Global impact of the region in the second half of the 20th century

This section deals with the role played by the region in the world at large. During this period, Japan developed as an economic superpower, while South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and the South Asian subcontinent experienced their own economic miracles in the following years. Despite economic problems in the region in the later 1990s, these countries possessed the wealth and power to make the region a major driving force in the world economy. As a consequence the social, economic, political and cultural changes taking place in the region were also having an impact globally.

With respect to the last three bullets, a case study approach should be adopted, using one country from the region as an example. The chosen country should be identified in the introduction to the examination answers.

  • Korean War: causes, course and consequences
  • Political and economic developments in Japan
  • Economic miracles in Taiwan and South Korea
  • Development of Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Thailand and the South Asian subcontinent
  • Religion as an influence on regional relations and world affairs
  • Globalization as an economic, cultural and social force
  • Pacific Rim and the Pacific Islands: economic and political changes