By Lauren W

Once upon a time in ancient Greek myth there was a stupid cupid that were so good at archery. The cupid was hanging out with his friends. Their name were arrow and bow. They were great friends cupid. Cupid never had mistake in archery. He got champion cup from Seoul Olympic his major was about archery.

Cupid, arrow and bow were walking around lake. They were resting in the side of a tree suddenly Cupid asked bow and arrow.

“Who do you think is the best in three of us?”

Bow shouted, ” Hey people I am the best in whole universe and you guys don’t even know how to Hip-hop! If you guys want to be better than me? I think it will take more than 99900001112222333 years!”

Arrow disagreed he exclaimed, ” Seriously bow you boast. I think I am way better than you guys. I am smart also flexible, gorgeous, useful, and more… I think i am the best arrow in the whole world and I don’t boast or do something kind of like that. Whatever I am he best.

Cupid disagreed with the idea of arrow so he went up to arrow and told the arrow,

“You boast more than bow .You are the who boast more. Why do you love to boast? I don’t boast. But I am best in the world. Because I am kind god so everyone likes me. I am also part of human. Humans are smartest animal in the whole world. No one could be smarter than humans.”

So bow Cupid and arrow are planning to choose who is the best. They will going to shoot the man 5 meters apart from them. Cupid aim the man, bow crawled backwards arrow stretched his string. 1,2,3 the bow swooshed toward the man. Suddenly the man moved.  The Cupid’s bow went toward to other man who was sleeping in a bench! Suddenly the man hated everything. He hated his family, friends, cats, dogs and more!

‘That’s weird,’ thought Cupid. “I’ve never shot wrong person before…”

Rabbit and the Turkey

By Lauren W

“Chop Chop!” shouted Rabbit. Everyone was at the barn eating their breakfast. Everybody was quiet.  Because when you are very loud you will be eaten. But no one wants that. The owner came in, he was in smile, and he brought a new family that will stay until the Christmas Eve. He looked at us as if he was the boss. He was a Turkey. The Turkey was very expensive in this town. But in December you can get 30% discount. The turkey went to its room. Only his room was big and comfortable with hay. The owners gave Turkey a gun because they might be jealous and kill the Turkey. Every body thought he was the king if the animals because he looked very powerful and expensive. Pig shouted, “Hello my Lord.”

Turkey didn’t even cared what pig said. But no one said Turkey is boasting or naughty because, the owner loved Turkey and always fatten the Turkey. For Turkey he was a king. Other animals were slaves. They thought it was unfair especially the Rabbit because before Turkey came, he was the boss.

Christmas was coming it was all snowy and white. Everybody was cold except for the Turkey. Turkey had blankets and also pillow. Turkey had its own big room and more hay to make the turkey to feel good. Other animals were using room together. The room was little smaller than Turkey’s, but it was still small to have 5 animals to stay together. Turkey’s room also had a glass window to look at the sky. He also had an iron door to keep the other animals out, but the other animals didn’t even have the window or a door. But they had fence gate.

It was a day before Christmas Eve. Pig suggested to give the Turkey a Christmas present. He will going to give him his softest hay. Pig was first wondering to give or not. He was the someone who made hay soft. It took four years to made this soft hay. At last he decided to give Turkey the present. Pig had two reasons for that. He thought the Turkey was lord and also Turkey will leave this house on tomorrow’s evening.

Rabbit peeked at the room at 3 o’clock in the morning. It was Christmas Eve. The owner and his wife were talking about the Turkey. The owner and his wife will eat the Turkey today’s evening. Rabbit went to Turkey’s room. He was in sleep. Rabbit woke the Turkey. He told to Turkey that he would be eaten soon. Turkey he didn’t wanted to believe it. Suddenly, he thought about his brother Turkeiy, humans were also eaten his brother too. At Christmas Eve and today is Christmas Eve.

Turkey had to leave this house. Turkey got a gun in his pocket. The pig will distract the owners. The cow will break the fence. The Rabbit will have to be bodyguard of Turkey. They had to be like James Bond. They made it!

Even though Turkey had gone, there was still boss. This time it wasn’t Rabbit it was the pig. It means the Rabbit got nothing…

Everything Felt Dead Except For the Clock

By Lauren W

“Someone is here! Someone is here!” the clock sang in the empty house. There was no sense of a person in the house. The clock sang again “Some one is here! Someone is here!” There was no one in the house. Something kept knocking the door. It was March 3rd 2003. The house was in the Chicago. Chicago was ruined by the storm called Spider. All the Chicago people moved to Ohio. There was no one left except for the clocks that were in the people’s house.

The clock sang, “Someone is knocking! Hurry up someone is waiting!” But no one came. Who is knocking that door? A ghost? An alien? It might a person who is searching the damage of the storm…. The door was the open but the person or a thing that knocked, didn’t even took a step to this house. But there was a tremendous and very black shadow behind the door.

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