Where I’m From

By Andrew W.

I’m from cool, crisp air,

Rainy days,

And soft 100% cotton sweaters.

I’m from bell chimes,

The jubilant quacking of ducks as they drift down streams,

And I’m from blue raspberry flavored Icees.

I’m from the smell of Walmart,

I’m from thunderstorms,

And grass-stained socks.

I’m from coyotes,

I’m from jet lagged afternoons.

I’m from screeching cicadas,

Metal drinking fountains.


I’m from Barney The Dinosaur,

Damp wood chips,

I’m from “Hey diddle diddle”

And I’m from 13-hour plane rides.

Where I’m From

By Jane S


I’m from the cherry trees in the park, 

Frolicking underneath with my best friends

While fairies grant us magic wands

I’m from talking to my soon-to-be born brother

Wondering how he will turn out,

A criminal? A nerd? A bully? A sissy?

I’m from peering behind my mom at dinner gatherings, shy

Afraid strangers will see me


I’m from running around with my cousin’s dog

In the backyard, playing fetch

I’m from playing hide and seek

Attempting to disappear behind tiny trees

I’m from wearing a Cinderella costume

On a dark night,

Outside asking for candy


I’m from messy rooms

My books, clothes, scattered around my desk and bed

I’m from “Stop fighting with your brother!”

And “What happened at school today?”

I’m from family game nights

Wondering where life will lead me


That is where I’m from

My broad family tree

My story

When I was a toddler, wobbling around,

When I was a child, slipping down the slides

I feel the memories rushing back towards me

And now, looking back, and loving my life


This is who I am

This is For…

By Juun E.
This is for the stray dogs
who’ve only tried surviving.
This is for the nature who have been providing,
while only the city keeps us spoiled.
This is for the monkeys who have been starving,
and the humans never keep smiling.
This is for the humans who have cancer,
why ow why do these people keep acting like a sir.
This is for lives which have been destroyed,
they remember the time they enjoyed.

Why I’m Late

By Jenny S.

I bust open the classroom door after a whole morning of sleeping. Class has already started. The teacher looked at me with angry grey eyes.

“Jenny Song, WHY ARE YOU LATE” Mrs Green screeched at me. I looked over to Mai-Ling. Come on Mai get me an excuse!! I thought to my self. But she just nodded her head at Mrs Green. I looked at her and lied.

“Well. I was looking for my pencil case. And then I found it on my bed. I picked it up but then the moving van came in and busted my bed. I had to go to Ikea but I didn’t have enough money. So I went to the Australian NASA. They had to give me a job to make money to buy a new bed. I had to do training in a few minutes then they sent me to Mars. I was sort of lost. So I wondered around and found a robotic plus dead dog. I looked at it and touched the ‘on’ button. The dog turned on and it became a friend. But then, he talked! He said his name was Robort Steamer. So then we got back on the spaceship and returned to NASA. I asked those guys if I could keep the dog but they said they had to study it. And so I was devastated. I bought a new bed and I slept for a few minutes because I was so tired of jet lag. Then I realized that I had to get to school, but it was too late. So I ran and ran and ran….” I trailed off, tired of talking. I took a deep breath. “That is why I’m late.” I smirked triumphantly. Everyone gaped at me, even Owen (my evil ex) and Gwyneth aka the thing and aka my fake friend. I think Mrs Green’s gape was the widest. She just gestured me to my seat (BTW I sit next to Owen my ex). So I looked at him and his so called “valuable” phone. Being stealthy, I took it, and he didn’t notice!!! 🙂

I Wish I Had Known

By Vivian W.

I wish I had known that life was not simple. But I was drowning in the kindness of my friends, and I hadn’t known that I would be backstabbed later. It was all your fault. You popped into my life without giving me an option, without considering my feelings.

I stood on the train station, wondering if I should really do this. Of all of my other problems, you were only a dent, right? I could never see you again and still continue my life.

But I wasn’t only leaving because of you. I was starting fresh, all of my problems disintegrating. I wanted to restart my life, since I messed it up. By yelling at you, I caused friction between us. By slamming the door, I will never be forgiven.

The wind of the train sent my hair flying.

I stepped into the train.

I was fascinated by how the train made scenery blur. But it was my life, changing into a new one, switching colors and feelings.

I was in the kitchen, trying to ignore the tugging history of old life. It was so painful, but everyday I still reviewed what could’ve happened, when would’ve happened.

There was a knock from there door, echoing through the walls then eventually faded away like scars from the past. But my scars would never heal. People ask why I came here, who I came here with. They only opened my scars, sent the blood running down.

The knock came again and again, jolting me from my thinking. I sighed and twisted the knob.

In front of me was you.

It seems that you were clearing the blame meant for you. You wanted to clear all the friction caused. Try to start things over.

But I don’t accept apologies from you.

Where I’m From

By Nathan Z

I’m from the wonderland of daydreams,

From where the munchkins dance and sing.

Where the truffula trees grow under the sun,

Where the scent of butterfly milk blows through the breeze.


I’m from a wet soft pillow,

From young tears and fears of darkness.

From smiles and joy of light,

Laughter wins guilt and light wins darkness.

Belief of helps from god,

Looking at the cross.


I’m from the sunrise above the pale ocean,


I’m from memories of tons,

From friendship and love.

Either meeting long or short or either where or what,

The emotions still remain in my heart.

The Football Frenzy

By. Billy R

I don’t mean to brag but I happen to be Densel Robinsons final award-winning and lucky helmet.My color is blue and my friend Densel Robinson happens to be the best football player in the worlds universe right now.Football is my favourite sport also.He loves me more than anything and since I’ve been stuck on his head he hasn’t lost any matches with his team. The Boston Barells.The Boston barrels have been the best team this season and it’s running over.The last game of the season is not really far away and we have to win this if we want to take the trophy home for the 14th time.The barells love winning and then celebrating.Here in the U.S., the people that find out that someone won the go nuts.The team that will win becomes very famous and we have achieved that, 13 times.We want to go for a fourth but it’s hard the players are getting old and so is Densel. Densel said he will continue at least three years more. If and when he does I might become useless that’s one of the only things I’m afraid of.

I keep thinking about this problem and sometimes I think that no this can’t happen because I’m his lucky helmet, but some other times I think that he will throw me away and buy a new one when I become old.

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