Messy Learning

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Students in this course will need to embrace messing learning.

There are no rubrics in the real world. Professionals earn a reputation for excellence through reliability and the quality of their work–but only their own concerted efforts and only their own sense of their abilities within their area of expertise allow them to stand out. Even then, the expectations of the professional may not match the expectations of her client. Only careful opening negotiations, followed by diligently maintained formative evaluations lead to conscientious summative completion of projects and other work products. and EVEN THEN there may be room for improvement and adjustment.

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Why should school be different?

This type of authentic work will require students to exhibit care, diligence and conscientious fulfillment when conducting work of their own, often without the prescriptive safety net of a universal rubric.

The benefits? Each student’s work will be unique, developed under unique circumstances and conditions, and evaluated uniquely.