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Make It: Final Presentation

My finished product came up so much better than I had expected and I’m very interested in looking to sell these to raise money for a charity such as Plastic Oceans whose mission is to raise awareness on the issue of plastic pollution.  Single-use plastic is a human addition that is destroying our planet and I want to do everything I can to be a part of making this much-needed change.

To highlight the fact that these combs have been made from 100% recycled plastic, I decided to use my newly develop skills in using the laser cutter, to prepare a tag for each comb. I tied the tag to each comb


From the two successful plastic cakes, I made over 15 individual combs. I chose colours that were quite different from each other with the hope of gathering interest from a wider audience. The green/blue combs, I think, turned out the best as the sheet was flat and allowed to cool overnight. The red coloured sheet wasn’t as flat so I did have some difficulty cutting this and as a result, the combs from this sheet have a slight bend in them.

I have developed a range of skills this week including:

  • Using Illustrator to create vector drawings
  • Creating plastic sheets from recycled plastics
  • Shredding plastics for the purpose of making the plastic sheets
  • Using the laser cutter and determining the best speed and power for the materials that I was working with (both plastic and wood)
  • Use of the heat gun, electric sander and the scroll saw

Please buy a comb from the PTA store to support Plastic Oceans and increase awareness of an important global issue!

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  1. Wow, these are amazing! I love how you added value to your design by creating the swing tag!

    What other products could you make using this process? How do you think you could better differentiate your final product from the original inspiration?

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