IBO History Guide

On this and the following pages in this section of the site, we outline the choices and details of the units of study selected by the Social Studies Department at ISB.  


Syllabus component Approximate hours
20th century world history—prescribed subjects

  • Peacemaking, peacekeeping—international relations 1918–36
  • The Arab–Israeli conflict 1945–79
  • Communism in crisis 1976–89
40 40
20th century world history—topics

  1. Causes, practices and effects of wars
  2. Democratic states—challenges and responses
  3. Origins and development of authoritarian and single-party states
  4. Nationalist and independence movements in Africa and Asia and post‑1945 Central and Eastern European states
  5. The Cold War
90 90
HL options

  1. Aspects of the history of Africa
  2. Aspects of the history of the Americas
  3. Aspects of the history of Asia and Oceania
  4. Aspects of the history of Europe and the Middle East
SL/HL internal assessmentHistorical investigation 20 20
Total teaching hours 150 240