Where I’m From

By Evelyn L

I’m from the round kitchen table, with the red-and-white checkered tablecloth,

I’m from packets of M&M and Skittles,

I’m from “leave me alone”, and “oh my god”,

I’m from the dusty once snow-white stuffed rabbit toy sitting on the shelf, next to my hardcover books.


I’m from thousands of pencil drawings on loose papers,

And open books strewn across the carpet,

I’m from continuous episodes of “The Night Garden”,

I would watch in the late afternoon.


I’m from the sunlight shinning through the window,

Lighting up the many pages of a fairytale book, I read the night before,

I’m from the smell of lavender air-fresheners,

And homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


I’m from the never-ending replay of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland,

I’m from “that’s disgustingly cheesy”, and “I ship it”,

I’m from the nights I stay up late, gaming and laughing with my friends,

I’m from the endless inside jokes I share with the rest of my little “crew”.


I’m from the emotional nights where I would watch sad movies along with my gang of stuffed toys,

I’m from the sound of the constant drumming of fingers on tabletops,

I’m from the many albums of Taylor Swift who I have grown to love,

And has become a part of me.


I’m from the ghost of your smile, and the once bright light in your eyes.

Where I’m From

By Andrew W.

I’m from cool, crisp air,

Rainy days,

And soft 100% cotton sweaters.

I’m from bell chimes,

The jubilant quacking of ducks as they drift down streams,

And I’m from blue raspberry flavored Icees.

I’m from the smell of Walmart,

I’m from thunderstorms,

And grass-stained socks.

I’m from coyotes,

I’m from jet lagged afternoons.

I’m from screeching cicadas,

Metal drinking fountains.


I’m from Barney The Dinosaur,

Damp wood chips,

I’m from “Hey diddle diddle”

And I’m from 13-hour plane rides.

Where I’m From

By Nathan Z

I’m from the wonderland of daydreams,

From where the munchkins dance and sing.

Where the truffula trees grow under the sun,

Where the scent of butterfly milk blows through the breeze.


I’m from a wet soft pillow,

From young tears and fears of darkness.

From smiles and joy of light,

Laughter wins guilt and light wins darkness.

Belief of helps from god,

Looking at the cross.


I’m from the sunrise above the pale ocean,


I’m from memories of tons,

From friendship and love.

Either meeting long or short or either where or what,

The emotions still remain in my heart.

You Won’t Believe Why I’m Late…

By Joanne T

I was late because…

I spent half hour rolling on the bed.

Half hour brushing my teeth because I wanted my whole mouth to shine.

Whole hour washing my hair because they were stuck together.

One whole hour drinking 5 glasses of milk,

And eating 10 eggs.

I used another hour making up the homework I didn’t do.

40 minutes sharpening all my pencils and I’m telling you I have 100 pencils!

I also spent 10 minutes walking down the stairs at my home.

We have 20 floors!

20 minutes walking to school,

20 more minutes walking back to home and picking up my backpack,

Then another 20 minutes because I had to walk to school again.

I’m going to add up all the time for you teacher,

Which is 5 hours and 50 minutes.

Now I’m done talking.

Oh yeah!

And I spent 10 more minutes listing all reasons why I’m late for school and teacher!

Now it makes it 6 hours.

Why do you just won’t believe me, teacher!


By Esther C.
*originally describing/analyzing the book Me Before You
So Much.
Have I tried for you.
All that work,
Minding things I never were interested in.
Every single step I took,
Fighting with hope.
Urging you toward me.
Love you.
Of course,
For sure I thought you loved me.
You and I,
Unfortunately were not destined.