Welcome to the MS ENRICH PROGRAM!



MS ENRICH is a program that complements the core classes, electives, activities and experiential learning for middle school students at ISB.

The Enrichment Program in the Middle School is designed to provide students with the opportunity to explore learning experiences in a creative and authentic way, to follow their passions and explore new areas of interest.

This program allows students to:

  • Take risks with their learning by attempting things that they might not experience through the normal curriculum or after-school activities (Risk)
  • Undertake learning experiences that challenge them to work at a higher or more difficult level in a less intense environment (Challenge)
  • Pursue their passions in a chosen area (Passion)

The courses offered are numerous and are determined by several factors. These are: student need or desire; teacher expertise and available resources. At the end of each quarter, students choose their next enrichment course by ranking the courses in the block that they have enrichments. Students should take new enrichments throughout their middle school experience.

The current enrichment offerings are:

Block 1ODD
Block 4ODD
Block 1EVEN
Block 2EVEN




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