I often wonder

What tomorrow would hold,

Will there be clashes of lightning, blasts of thunder,

Or the rush of winter’s cold


Would the whole world marvel

At the stars in the starry sky,

Or will there be complete darkness

A single firefly


Would the sound of a hush

Be masked,

With the rush

Of honking cars trapped


Or would everything be still

Still as a radiant sun

Gleaming upon a blooming daffodil,

Displaying spring has finally begun


Would there be rain!

Showering squall,

Allow it to wash away pain

As each bead falls


Would there be a soothing melody

From tweeting birds’ singsong

Preaching to the world in clarity

That summer has come along


Would a splash of cool water

Soak a vibrant daisy,

A respite from the scorching weather

That is boiling crazy


Or would the first leaf drift,

Slowly, gently, down a zone

A stunning shade of auburn

On the grass, alone


Would the wind’s harsh blow

Come rushing with a sneer

Hinting that winter snow

May be all too near


Seasons they pass

Not a moment to spare

Live life to its greatest mass

For tomorrow you may not be here