Madeleine’s Truth/Lie

Madeleine went down of the aquarium, the water was freezing but she soon adapted to the temperature. There were sharks swimming around her, she was really afraid, but the sharks did not bother her while she was coming down from the shore. She did not have the oxygen tank on her, she was just snorkeling. She saw a lot of kinds of fish, which she had never seen before.


Madeleine ate snails before, the first time she saw it, and it looked like caterpillars that have been smashed in to watery things. Her mother ate some, she told Madeleine that it tastes really good, and it has some things that can make your skin smother. So she ate one, and it tastes really rich and oily, but it was good.


Madeleine loves reading books; she reads a lot of books. One day, her mom told her that she needs to cell or donated some books to the poor families that live in the mountains. She was really sad that she had to give the books away that she enjoyed so much, but if it is going to be for the poor families, she think that it would be fine. She start getting out all the books that she doesn’t read much and there were a hundreds of them, and she still has more books at home. She has read almost thousands of books now!

Gabby’s Truth/Lie

By Gabby A

A 7-year-old Gabby tip-toed onto the wet rocks by the pond. She happily hopped on another rock.


She felt her foot slide on the rock.

“AIIIEE!” She screamed, as she tumbled towards the murky waters. She made a large SPLASH! as her body made contact with the water. The only thoughts in her mind were…

I’m going to drown.

I’m going to drown.

I am going to drown.

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Angel’s Flight

By: Olivia R

I rushed along the muddy banks, shielding what was left of the dry food from the rain. My dress hem was splattered with mud, but I was too excited to care. Once every two years, we would watch the angels descend from heaven. It was called the Angel’s Flight. The day before the Angel’s Flight, we would prepare for it. My mom would kill me if I were late.

I pushed open the door and announced, “I’m here! On time!” I staggered over to the table and dropped the baskets of soggy bread. My mom looked up from combing my little sister’s hair and look at me at me while frowning, “Courtney! What did you do to your dress? You know we can’t afford much.” I stared down at my muddy dress, it was torn in quite a few places, showing my bare legs, and the mud had hardened. I smiled apologetically. My mom shook her head and smiled slightly, “You’ll never learn. Go get washed up and leave your dress outside the bathroom door.”

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Metal Man




It all started like this~

“Your life is in danger. Say nothing to anyone. You must leave the city immediately and never return.”  That’s what the fortune cookie said. My heart skipped a beat!

The letters were written in black ink on blood red paper. I glanced around looking for some eyes that would answer my questions but none did. Then suddenly I saw a black smother in the front glass panes near the restaurant’s entrance. My eyes soon recognized the black smother, as it re-appeared slightly peeking from the glass pane. It was the man in black! The one who always kept his eyes on me whenever I was out of my house. I had always wondered why that man was always there? A few times I even mustered the courage to go talk to him but he as always would wander away before I could catch up to him. It was a secret that I was not willing to share with my parents or close friends. “The man in black” as I had nicknamed him because he was always wearing a pitch black blazer and lead black trousers. Only his desolated grey eyes where not the color of licorice. I quickly got up from my seat my brain blinded from reasoning by the blindfold of curiosity. I sprinted towards the door leading me out of the Chinese restaurant without leaving a wave of departure.

I followed him through the bustling crowd. Making sure he does not notice me. I was so close now shuffling through the crowd fast but silently. Suddenly, his head turned and his eyes met mine. I saw my pale reflection in them, my brown long hair scattered on my face my green eyes alert, my mouth wide open. He turned and ran, ran straight out of my sight. I quickly regained my senses hurdling through the crowd out of the door.

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Chapter 1

Just A Day

Terrius raced down the narrow passage towards the red guard tower. As he approached, the giant searchlight shone right over his slim body, searing his eyes. A huge ion blaster was being charged right at him. Terrius stared at the pulsating blue sphere being generated before it began to shrink. The dark menacing walls cast ominous shadows on the deadly guard tower. Terrius was a night watcher, one of the imperial troops that watched as spies for the Lord, who ruled the land of Veydo. The gates slowly creaked open as he walked into the dark and pitch-black building behind the tower, the town hall of the city of Vaivor.


A year ago, the Lord lead his troops, or as he called it, his Knils, to overthrow the capital and literally, overthrew the dying king. The king’s daughter and only heir, a young girl with flowing black hair called Ellysa, managed to escape to the forest of Veils, the only place untouched by the Empire. A thick and thorny coat of vines always covered the forest. Hacking them away was not an option because as soon as the first vine was hacked, it spewed pitch-black liquid, which melted anything it touched, causing panic among the Knils. How the princess got into the forest remains a mystery.

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By Sherry T.

There she is, sitting on her doorsteps, trying to hold back her tears. There she is, burying her head in her arms, trying to get him out of her mind. It has been one, two, or three weeks like this – she just can’t remember. All she can do was thinking about him, him, and him. All her world was made out of was him, that stupid boy who left her all alone. All that she can think about is that night – when all he said was goodbye.

And she cried. She used to be the prettiest girl in the school, but that was when she was with him. She had beautiful blonde hair, with gray eyes, and everything was perfect about her. But that was what used to be. Now even she thought she was the ugliest person in the world. Who else can help? She was thinking, counting the stars in the skies, until someone appeared in her sight.

“Hey, beautiful girl. You look miserable, what’s going on?” A perfect and cute boy walked close.

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The Memory of The Cat

by Maya L.

Sitting on the windowsill
His eyes are dark with wonder
Day and night without a sound
What was the cat even thinking?
He watched the girl crying
And talking to her boyfriend on her phone
The cat knew all her secrets
Did the cat remember it all?
The cat who sat inside her room
While she cursed that girl at school
The cat who read her diary entry
About how stupid her boyfriend was
So really
What was in the memory of the cat?
Did he remember her test scores
Even as she desperately tried to hide them?
Did he remember the words spat
And how her voice shook with fury?
You don’t know what a cat remembers.
So don’t judge the memory of the cat.