BREATHE By Grace and Elaine


By Grace and Elaine


Breathe in

Breathe out

But I can’t breathe-breathe-breathe


It’s not air,

It is like poison.

The wind no longer blows sweet,

like candy.

I can no longer see

The mountains

Like I used to.

What was it like?

I can no longer remember.

This sunset,

With its cruel kindness is going to be the

Last one I will get to see.

The sun rises,

And sets without a care as if it is eternal.

Is it eternal?

I can no longer remember.

I can’t breathe-breathe-breathe…

Utopia by Jonathan Luo

Utopia is an imaginary place, where everything is perfect. This poem is about utopia, and what it would take to reach it.


Utopia’s a place

Where you can do


You wanted to.


Utopia’s a place

With enjoyment,

No needed job,

And no employment


Utopia’s a place

Where you can be lazy,

Watch TV all day,

Isn’t that crazy?


Utopia’s a place

With no war

And no conflict

Could you want more?


However, Utopia’s a place

With no challenges

No need to push limits

No need for talents.


And Utopia’s a place

With no point of living

The boredom and perfection

May be unforgiving


Also, Utopia’s a place

That is not even reachable

However, this fact,

May be unteachable


So don’t wish for Utopia,

Since life’s an adventure,

Go push the limits

And dare to venture.


Me by Callie Yu

I am from the tingling alarm clock,

And the annoying chit-chatting noise.


I am from laughing ‘til I can’t breath,

And from tears rolling down my cheeks.


I am from not waking up in the morning,

And not sleeping at night.


I am from yelling at my brother,

And my brother yelling at me.


I am from playing with my best friend,

And shouting at my enemies.


I am from going to sleepovers,

And regretting to have a play date.


I am from jumping into the water puddles,

And from walking in the pollution fog.


But the most important thing is,

I am from myself!

Ode to Chipotle by Jonathan L

Ode to Chipotle

The delicious Mexican food,

That is probably not even Mexican

But who cares?

It’s delicious!


Ode to Chipotle

The delicious burritos,

The crispy tacos,

The amazing bowls,

And healthy salads


Ode to Chipotle

And the black beans

That makes me fart

And tastes so good

Especially in salads


Ode to Chipotle

Where I can never

Finish a burrito,

Because it’s just too much

For me to handle


Ode to Chipotle

And the delicious meats

Both beef and chicken,

Which is why

I request extra meat every time.


Ode to Chipotle

The crispy chips

Dipped in guacamole

Making a great snack

Paired with burritos


Ode to Chipotle

The endless lines

Outside of the building

But who cares?

It’s still worth it.


Where I’m From by Etsuko N

I am from dancing ballet,
from 4 hours and 20 minutes a week.
I am from stretching my leg muscles, painful at first but leading to
happiness when I dance.

I am from playing golf with my dad,
from standing in the right position
and trying again every time I fail.
I am from doing everything step by step,
“Do it step by step or else your ball will not go far.”

I am from watermelon,
and from its energy.
I am from the sweetness
the watery crunch
in a juicy bite.

I am from Flora Zeta,
from the first Asian Chinese ballerina
to enter The Royal Ballet School.
I am from winning the Adeline Geńee Awards,
and from being one of her students.

I am from Arianna Grande and her acting,
from the TV show Nickelodeon.
From being one of the character in Sam and Kat,
and Victorious.

I am from who I am the person I’ve always been.
Dancing ballet, playing golf, watermelon, Flora Zeta and Arianna Grande.
My influences
My passions



A general term that can mean anything.

Is there a specific definition?

For each person, the meaning is different

Maybe it is one’s birthplace,

Or maybe where you have lived the longest

Perhaps, it is the most relaxing place,

Here is my interpretation:

Home is a place where there is everything from peace to excitement

Home is the deep, dark forest in the backyard,

Seemingly reaching to drag me in.

Home is the grazing cows mooing on the vast farm

And cornfields stretching past the horizon.

Home is the smell of fresh air,

Carrying an infinite amount pleasant aromas.

Home is the endless grass pastures,

With white, iron, goalposts on each end.

Home is where friendship bonds are made,

Iron, hard, and unbreakable bonds.

Home is where there is unlimited laughter

And happiness gleams bright.

Home is the swim team’s numbingly cold swimming pool,

A margin away from solidifying to icy.

Home is the shiny gold swimming trophy

Standing up tall and proud on my bookshelf.

Home is the old, rusty stereo,

“Hurricane Warning! Seek shelter immediately!”

Home is the soothing notes

Drifting from the piano into my ears.

Home is a dreamland,

Where I have developed to be who I am today.

Home is the one and only New Jersey,

Where I will always consider to be my true home!

What is “Home” to you?

By Jonathan Luo

Where I’m From

By Evelyn L

I’m from the round kitchen table, with the red-and-white checkered tablecloth,

I’m from packets of M&M and Skittles,

I’m from “leave me alone”, and “oh my god”,

I’m from the dusty once snow-white stuffed rabbit toy sitting on the shelf, next to my hardcover books.


I’m from thousands of pencil drawings on loose papers,

And open books strewn across the carpet,

I’m from continuous episodes of “The Night Garden”,

I would watch in the late afternoon.


I’m from the sunlight shinning through the window,

Lighting up the many pages of a fairytale book, I read the night before,

I’m from the smell of lavender air-fresheners,

And homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


I’m from the never-ending replay of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland,

I’m from “that’s disgustingly cheesy”, and “I ship it”,

I’m from the nights I stay up late, gaming and laughing with my friends,

I’m from the endless inside jokes I share with the rest of my little “crew”.


I’m from the emotional nights where I would watch sad movies along with my gang of stuffed toys,

I’m from the sound of the constant drumming of fingers on tabletops,

I’m from the many albums of Taylor Swift who I have grown to love,

And has become a part of me.


I’m from the ghost of your smile, and the once bright light in your eyes.