th 2015

Dear Diary,

Oh god, I ruined my ‘now’, and today.

I was crying for the whole band practice time. I even wet the microphone.

“Jen, seriously, you can’t expect Charles to come for you every time.” Mai-Ling rolled her eyes.

“Bu-But I w-was ex-expecting h-him. A-and O-O-O-wen st-stood m-me up” I cried harder.

“Really, maybe this guy stuff wasn’t meant to be for you!” Jennifer tried to reassure me but I lost my mind.

“YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS FEELS!!! YOU DON’T HAVE AN EX OR A BOYFRIEND” I screeched and dropped my guitar (I’m lucky it didn’t break). Then I ran out of the garage. I don’t really know where I went. It took me a long time to get home and when I got there, Mai-Ling and Jennifer were gone. I’m such a sucky friend.



February 25th 2015

I really don’t deserve friends like these. They forgave me for yelling at them yesterday, first thing in the morning.

“We really know how you feel. But I still think Charles will come right after his final” Jennifer reassured me.

“Having a boyfriend is better than having a crush” Mai-Ling rolled her eyes. This made me laugh because I know she’s been crushing on Joshua for a really long time.

“Thanks guys.” I grinned. “So are we ready to rock the concert tomorrow night?”

“YEAH!!” We shouted and high-fived each other. Now we’re in it to ROCK IT!



February 26th 2015

It’s TONIGHT! I could feel the excitement going through my veins. Earlier in the day I did my makeup and got dressed. When all three of us looked in the mirror, we looked AWESOME! We were all wearing our The Sirens t-shirt. I wore a pink short skirt with knee-high high-heeled black boots. I had my long black hair in one braid on my left shoulder. Mai-Ling had blue denim shorts along with converse shoes that matched her shorts. Her black hair was in a high ponytail at the tippy top of her head. Jennifer was wearing long black pants with white sneakers. Her black hair wasn’t tied up.

“Let’s do this.” I whispered as we strode onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House. The crowd cheered us on wildly. I grinned but then I looked at my guitar on its stand. Is he really gonna come? Anyway, we sang through Battle Of The Bands and Welcome To The Show really well. We nailed Rainfall and Best Friends! I spotted Owen in the crowd. I smiled. But the door opened and Charles came in. I grinned really widely.

“THIS ONE IS FOR YOU CHARLES!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and we sang I Just Want You. It was dedicated to him. Then Jennifer grabbed a chair and my guitar. She motioned me to sit on the chair and shoved my guitar at me. “Um… This song is dedicated to my ex-boyfriend, who is sitting in the crowd right now.” I pointed at Owen. He smiled. I sang through the song really well. I thought of all the good moments we had and I forgot about our breakup. I exploded at the key change. I did a harmony while Mai-Ling and Jennifer sang the melody.

“I loved I Just Want You!” Charles exclaimed at the end of the concert. Charles, Owen, Mai-Ling, Jennifer and I were outside the Sydney Opera House. “You dedicated it to me, I love you so much!” Charles gave me a big hug. Then Owen walked toward me.

“You’re forgiven.” He gave me a hug.

“Let’s just be friends now” I smiled at him.

“Anyone wanna go to Jaffa’s?” Mai-Ling suggested. We had a great time at Jaffa’s. We had milkshakes, jokes, we even took a group selfie with my phone. I spotted Gwyneth, my frenemy (AKA Owen’s girlfriend) glaring at us. She was at the concert and knew that Owen would rather spend more time with me than her. I made our selfie my new phone background. I have the GREATEST friends ever, and the best band.

Why I’m Late

By Jenny S.

I bust open the classroom door after a whole morning of sleeping. Class has already started. The teacher looked at me with angry grey eyes.

“Jenny Song, WHY ARE YOU LATE” Mrs Green screeched at me. I looked over to Mai-Ling. Come on Mai get me an excuse!! I thought to my self. But she just nodded her head at Mrs Green. I looked at her and lied.

“Well. I was looking for my pencil case. And then I found it on my bed. I picked it up but then the moving van came in and busted my bed. I had to go to Ikea but I didn’t have enough money. So I went to the Australian NASA. They had to give me a job to make money to buy a new bed. I had to do training in a few minutes then they sent me to Mars. I was sort of lost. So I wondered around and found a robotic plus dead dog. I looked at it and touched the ‘on’ button. The dog turned on and it became a friend. But then, he talked! He said his name was Robort Steamer. So then we got back on the spaceship and returned to NASA. I asked those guys if I could keep the dog but they said they had to study it. And so I was devastated. I bought a new bed and I slept for a few minutes because I was so tired of jet lag. Then I realized that I had to get to school, but it was too late. So I ran and ran and ran….” I trailed off, tired of talking. I took a deep breath. “That is why I’m late.” I smirked triumphantly. Everyone gaped at me, even Owen (my evil ex) and Gwyneth aka the thing and aka my fake friend. I think Mrs Green’s gape was the widest. She just gestured me to my seat (BTW I sit next to Owen my ex). So I looked at him and his so called “valuable” phone. Being stealthy, I took it, and he didn’t notice!!! 🙂

Fortune Cookie

By Dennis G

At a Chinese restaurant, your character opens his fortune cookie and reads the following message: “Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return. Repeat: say nothing.”…

Part 1

Chinese restaurants are awesome. You get to have great food like fried dumplings and stuff, plus delicious fortune cookies, that “predicts” your “future”, or gives you a lucky number. but I never knew that this will be my last Chinese meal. Continue reading “Fortune Cookie”

You Won’t Believe Why I’m Late…

By Joanne T

I was late because…

I spent half hour rolling on the bed.

Half hour brushing my teeth because I wanted my whole mouth to shine.

Whole hour washing my hair because they were stuck together.

One whole hour drinking 5 glasses of milk,

And eating 10 eggs.

I used another hour making up the homework I didn’t do.

40 minutes sharpening all my pencils and I’m telling you I have 100 pencils!

I also spent 10 minutes walking down the stairs at my home.

We have 20 floors!

20 minutes walking to school,

20 more minutes walking back to home and picking up my backpack,

Then another 20 minutes because I had to walk to school again.

I’m going to add up all the time for you teacher,

Which is 5 hours and 50 minutes.

Now I’m done talking.

Oh yeah!

And I spent 10 more minutes listing all reasons why I’m late for school and teacher!

Now it makes it 6 hours.

Why do you just won’t believe me, teacher!


By Vivian W


NW: News Reporter

NW: Breaking news! Innocent townspeople being massacred by snowmen made by small unsuspecting children! Snowmen of all kinds are seen trampling plants my grandma planted! Lets hear what the witnesses think of this.

Joanne: I’m so shocked! I was coming back from the store when a puny snowman came up to me and stole my Pop-tarts! I knew I had to run back home before anything else was stolen.

NW: You have made a very very wise decision. Did you encounter any other snowmen or was that your only sighting for that day?

Joanne: Oh. There were snowmen blocking the road. So I went back to my friend’s house to spend a few weeks.

NW: There is something Joanne said- a few weeks. This is expected, since the snowmen are indestructible. The fire department has tried many techniques: fire blower, matches, hoses, trucks to run down the snowmen; NOTHING WORKED. The Police Department has tried using their batons, hot coffee and donuts, but instead five men were taken captive, there are no more donuts in town, the batons were found snapped in half in the middle of a park, and all the coffee evaporated, even in this cold weather.

Joanne: Um…can I leave now?

NW: Yes, yes. You may leave now. The scientists have an idea that might banish the snowmen from our town. We must make a great bonfire then lure the snowmen, THEN THE SNOWMEN WOULD BE GONE!

Scientist: Yes. This was an AMAZING idea and we MUST do it. If you want to survive, you WILL do what I say and you WILL make it! If you don’t, you WILL die. YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!! YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!

NW: Uh…ok…sure. That is all on Breaking News, and wait for the next one! AHH IS THAT A SNOWMAN? EVACUATE! EVACUAATE!!!

A Short Story Based On You & You & You

By Stephanie C

*based off a scene in the novel You & You & You by Per Nilsson.

I thought we were in love. I thought he loved me. I thought I loved him. Though it turns out “my stereotypes are true” (Nilsson 188). My immigrant gangster boyfriend, Victor, hits me. Hard. Then he apologizes and rubs my bruises and whispers and my ears and makes me want to do whatever he says. That, surprisingly, works every time.

I was walking home with Victor. Casually. Of course, it would be like any other day, where he would come over to my apartment and, well… “Make love to me”(99). Continue reading “A Short Story Based On You & You & You”

Welcome To Live Academy!

By Kevin C

“Welcome to Live Academy!” announced Mr. Ymedaca with excitement. “A new school year has started again, I would like you all to report to your classroom!” Mr. Ymedaca waved his hands around like a bird. He dismissed us from the auditorium. Mr. Ymedaca is our principle in school.

My name is Tommy Alperton, my family and I had just moved to Riverview, Dad had found a new job here, but I lost all my friends from my old neighborhood. As I walked down the hallway, I saw other students chatting, running and eating. Ms. Lydia was my new homeroom teacher, she was very nice, her dress was as colorful as a rainbow, and her earrings sparkled under the gleaming sun. Our school was the biggest school in this town, it has 3 sections. In fact, we had tramcars connecting the 3 school buildings!

Today, I rode the tram to the common area, I fell asleep on the ride and I had a very bad dream yesterday. I missed the terminal station, but I guess the driver did not see me when he got off. When I woke up, I found myself in complete darkness. “Hello?” I stood up and shouted. Continue reading “Welcome To Live Academy!”