Where I’m From

By Evelyn L

I’m from the round kitchen table, with the red-and-white checkered tablecloth,

I’m from packets of M&M and Skittles,

I’m from “leave me alone”, and “oh my god”,

I’m from the dusty once snow-white stuffed rabbit toy sitting on the shelf, next to my hardcover books.


I’m from thousands of pencil drawings on loose papers,

And open books strewn across the carpet,

I’m from continuous episodes of “The Night Garden”,

I would watch in the late afternoon.


I’m from the sunlight shinning through the window,

Lighting up the many pages of a fairytale book, I read the night before,

I’m from the smell of lavender air-fresheners,

And homemade chocolate-chip cookies.


I’m from the never-ending replay of the Disney version of Alice in Wonderland,

I’m from “that’s disgustingly cheesy”, and “I ship it”,

I’m from the nights I stay up late, gaming and laughing with my friends,

I’m from the endless inside jokes I share with the rest of my little “crew”.


I’m from the emotional nights where I would watch sad movies along with my gang of stuffed toys,

I’m from the sound of the constant drumming of fingers on tabletops,

I’m from the many albums of Taylor Swift who I have grown to love,

And has become a part of me.


I’m from the ghost of your smile, and the once bright light in your eyes.

My Diary

By Jenny S

February 15th 2015

Dear Diary,

I have a band, called The Sirens. I am the leader; Jenny Song and my band mates are Mai-Ling Darbyshire and Jennifer Coster. Anyway, today we were practicing for our performance at the Sydney Opera House when my phone rang.

“Get it!” Mai-Ling shouted. I rolled my eyes and looked at the screen, and my mouth was a practical O-shape. Apparently it was my ex-boyfriend, Owen Bubeck. I answered my phone.

“Yo Jen, Sup?” Owen was all like. You know he hasn’t called me Jen for 6 years. In case you were wondering, I’m about 16 years old now.

“Fine Owen. Why did you call me? I thought we broke up.”

“Yeah but I’m coming to the Sydney Opera House to see your performance”

“Oh OK.” I hung up and turned around.

“Who was it?” Jennifer asked.

“Apparently Owen my ex says he’s coming to see our performance.” I did a neck-roll in disgust. Mai-Ling looked at me smugly.

“Oooooh, this will be a chance for you to sing ‘Sorry Owen’ to him.” She grabbed my guitar and shoved it at me. I strummed it and sang.

Just close your eyes, the moon is rising now. You’ll be all right, I won’t hurt you now. Come on daylight, you and I’ll be safe and sound.” I sang. Mai-Ling and Jennifer were giggling as I sang.



February 20th 2015

Dear Diary.

We didn’t have much time for band practice but I called Charles, my boyfriend now.

“Hey babe, what’s the matter?” Charles asked.

“My ex-boyfriend called me. He’s coming to my show.”

“Jen, it’s probably just a dare from his friends. You can never trust an ex”

“Yeah. But you’ll be there, right?”

“Of course. Love ya babe. See ya” Charles hung up and I lay down on my bed looking at Legolas poster on my wall.

“Charles and Owen are both coming right?” I asked Legolas who of course, said nothing. I blew Legsie a kiss and left for the dinner table.



February 22nd 2015

Band practice today, but we didn’t do much. I was just thinking about my conversation with Charles.

“Jen! SING!” Mai-Ling shouted in my ear.

“Can we talk for a minute?” I asked. They immediately sat down. “I talked with Charles 2 days ago. He thinks Owen pranked me.”

“Well, I can’t fully trust Charles since you just got together this year. But I can for Owen. He was your boyfriend and our friends 6 years ago remember?” Jennifer was all like.

“He was… Then he hated me. So I really doubt it that he’s gonna come.” I said scratching my head.

“We’ll keep an eye on him, and maybe Charles. OK” Mai-Ling made me feel better. “For now, SING!” She turned on the music on so loud I could barely hear myself.



February 23rd 2015

Dear Diary,

Bad news. Mai-Ling heard that Charles had a football final just before our concert. Which means a rough chance of him coming to the concert. Jennifer heard that Owen didn’t really care about me; he will only show up for Mai-Ling and Jennifer. So now I’m crying beside Legolas. Maybe if I bring my poster I’ll have someone being there at the concert for me. Uh oh, dinner time now.



February 24th 2015

Dear Diary,

Oh god, I ruined my ‘now’, and today.

I was crying for the whole band practice time. I even wet the microphone.

“Jen, seriously, you can’t expect Charles to come for you every time.” Mai-Ling rolled her eyes.

“Bu-But I w-was ex-expecting h-him. A-and O-O-O-wen st-stood m-me up” I cried harder.

“Really, maybe this guy stuff wasn’t meant to be for you!” Jennifer tried to reassure me but I lost my mind.

“YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW THIS FEELS!!! YOU DON’T HAVE AN EX OR A BOYFRIEND” I screeched and dropped my guitar (I’m lucky it didn’t break). Then I ran out of the garage. I don’t really know where I went. It took me a long time to get home and when I got there, Mai-Ling and Jennifer were gone. I’m such a sucky friend.



February 25th 2015

I really don’t deserve friends like these. They forgave me for yelling at them yesterday, first thing in the morning.

“We really know how you feel. But I still think Charles will come right after his final” Jennifer reassured me.

“Having a boyfriend is better than having a crush” Mai-Ling rolled her eyes. This made me laugh because I know she’s been crushing on Joshua for a really long time.

“Thanks guys.” I grinned. “So are we ready to rock the concert tomorrow night?”

“YEAH!!” We shouted and high-fived each other. Now we’re in it to ROCK IT!



February 26th 2015

It’s TONIGHT! I could feel the excitement going through my veins. Earlier in the day I did my makeup and got dressed. When all three of us looked in the mirror, we looked AWESOME! We were all wearing our The Sirens t-shirt. I wore a pink short skirt with knee-high high-heeled black boots. I had my long black hair in one braid on my left shoulder. Mai-Ling had blue denim shorts along with converse shoes that matched her shorts. Her black hair was in a high ponytail at the tippy top of her head. Jennifer was wearing long black pants with white sneakers. Her black hair wasn’t tied up.

“Let’s do this.” I whispered as we strode onto the stage of the Sydney Opera House. The crowd cheered us on wildly. I grinned but then I looked at my guitar on its stand. Is he really gonna come? Anyway, we sang through Battle Of The Bands and Welcome To The Show really well. We nailed Rainfall and Best Friends! I spotted Owen in the crowd. I smiled. But the door opened and Charles came in. I grinned really widely.

“THIS ONE IS FOR YOU CHARLES!” I screamed at the top of my lungs and we sang I Just Want You. It was dedicated to him. Then Jennifer grabbed a chair and my guitar. She motioned me to sit on the chair and shoved my guitar at me. “Um… This song is dedicated to my ex-boyfriend, who is sitting in the crowd right now.” I pointed at Owen. He smiled. I sang through the song really well. I thought of all the good moments we had and I forgot about our breakup. I exploded at the key change. I did a harmony while Mai-Ling and Jennifer sang the melody.

“I loved I Just Want You!” Charles exclaimed at the end of the concert. Charles, Owen, Mai-Ling, Jennifer and I were outside the Sydney Opera House. “You dedicated it to me, I love you so much!” Charles gave me a big hug. Then Owen walked toward me.

“You’re forgiven.” He gave me a hug.

“Let’s just be friends now” I smiled at him.

“Anyone wanna go to Jaffa’s?” Mai-Ling suggested. We had a great time at Jaffa’s. We had milkshakes, jokes, we even took a group selfie with my phone. I spotted Gwyneth, my frenemy (AKA Owen’s girlfriend) glaring at us. She was at the concert and knew that Owen would rather spend more time with me than her. I made our selfie my new phone background. I have the GREATEST friends ever, and the best band.


By Vivian W


NW: News Reporter

NW: Breaking news! Innocent townspeople being massacred by snowmen made by small unsuspecting children! Snowmen of all kinds are seen trampling plants my grandma planted! Lets hear what the witnesses think of this.

Joanne: I’m so shocked! I was coming back from the store when a puny snowman came up to me and stole my Pop-tarts! I knew I had to run back home before anything else was stolen.

NW: You have made a very very wise decision. Did you encounter any other snowmen or was that your only sighting for that day?

Joanne: Oh. There were snowmen blocking the road. So I went back to my friend’s house to spend a few weeks.

NW: There is something Joanne said- a few weeks. This is expected, since the snowmen are indestructible. The fire department has tried many techniques: fire blower, matches, hoses, trucks to run down the snowmen; NOTHING WORKED. The Police Department has tried using their batons, hot coffee and donuts, but instead five men were taken captive, there are no more donuts in town, the batons were found snapped in half in the middle of a park, and all the coffee evaporated, even in this cold weather.

Joanne: Um…can I leave now?

NW: Yes, yes. You may leave now. The scientists have an idea that might banish the snowmen from our town. We must make a great bonfire then lure the snowmen, THEN THE SNOWMEN WOULD BE GONE!

Scientist: Yes. This was an AMAZING idea and we MUST do it. If you want to survive, you WILL do what I say and you WILL make it! If you don’t, you WILL die. YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!! YOU WILL DO WHAT I SAY!!

NW: Uh…ok…sure. That is all on Breaking News, and wait for the next one! AHH IS THAT A SNOWMAN? EVACUATE! EVACUAATE!!!

A Short Story Based On You & You & You

By Stephanie C

*based off a scene in the novel You & You & You by Per Nilsson.

I thought we were in love. I thought he loved me. I thought I loved him. Though it turns out “my stereotypes are true” (Nilsson 188). My immigrant gangster boyfriend, Victor, hits me. Hard. Then he apologizes and rubs my bruises and whispers and my ears and makes me want to do whatever he says. That, surprisingly, works every time.

I was walking home with Victor. Casually. Of course, it would be like any other day, where he would come over to my apartment and, well… “Make love to me”(99). Continue reading “A Short Story Based On You & You & You”

Welcome To Live Academy!

By Kevin C

“Welcome to Live Academy!” announced Mr. Ymedaca with excitement. “A new school year has started again, I would like you all to report to your classroom!” Mr. Ymedaca waved his hands around like a bird. He dismissed us from the auditorium. Mr. Ymedaca is our principle in school.

My name is Tommy Alperton, my family and I had just moved to Riverview, Dad had found a new job here, but I lost all my friends from my old neighborhood. As I walked down the hallway, I saw other students chatting, running and eating. Ms. Lydia was my new homeroom teacher, she was very nice, her dress was as colorful as a rainbow, and her earrings sparkled under the gleaming sun. Our school was the biggest school in this town, it has 3 sections. In fact, we had tramcars connecting the 3 school buildings!

Today, I rode the tram to the common area, I fell asleep on the ride and I had a very bad dream yesterday. I missed the terminal station, but I guess the driver did not see me when he got off. When I woke up, I found myself in complete darkness. “Hello?” I stood up and shouted. Continue reading “Welcome To Live Academy!”

The Gifts of Shadow

By David W

It was a normal vacation before everything went wrong. Lily and her husband James went onto a vacation. Just a normal vacation at the beach. They went swimming in the beautiful ocean…

Then, Lily glanced back. Near their towels, a new bag, decorated beautifully, stood near the sand. There was a label: To Lily

Lily, curiously, walked towards the bag. Carefully, she opened it. Elegant, colorful flowers, inside the bag. She didn’t dare take it, assuming it was some kind of trap. She walked back to the hotel immediatly after that.

“Why are you in such a hurry, anyways?” James asked.

“Oh… nothing.” Lily lied. “It’s just a sun allergy.”

“You never told me you had sun allergies!” said James. “Maybe you’d like to stay in?”

But Lily’s attention was not on James, but another anonymous package outside the window. She opened the package. Inside, a golden watch glittered. Lily frowned. Are those a surprise gift from her husband? She thought. It’d won’t be as fun for him if I asked him about it.

She went down to get some water, and besides a water dispenser, a beautiful bag laid on the floor. She couldn’t take it anymore. Forgetting all about her thirst, she burst into the hotel room.

“Did you put down the gifts?” Lily demanded.

Continue reading “The Gifts of Shadow”

Future School Fail

By Roy S

Part One

(Boom) A sound came from out side of the school, everybody got under their table, except for Bob. He looked curious of what was happening outside of the school. (announcing)”The booming sound was only a drill from the school, thank you for participating”. Bob was unhappy because every time there was a booming sound it would be a drill but everyone else didn’t know what he was thinking but who knows.

Bob walked home with a sad face, it was like he lost a family member and was about to fall down, he was depressed walking home and he even kicked the ben and got on the bus.

He got home and told his mom about what happened at and did his homework and had dinner while he was eating dinner on the TV the news said that all the schools are calling back all the students and are about to do a secret drill in the school for the next 6 mouth and the students are not allowed to go home and the drill was called futures academy.

Bob was a little bit happier that the past but he tought that he could not com back for the next 6 months and he can’t see his mom for the next 6 months. This is going to be harsh and challenging for Bob.

Part two

(ding ding ding) It was time for for class and it was the first day of project futures academy the teachers basicly explained what is futures academy and what we will be doing for the next 6 months.

“We are going to start project futures academy, have everybody have there money, snacks and teddy bears for the next 6 months, because if you don’t you have one more day to go home and get packed up”. Bob thought that he may not have enough money to survive, so he called his mom and said he had one more day to prepare for the next 6 months.

After school Bob went home and got another 1,000,000 dollars to survive the challenging 6 months and when having dinner he and his mom talked about what the students were allowed to do in this 6 months and what they were not aloud to do and luckly the students were still aloud to bring a phone and a phone charger and they were aloud to go out side to get drinks and foods.

People were exhausted when they got to school the next day but how does it matter it is still going to be the time to start futures Academy. “All right students lets get started”! the evil eyes that the teacher had and the spooky smile she had was very ambitious and we knew that this is going to be bad.

After the evil part of the spouky teacher we hade the princible come in to our class and gave us some very valuble hint for the next 6 months. then the vise princible called the princible out of the room for some thing i don’t know about, but it looked very siriouse. ahhhhh every one was screming there was a real lock down in the school and we had to stay in a place that the intruder could not see us.

Part three

after a while there was a all clear then every body were disgosing what just happened and a voice came from the outside and this man said: “ I have token over the school and I am now in the secaridy office”, and then every body stoped breathing and thought when did we have a secaridy office?

The teachers face was red and it looked like she was guilty student turned all of their eyes to the teacher, then we started to walk to her. “so whats all about this security office deal, why didn’t you tell us about there was a secarity office”. All the students said to her.

The teacher was scared and hade to run away like a little baby while the students are laughing at her. At the end of the day while Bob was walking back to the darm the fog stole on him like thiefs in the night tring to steel something, Bob was scared.

the princable told us to leave the school and never come back then he brought us to a persinal air port and put us on the airbus a380.


The Room of Dreams

By David W

I didn’t expect to plunge into a room of dreams.

There I was, writing my homework, and I found myself dizzy, unable to focus. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath, and I felt a sudden surge of tireness, like I just ran twenty laps. I stumbled, and crashed on my bed.

I felt the bed fall apart, and everything was like glue. I couldn’t move, see or even feel anything. I wasn’t so surprised. It was just another strange nightmare.

Then, the crazy thing happened. Everything parted, and found my dream self in a room. The walls were black, with no light comming from any direction, but my dream self could see perfectly. I didn’t focus on much details of the room, but only glass jars, big as bottles of water, stood in the middle of the room. Something flickered inside them, and they showed visions I could see with my mind. These were dreams. My dreams. I walked towards them and studied the dreams. Some good dreams, some nightmares, and some I couldn’t even remember. I was so focused that I didn’t even look at where I was going. I tripped on a jar, and it shattered to pieces.

I jerked awake, and found myself on the ground of a bright hallway, the same one in my dream a few days ago, with the flowing fire maze. Weren’t I supposed to be on my comfortable bed, resting? Then I figured something out. Something that doesn’t make any sense. Something that weren’t supposed to happen, but did. My real self got in my own dream.

I panicked. In my original fire maze dream, I was cornered by flames, with my friends burnt, and I got woken up by my alarm. But this time there weren’t any alarms to wake me up. I hoped I was still dreaming, and I will wake up when I have to go to school, but I knew this was real. I thought about my dreams. What happened after this? I walked around the maze of fire, thinking as fast as I could. Can I die in dreams? If I did, would I go home, on my bed? Then I thought of something. This is my own dream. Can I control what happened in it? I’ve read about people manipulating their dreams, controlling what’s in them. Can I try to do that?

I closed my eyes. I concentrated so hard that my head buzzed. Then I opened my eyes, after I prayed to everything and everyone. I was back home, awoke.

Then, my alarm rang. Time for school. When I arrived school, people kept asking why I smelled like fire and burnt marshmallows. I just answered “I ate some for breakfast”, but my classmates clearly didn’t belive me.

Then, I went in the science class room, and people were talking about weird dreams. I walked towards the people, ready to join their conversation, since I had a pretty weird dream too. When I heard what they were talking about, I nearly fainted with surprise. They were talking about the dream of the fire maze, and everybody had that dream. What did I do?

Then, my head buzzed again. I tried to make it go away, but it just got worse. I closed my eyes and tried to clear my head. When I noticed my mistake, I was too late. The world faded around me and I fell in the room of dreams.

This time the room was a bit different… or a lot. This time there aren’t just one room, but about twenty rooms connected, and they look different. Some are black like mine, and some are other colored, like white, gray, or dark red. I went to the white room, with my best friend in it.

“What is this?” My best friend asked, panicking. “Where is this place?” “This… Um…” I found it hard to explain. “This is the room of dreams.”

“What is it?”

“Your past dreams will be stored inside here, and for some reason I can get in this place.”

“Where is my dreams, then?”

I looked around his room. There were nothing, not a single jar, and same for my other classmates. There were nothing.

“Wha… What…” I spluttered.
My friend frowned. “You don’t think we’ll be stuck here forever, do you?”

“Well, I’m not sure.” I decided to be honest. “I concentrated last time I got in this room and I got out, but I don’t think I can manage 20 people…”

My friend gasped.

“What?” I asked, mystified.

“Look… LOOK BACK!!” He shouted.

I turned my head, and what I saw frightened me out of my mind. It was the fire maze, and all my friends were in there, standing exactly where they were standing in my fire maze dream from days ago.

Then, I flinched and had a bad feeling. I found out the truth about the room of dreams. It was way more powerful than I thought it was. I replayed the fire maze dream in my mind. Me and my friend, in the dream, had navigated to a trap door, thinking it was the way out. A stream of flames came out of the trap door and swallowed us all. That was all I remembered from the original dream.

“Hey! Come on! Let’s try to escape!” My friend shouted to me.

I jolted back to reality, or at least my dream reality, in the dream room. I sprinted after my classmates. They sneaked fearfully though the fire maze. The walls of fire shifted once we went through a gate. We were trapped in the maze. I studied the space we had. There was a trap door… The trap door.

I’d like to say that I helped everybody escape. The truth is it was the dreams. Even though I was scared out of my mind, I still tried to clear my mind and focus on escaping. I looked around. The fire closing up on us, the trapdoor which I know leads to a trap, and… a glitter of light?

I never noticed the dream jars are still here. I sprinted at a random jar with excitement. The good news is that I almost reached the jar, but the bad news is that also means I am almost getting burned to a crisp by a wall of fire.

I tried to kick the jar to my hand, but the temperature is too hot. I lost my balance, and would’ve fell in the fire if my friend haven’t grabbed me.

“What were you doing?” He exclaimed.
“Getting the jar.” I replied.
“Well, there’ll be no getting the jar now.” He said.

I looked up. The jar fell in the fire. There goes our only hope. I thought.
Then, the miracle happened. The fire somehow liquified the bottle, and the dream fluttered out. The dream, turns out, to be about our science test today. Whoever had that dream had saved us all.