Tempted Because of Admiration

By Katrina C.

So golden yet beautiful,
The best jewelry in town.
And to admire it every day,
Would be the best dream of my life.
It is too spectacular,
Too hand it back to the owner.
But I apologize,
And make it clear,
That, please let me keep it,
So that I won’t steal anymore.

Willow Tree


(dedicated to protectors of the environment)
A tree, lasts forever,
It sings to you with the flick of his leaves,
It looks at you under his face,
It’s always there when you need him,
He is a loyal companion.
But then, in a flash,
Men with spears and swords,
Swing their metallic weapons into war-like chaos.
The cackling, creaking and squeaking,
All disappears in a second.
And there it was my loyal companion,
Lying down on the soft little greens,
And now, my friend
Has gone with the wind,
And it’s spirit.

The Golden Peacock

By Katrina C.

In the debonair ballroom, glamorous people were dancing happily in gowns and tuxedoes. The bustling group of people tumultuously enjoyed their night to celebrate the future queen and king’s marriage. As a gift from the high merchants of the king, there laid a miraculously fine golden and bejeweled peacock in the center of the room. It was protected with fine bullet proof glass and a high, shimmering, golden platform for it to glisten. The room was covered in fine golden linings and elegant, eye catching designs hung in the walls. The room was big and could hold even hundreds and hundreds of guests. Continue reading “The Golden Peacock”