October, End of Quarter Check-In


Hello all,

This week you are being challenged by a rigorous practice exam schedule, but once it is over you will be done with IB “boot camp,” and you will be ready to take more control of your study of History.  In the meantime, know that I meant what I said in class: both F and G blocs have demonstrated excellent endeavor and potential and I am very proud of how quickly you have adapted to IB-level writing. Keep up your confidence for the rest of the week and take pride in the work you have done in preparation for these exams! Parents, please encourage your children as they wrap up their first semester of IB. Either as full diploma candidates or certificate applicants, the first quarter of IB is quite a reality check.

For your further information, our class has focused on the following material this quarter:

  • The theory of History and historiography
  • Historical thinking and activism
  • Film and War (via Gallipoli)
  • Theories of war
  • World War I
  • World War II
  • Thinkers:
    • Hannah Arendt
    • Georg Hegel & Karl Marx (in terms of history)
    • Niall Ferguson
    • Eric Hobsbawm
    • AJP Taylor
    • Fritz Fischer
    • Steven Pinker
    • P.W. Singer
    • and others


Students, looking forward to what the the second quarter holds in store, you will soon:

But for now, focus on a solid end to the quarter. I will be sending out a new “check-in” early in Quarter Two.

Parents, I look forward to meeting you or speaking with you again per your availability during our Parent Teacher Conferences next week.


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