So all this talk about creative teaching and learning combined with a super successful TTT recently (see previous post), I have decided to apply for a Research and Development Grant for the 2018-2019 school year.

iPad technology can be utilised to immerse students in learning that engages them in exploration, creativity, collaboration and more. When our teachers are aware of, and familiar with, the power of such a tool, they are more likely to priorities such learning activities in their curriculum. Currently our teachers do not have their own iPads, even those teachers in Elementary school, are required to use a classroom iPad and so are restricted to experimenting with free apps since the iPad is locked to the School iTunes account. Without an iPad, it is virtually impossible to expect our teachers to become familiar with the tool and the opportunities that it presents for their classroom. However, simply handing them an iPad is not necessarily the answer here, since without providing meaningful training, there is a risk on the iPad becoming the tool used solely for Words with Friends or Sudoku. (Nothing wrong with these apps by the way!)

I propose an in-depth, meaningful iPad training program for interested teachers across the school, that runs over the duration of Semester 1. Teachers would be presented with a new iPad Pro, Apple Pencil and iTunes Voucher, and would be expected to commit fully to the program. The program would run again with a second group of teachers in Semester 2. The aim of the program is to provide teachers with the hardware required and  support them to develop a better understanding of the opportunities for learning with iPad while empowering them to integrate such technology in their classrooms.

To document our journey and share our experiences with the ISB community and the world beyond, I would like to create an iBook, ISB One Best Thing,  in which each participating teachers would be required to reflect on one iPad tool that was significant to them and how their student’s learning changed as a result. The iBook would publish student samples and share lesson ideas. Let’s show the world what ISB can do!