Research (Homework)


In this class, “homework” becomes a relative term. Much of the work that is done as homework in a traditional classroom is done in classduring the individualized instruction section of each unit. Students will have almost total control over what they do at home, and what they do in class. They will also have a great deal of control over what they do collaboratively, and what they do individually.

Each class will form a research committee who will negotiate due dates, deadlines and reading schedules with the instructor. These coindividualized instruction cyclemmittees may be permanent or rotate.

In this context, we refer to the individual collection of data and the practice of its use as “research”just as social scientists in institutes of higher learning do. However, just as researchers around the world do, we will also maintain several research protocols: 

  • PDFs must be thoroughly and relevantly annotated (including textual interaction) 
  • Thorough outline notes should accompany text reading. Students should realize that the possession of notes is not important: the creation of them is. 
  • As a community we will determine the preferred method of sharing notes. 
  • All work must be shared before you wish to take an associated exit assessment.