1. All extension requests must be submitted one week prior to the due date & on a business day. (Except in case of emergency.)
  2. When discussions concerning any assignments or class procedures are conducted in class, students are expected to write down all relevant decisions and changes. This is particularly true of student-requested extensions and other petitions.
  3. The basic expectation remains that students check their submitted email once at the end of of school day.
  4. The teacher will never (except in case of emergency) send or distribute relevant material after 4PM and no requirements will ever be assigned with less than 24 hours notice.
  5. The teacher will honor “No-Homework Weekends,” even for long-term assignments. However, students via their research committees remain responsible for scheduling their assignments in a way that allows them to enjoy the benefit of such breaks.
  6. If a student consistently demonstrates she is not reading her emails thoroughly and carefully, excuses will not be accepted for misunderstandings and the teacher will feel no obligation to further explain matters. The basic expectation is that each student focuses the first time the matter is explained, not that the student expect refreshed explanations on request.
  7. Emails that do not display the correct subject heading, as instructed, may be ignored by the teacher.