Jared’s Truth/Lie

By Jared M

Little Jared Murphy sat on the inflatable throne. He was at a place called “pump it up”. He was only a small child then. It was his birthday party, but it also was the party of several other children. Only with all of the moms of those kids could a party for so many happen. Anyway, Jared sat on the throne. One of the kids came up to him. “I want to sit on the throne,” the child said amidst the noise of the party.

Jared considered this. He recalled that this was not the boy’s party. Thus, he had no right to have a turn on the birthday throne. “No,” Jared replied.

The other boy whined. “But that’s not fair,” the boy complained.

Jared responded with a phrase that his wise parents had imprinted in his mind, a phrase that had guided him all his short life: “Life’s not fair. Get over it.”

The boy was astounded. Jared’s mother began to laugh. Jared smiled, leaned back, and enjoyed his bouncy seat of power.



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By Esther C.
*originally describing/analyzing the book Me Before You
So Much.
Have I tried for you.
All that work,
Minding things I never were interested in.
Every single step I took,
Fighting with hope.
Urging you toward me.
Love you.
Of course,
For sure I thought you loved me.
You and I,
Unfortunately were not destined.

Alex’s Truth/Lies

By Alex S

One real event and two fake ones.

Last year in seventh grade, Matthew shot me with a pellet gun and he hit me in the eye.

I once entered a video game tournament at my summer camp in Seattle and won $500 dollars. It was going on for two hours and everyone else got DQed besides Matthew and I. I then finally beat him in super smash bros with a finishing blast from my Kirby character knocking his Link character knocked off the map.

During summer time at New York, my cousin pushed me off my bed and I landed on a sharp piece of metal. It pierced my knee. I was in my room when he woke me up with a Blow horn next to my ear. “Wake up!”, then he pushed me off and I feel on the piece of metal. It cut my leg and it started bleeding a lot. I had to go to hospital and get the damaged muscle removed.

Micro Adventure: Adventures of An Inch-Tall Me

By Jared M

I walked up to my table. As I put my hand on it, I closed my eyes. When I opened them, things were different. The table was a grey expanse: flat and foreboding. I was standing on it. The Lego minifigure beside me was suddenly taller than me. My Legos looked like huge buildings and I realized that I was now just over an inch tall. My door, I thought. I have to get to my door. I started to walk. I reached a tangle of action figures. Seeing no way around. I grabbed on to the hand of one and began to shimmy up the arm. Soon, I was walking unsteadily across the limbs of my own toys. One of the pose able limbs that I was perched on shifted. I felt myself fall and barely managed to grab on to the finger of another toy. My small body was easier to support. I pulled myself up and kept going. After passing mountains of plastic bricks, I reached the wall. I went to the tack-board that sat nearby and hopped on one of the pins. It wobbled, but held its place. Just to be sure, I went back and grabbed a tissue: A piece of it might work as a parachute. I tied it around me and began to traverse the pushpins.

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The Far Future After 200 Years

By Vincent C

After an 8-hour charging, Dave woke up and felt strength flowing all over his body. He teleported to the shower room, where a tiny device turns all dirty stuff into thin air in a split second.

“Software update! ” said Siri, the virtual voice assistant created by Apple in 2011 and was improved for many years. She then downloaded and installed iOS 207.1.4 on Dave’s mechanical body in under 1 millisecond. “This update fixed a bug where the reflex system might be stuck for 30 milliseconds, and improved support for the teleportation system, making it 5% more accurate. ”

Dave went on and had breakfast. Food, instead of being a required source of energy, became more of an entertainment or a ritual. The food appeared in his mouth, was chewed, tasted, and swallowed, and disappeared.

And now it’s time for a prayer. People perform prayers before they go to work. Dave turned on the hologram of Steve Jobs located in the center of the room, and he kneeled down to pay his sincere respect to this insanely great innovator.

After a 15 minute prayer, Dave teleported to work. “This update is working well! ” he exclaimed, feeling that his teleportation did have increased accuracy. He sat down, logged on to iCloud Drive, and edited the Swift code that he was working on for three weeks (which is part of the next version of iOS). He added a “didFinishTeleport()” function to his extension program.

“Intruder alert! ” a loud voice suddenly shouted, “Samsung troops are invading, please teleport to location 4231 to defend! ”

In 2165 C.E., the world was split into 3 massive nations. The United States of Apple controlled North America, South America, and Japan; the Microsoft Union controlled Europe and Russia; and the Samsung Empire controlled mainland Asia.

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