What Happened in the Heaven

Three gentlemen died during an accident. They both walked into heaven and met the God.


The God said: “You can do whatever you want, just make sure don’t step on a duck.”


“What happens if we do?”


“There will be punishments.” The God replied.


Three gentlemen walked into heaven. There were ducks everywhere on the road. The first gentleman stepped on a duck in 5 minutes.


“This is the punishment you will get,” The God brought an ugly woman over, “You two are chained together for the rest of your lives.”


Time passed away, the second gentleman stepped on a duck after 4 months. The God soon grabbed another ugly woman over: “You guys are chained forever together now.”


The last gentleman didn’t step on a duck for a whole year. Later on, the God brought a beautiful girl over: “I wish you guys good luck. Be together for the rest of your lives!”


The gentleman was so surprised, he exclaimed: “What did I do to deserve this?”


The beautiful girl replied: “I don’t know what you did, sir, but I stepped on a duck.”






Ashgate: Xavros

By Alex S

I heard the bell ring. “Oh! Another wonderful customer, so you want to… Oh my god.” He came through the door with huge cut marks across his chest, he was covered in blood. “Quick, take this. Drink it before you lose too much blood.” I handed him some herbs. “You need to rest, let the herbs replenish your blood. What’s your name?” “I’m not sure. I woke up at the bank of a river. I tried to get up but I couldn’t, next thing I knew I washed ashore in some beach.” “My oh my. Was there a huge stone bridge near the river? High above where you woke up?” “Yes.” “Son, you were carried over across Ashgate all the way into Morcliff.”

“I think we should give you a new name.” “Suggestions?” “Well, I told my brother if I ever had a son I would name him Osborne. That sound good?”“Osborne, I like it.” “Well welcome to Walkeihla Ville, Osborne. You’re allowed to stay here as long as you want.” “Well, I was thinking about starting a new life here. If you don’t mind.” “Sure thin… Wait. What’s that?” I reached for his cloak and examined the crest. It had the shape of a silver shield. On the back these words were engraved. “Heroism isn’t brutal force, but an unassailable virtue.”  “By the gods, you must be one of the last surviving members of the Aegis!” “The Aegis?” “Quick, follow me.” I opened a closet and triggered the secret door. “Come.” We walked through the corridor, “I have been keeping this for a long time. When I was a boy, my father brought me down here every once in a while. He would talk about service in the Aegis. On his deathbed, he handed be a blade that was passed on by his father. He told me it was a weapon of the Aegis, a symbol of freedom. He wanted me to give it to someone worthy, and bring it to the abandoned fortress called Titan’s Wrath. It is buried under rubble but I have a map that might be able to lead you to the location.

“Wait wait wait, you still haven’t told me who are The Aegis.”

“The Aegis is a group of warriors and mages dedicated to protect the people of Ashgate, no matter race or gender. They were the ones who banished the Immortals years ago, but when these evils are at bay, they are formidable vampire hunters. But most members mysteriously banished a hundred years ago. I used to have Aegis members come to my shop for supplies every week, now I haven’t seen one for over ten years. I lost hope, I thought the faction was gone. Until now. ”

“So you want me to bring the blade to the fortress? Only that?”

“No, I would like you to help me rebuild the Aegis. Bring the blade to the fortress and look for any sources on how we can track down some surviving members.”

“Why bring it to the fortress? Won’t we need it?

“My father said to bring it there, and something will happen when it is reunited in the Aegis forge. They used it to construct their weaponry, its our only chance.”

“Alright then, Ill take the map and the blade.”
“Osborne, evil lurks in the fortress, be careful.”

I Wish I Had Known

By Vivian W.

I wish I had known that life was not simple. But I was drowning in the kindness of my friends, and I hadn’t known that I would be backstabbed later. It was all your fault. You popped into my life without giving me an option, without considering my feelings.

I stood on the train station, wondering if I should really do this. Of all of my other problems, you were only a dent, right? I could never see you again and still continue my life.

But I wasn’t only leaving because of you. I was starting fresh, all of my problems disintegrating. I wanted to restart my life, since I messed it up. By yelling at you, I caused friction between us. By slamming the door, I will never be forgiven.

The wind of the train sent my hair flying.

I stepped into the train.

I was fascinated by how the train made scenery blur. But it was my life, changing into a new one, switching colors and feelings.

I was in the kitchen, trying to ignore the tugging history of old life. It was so painful, but everyday I still reviewed what could’ve happened, when would’ve happened.

There was a knock from there door, echoing through the walls then eventually faded away like scars from the past. But my scars would never heal. People ask why I came here, who I came here with. They only opened my scars, sent the blood running down.

The knock came again and again, jolting me from my thinking. I sighed and twisted the knob.

In front of me was you.

It seems that you were clearing the blame meant for you. You wanted to clear all the friction caused. Try to start things over.

But I don’t accept apologies from you.

Where I’m From

By Nathan Z

I’m from the wonderland of daydreams,

From where the munchkins dance and sing.

Where the truffula trees grow under the sun,

Where the scent of butterfly milk blows through the breeze.


I’m from a wet soft pillow,

From young tears and fears of darkness.

From smiles and joy of light,

Laughter wins guilt and light wins darkness.

Belief of helps from god,

Looking at the cross.


I’m from the sunrise above the pale ocean,


I’m from memories of tons,

From friendship and love.

Either meeting long or short or either where or what,

The emotions still remain in my heart.


By Alyssa A


Ian’s stomach growled of hunger. He looked around the dark cave hopelessly. It’s no use. There’s no way you can find food in here without light, he thought to himself.

He’s trapped inside the cave ‘cause a huge mountain bear blocked the entrance, which led him to be stuck in there for a long time.

He blindly touched the ground, searching for a stick to build a fire. Finally, he got it, and built it.

He could now see the interior of the cave. Rocks, piled up at the side and bats hanging up from the roof of the cave, upside down. But still, there’s no food in here.

After about 5 hours of starvation and boredom, he went to check on the bear. It lay near the entrance, in deep slumber. Yes, I can finally leave this place. He crept quietly to the side of the bear and left.

Soon, after he was far away from the bear and the cave, he let out the breath that he was holding from the start.