Majors and Minors

After your first quarter, you will have been introduced to the study of history at an academically profound level, and it will be time to plot your study of history over the next two years. All students in this course, especially those at the higher level, will emphasize the study of Asia and China: this is your subject Major. However, you will also choose a Minor based on personal choice and strategy.

Your minor will determine the intelligent path you take toward individual review, future projects and your Internal Assessment in history. For example, a student who chooses to be an Americanist would be expected to follow a path like:
  1. War Case Study: Falklands-Malvinas
  2. Authoritarian Leader Case Study: Fidel Castro
  3. Cold War Case Study: America’s Role in Vietnam
  4. Internal Assessment: “To what extent were the Kennedys responsible for the diplomatic mishandling of Cuba 1961-1963?”
I am sure you can see the logic: by choosing a focused minor, you can focus your contextual research and reading, thus reducing your workload and granting you a better chance to respond to prompts and assignments linked to your regional specialization.
Your choices are:
  • Globalist
    • You wish to remain a generalist with the freedom to pick and choose from region to region. This grants you more options and an international perspective, but forces you to give up the focus gained by adopting a regional specialization.
  • Americanist (must distribute study across both continents)
    • North America
    • South America
  • Asianist
    • South Asia
    • East Asia (other than China: Korea, Taiwan, Japan)
    • South East Asia
  • Africanist
    • Requires a broad study of the region, recommended case studies:
      • Ghana (decolonization, authoritarian leaders)
      • Algeria (war, decolonization)
      • Tanzania (decolonization, authoritarian leaders)
      • Nigeria (decolonization, war)
  • Europeanist-Middle Easternist (must distribute study across both regions)
    • Focus on Western Europe is recommended
    • Opens up Arab-Israeli Conflict