I Wish I Had Known

By Vivian W.

I wish I had known that life was not simple. But I was drowning in the kindness of my friends, and I hadn’t known that I would be backstabbed later. It was all your fault. You popped into my life without giving me an option, without considering my feelings.

I stood on the train station, wondering if I should really do this. Of all of my other problems, you were only a dent, right? I could never see you again and still continue my life.

But I wasn’t only leaving because of you. I was starting fresh, all of my problems disintegrating. I wanted to restart my life, since I messed it up. By yelling at you, I caused friction between us. By slamming the door, I will never be forgiven.

The wind of the train sent my hair flying.

I stepped into the train.

I was fascinated by how the train made scenery blur. But it was my life, changing into a new one, switching colors and feelings.

I was in the kitchen, trying to ignore the tugging history of old life. It was so painful, but everyday I still reviewed what could’ve happened, when would’ve happened.

There was a knock from there door, echoing through the walls then eventually faded away like scars from the past. But my scars would never heal. People ask why I came here, who I came here with. They only opened my scars, sent the blood running down.

The knock came again and again, jolting me from my thinking. I sighed and twisted the knob.

In front of me was you.

It seems that you were clearing the blame meant for you. You wanted to clear all the friction caused. Try to start things over.

But I don’t accept apologies from you.


By Vivian W


NW: News Reporter

NW: Breaking news! Innocent townspeople being massacred by snowmen made by small unsuspecting children! Snowmen of all kinds are seen trampling plants my grandma planted! Lets hear what the witnesses think of this.

Joanne: I’m so shocked! I was coming back from the store when a puny snowman came up to me and stole my Pop-tarts! I knew I had to run back home before anything else was stolen.

NW: You have made a very very wise decision. Did you encounter any other snowmen or was that your only sighting for that day?

Joanne: Oh. There were snowmen blocking the road. So I went back to my friend’s house to spend a few weeks.

NW: There is something Joanne said- a few weeks. This is expected, since the snowmen are indestructible. The fire department has tried many techniques: fire blower, matches, hoses, trucks to run down the snowmen; NOTHING WORKED. The Police Department has tried using their batons, hot coffee and donuts, but instead five men were taken captive, there are no more donuts in town, the batons were found snapped in half in the middle of a park, and all the coffee evaporated, even in this cold weather.

Joanne: Um…can I leave now?

NW: Yes, yes. You may leave now. The scientists have an idea that might banish the snowmen from our town. We must make a great bonfire then lure the snowmen, THEN THE SNOWMEN WOULD BE GONE!

Scientist: Yes. This was an AMAZING idea and we MUST do it. If you want to survive, you WILL do what I say and you WILL make it! If you don’t, you WILL die. YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!! YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!

NW: Uh…ok…sure. That is all on Breaking News, and wait for the next one! AHH IS THAT A SNOWMAN? EVACUATE! EVACUAATE!!!

The Twelve Days of Christmas

By Vivian W

Santa’s Visit

I woke up with a yelp. Today was Christmas! I ran to my sister’s room and woke her up. There was no sleeping in on this cold, happy day! We both ran down the stairs, racing each other until we were are the bottom. We went into the living room and checked out the Christmas Tree. Still the same lights, still the same star on top. Nothing was different.

Not even something under the tree. We looked all around the tree.  Nothing. No flash of a ribbon hidden underneath the branches, no notecard peeking out of the mess of decorations on the tree.

I turned to my big sister. “Where are the presents? Didn’t Santa come?”

I saw my sister struggling under her mask of pure innocence. “Maybe he will come later. Come on, little sister, lets first go eat breakfast. We started towards the door.

“Did you hear that?” Some heavy pit-pat sounds came from the roof. “A robbery?”

“Probably not, sister. Surely it’s just the chimney duster.”

I wasn’t so sure. But the thing was making it’s way to the chimney.

We turned back around and stepped our first step in the dining room.

“But sister, it sounds like he’s in the chimney!”

My older sister looked up. Streaks of doubt and deep thinking crossed her face. Perhaps she was considering that it was a robber, after all.

Dust streamed from the chimney. Based on how many grunts there was, I could tell that the person was chubby, or considerably fat. Finally, finally, two little stubby legs appeared underneath the place were we hanged our stockings. The legs were fat, and the shoes…red and fluffy white stuff.

The figure landed on his butt on the logs in the fire place, and he smiled at us.


Ideas rushed in my mind, all things to consider. Trap him and bring him for show and tell, force him to take me to the North Pole, look at his reindeer (See if they are as fat as someone…). But one idea stood out.

He needed to take cookie eating down a notch.

Rosy cheeks, merry eyes, this was truly Santa.

He also smelled like gingerbread.

We all stared at each other, not daring to break this sacred moment. Then, he threw some…some…pixie dust which knocked us out. Yeah, I know. We both fell down and hit our heads. I don’t remember what happened next, but I woke up with a donkey neighing. A donkey?

I looked up to find my Christmas present.

A donkey with a ribbon tied around the neck.

Just what I wanted.

Jenny’s and Vivian’s Truth/Lie

By Jenny S and Vivian W


“NOOOO!!!!!!! BARBIE!!!!!!” Jeanette screamed. Jenny and Jeanette were having a fight. Jeanette ripped Jenny’s Harry Potter poster in half. So Jenny was ripping her older sister’s Barbie doll.

“SHUT IT YOU WHIPPERSNAPPER!!!! YOU TOTALLY DESERVE IT, NINCOMPOOP!!!! Jenny squealed, fighting to climb to her bed; the top bunk. Jeanette clung onto the ladder.

“GIVE. ME. BACK. MY. BARBIE DOOOOOOOOOOOOOLL!!!!! Jeanette shouted, trying to get her Barbie doll away from her aggressive little sister. Jenny held onto the doll as if for dear life.

“YOU KILL HARRY POTTER, I KILL BARBIEEEEEEEEEE!!!” Jenny screamed at the top of her lungs, ripping off poor Barbie’s head and kicked her sister in the stomach.

“HOOF!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!” Jeanette screamed as she fell off the ladder. With one big thump, there was awkward silence. Jenny continued ripping Barbie apart with an angry gleam in her eyes. She didn’t realize that her sister was still lying on the ground, unconscious until Barbie was in shreds.

“Jeanie? Jeanie?!” Jenny shook her sister violently. Jenny tried everything to make Jeanette wake up. In the end, with horror struck eyes, she cried “MOM!! DAD!!!”


Amanda stood under the doorway of the store. The sounds of chirps, barks and purring blasted her ears and she smiled. Finally, time to get her first pet!

She entered the store, and was awarded with the shopkeeper’s stare. Ignoring the eyes sinking into her back, she walked over to the puppies.

The first thing she noticed was the smell. Rancid breath, toilet smells, and saliva overcame her nose. Telling herself that she was going to have a good, clean pet, (with good hygiene), she marched towards the cage containing the puppies and directed her attention towards it.

The pups tumbled over each other to gain the attention, but Vivian’s eyes were locked onto one puppy. A small, and extremely hyper. Amanda LOVED the pup. She demanded that the puppy and her were put together, able for her to pet it.

She and the puppy were put in a cage, and the puppy was as hyper as ever. The puppy ran over to Amanda, and her expecting it to leap into her arms, held them out.

Now, its crazy for a pet shop to have no litter box. The puppy instead ran to her shoes, leaned its hind onto the shoes, and left a small, brown gift.

Amanda never went into pet shops again.



Jen was bored. Her grandpa was riding a bike and her on the backseat. She looked down at the wheels and grinned.

“Pretty wheels. I wanna touch ‘em.” Jen touched the wheel with her foot. She thought it was fun. Jen continued to play with the wheel until… her foot was jammed in the wheels.

“AAAAAH!!!” Jen screamed as they fell over. Her grandpa screamed too. It took her hours to get her foot out. Jen cried and cried. Until when they finally got her out. Jen had to ride the car of one of their neighbors. Jen saw her ankle bleeding and screamed at the top of her lungs, and sobbed. Jen learnt her lesson that day.